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Art Dump #001

*Shulk voice* I’M REALLY FEELING IT.

Most of these drawings are old as balls, but at least I got around to uploading them… via camera no less. In my defense I’m really protective of my sketchbooks, so tearing pages out is a huge no for me. Soooo, that being said, please forgive the shitty quality. Also, get used to it since my patience with my current scanner is at 0% at this point. You get what you pay for, right? Word of advice: if a scanner is cheap it is probably for a reason. LOL. Okay, let’s move on with everything~


This post is brought to you by Crayola, Hello Kitty, and Korean stationery supplies. Thanks for taking all my money~


This is my art briefcase by the way. No, I am not 10. It’s just really cute. I’m a sucker for cute things. Leave me alone.



Mark suggested I draw a self-portrait, and this is what happened. I probably don’t take things as seriously as I should as an artist. I know if I ever went to art school my teacher would just ban me from the class because I’ll just draw smiley faces on inappropriate things… like nude art. I actually do that in my sketchbooks. I’m not posting them though. I have some shame. D:


Brace yourself for way more “The Millennium Sorceress (herein TMS)” than you ever wanted to see in one lifetime. Should I do the whole description thing? Eh… Why not. Top left corner, three doodles of Elda. Top right, Selene and Silas. Below them, Odin mid-transmogrification and then a less intimidating Odin. Bottom left, Aisne and Lorelei. Next to them, Bleiddian “Wolf” Wilder and his fellow assassin Kismette Ozatt. For those who endured my ever-changing “Mythos” stories in the past, Kismette is Giga’s mother, Wolf is Odin’s father, Lorelei is Odin’s mother, and Selene is the mother of Sebastian and Silvain. So, there is that. Think of this part of the story I am working on as a prequel to the “Mythos” I was working on in the past. ^^;;


I got bored and tried to design my own superhero. She is “The Phantasm”, a ghost sent back to Earth to exact justice. Lame, I know. D:


Never get tired of drawing Elda. She’s as fun to draw as Deedlit and Pirotess once were, so it makes sense to me. I’m also the type of nerd who obsesses over their own OCs so… there is that too. LOL


*violin obsession intensifies* Let’s take it to the next level and have a character who is just a walking violin. Every time she talks it just sounds like a beautiful song that no one understands but appreciates. 😀


I love how Elda started off as this really timid character and eventually morphed into the biggest dick in TMS. LOL. I kind of told myself that if I was a century old sorceress and had 900 years to go I would stop giving a shit. I’d just indulge in every pleasure imaginable and then burn anyone who tries to lecture me about the errors in my ways… which is pretty much what Elda does. She’s really not a bad person, just really selfish. Please don’t hate her. *protects Elda at all costs*


That top photo is Elda’s resting face (aka “the bitchface”). She always looks like she’s about to beat motherfuckers up. It’s not even a game. XDD


I’m not even set on making TMS into an RPG (though RPG Maker VX is tempting me), but I made some staffs. My writing is terrible so I’ll write it out here: (#1) The Nameless Grace, (#2) Spriggan Sigil, (#3) Vespertine, (#4) Spearhead, (#5) Pythia. I drew tons more but… eh. I’ll upload them another time.


Giga suffers from serious Brock (Pokemon) syndrome until she gets pissed. Then she gives the signature death stare that goofy anime characters like to give when something is serious business. LOL. I am basing her entire personality on my cat Link. He is generally relaxed and playful (to the point of being destructive at times -.-) until food comes into the picture. That’s when he becomes a lvl. 99 douchelord. He’ll also give the death stare if you interrupt his sleeping or eating so… Giga is essentially a big lady cat if the cat ears did not give that away already.


This is the Minthean elder’s shrine. Every forested domain as an elder, and she is pretty much an assistant to the all-goddess that all dryads worship. I don’t want to say elders are like queens because no one relies on them to set laws. The forest goddesses already tell the forested domains what to do via whispers from trees, flowers, grass, etc. that only dryads can hear. So, really, the elder is just a babysitter who has to tell wayward dryads like Elda: “Didn’t the all-goddess tell you to not do the thing? Why are you doing the thing?!” That is Elder Ozara (of Minthe) anyway. When it comes to the other six forested domains (Seligren, Xhulti, Yephrine, Bell Thevard, Ulveld, and Aalthea) the elders vary from being really strict to being way too lax. I have some drawings of them as well as their respective shrines, but I’m lazy. Another time perhaps. >_<


Dude, it must have sucked for Zero to grow a fricking flower from her eye. On top of that a flower that is pretty much evil. So, yeah, that was the inspiration for this–Zero losing her shit because flowers are growing from her eyeballs. All of that aside, Taro Yoko is a major inspiration to me. He comes up with the most bizarre yet heartbreaking and amazing stories. I want to be like him someday. ;_;


Listening to “Atom Dance” from Bjork’s new album made me think about how neat it is to be composed of the same microscopic building blocks (aka atoms) as planets, stars, and all of that stuff. I had this borderline pothead philosophy that everyone is controlling their own universe without even realizing it, and then I drew it literally. I promise this is not a tired lady hula hooping the solar system, as hilarious and terrifying as that would be.


This is the front of my sketchbook. Use metallic colored pencils on your sketchbooks, man. It looks great. As for that sticker I don’t even know who or what “Empire” is. All I know is that Mark was like: “Hey, someone gave me this. You want it?” and then I was like: “Please! My story takes place in an empire! It’s perfect!” So, there it is. My baby~


Gold looks *nice* on black surfaces. Holy shit. I like Odin’s cover more than Elda’s cover because IRL it looks so vibrant. Like, Elda’s cover won’t even pop unless it’s under bright light, but Odin’s cover is always shiny. I like gold. Gold and black everything from this moment on. >_<


This wasn’t even in my sketchbook. I just didn’t want to work with my scanner, as I mentioned before. Anyway, nothing new. Just Elda wearing something fancy and looking pissed off while doing so.


Alright, that is everything I am sharing today. I do more writing than drawing these days, but I’ll post whatever I can when I can. Actually, it is my goal to one day turn this blog into 80% drawings and 20% text posts. Even if I have to draw about the crap going on in my life and take a picture it would be great practice, you know? I have so much practicing to do. I think I’ll pick up some scrapbook backgrounds from Jo-Ann’s so the pictures I take will have fancy borders around them. Yeah, let’s do that!

Okay. That’s all.

Thanks for enduring this messy art dump. ‘Til next time! ♥


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