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    "Everything feels like your fantasy, a night in your life. Close your eyes to find yourself in a mystic timeline."

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    Hello! My name is Kerrian. I am a 30-year-old New York native who currently lives in Georgia with my 32-year old Illinois native husband Mark. And our 8-year-old blue tabby furbaby Link. And, if all goes well, a baby girl in Summer 2018. That’s pretty much our little family. ^_^

    When I’m not doing family stuff, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just trying to live life to the fullest like everyone else. I’m sending good vibrations to everyone! I want us all to win, so keep fighting! Take care!


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092: Mouth Mantra


✪ Personal Life

  • Yikes. I stepped on a compact mirror today and broke it. Seven years of bad luck for me~ Here is the thing though. My life is already one moment of bad luck after another, so… maybe this will reverse my luck? Not really? Don’t count on it? Okay.
  • I’ll finally be done with car payments this year. I think my last payment will be in July, so that’ll be the best birthday gift ever. Levi and I have been through a lot, man, and he still hasn’t broken down on me or anything. The most I have to do is change oil and batteries every now and then. Otherwise, he’s good. Dude… that extra $300 in our pocket every month is going to be niiiiice. I can really accomplish a lot with that.
  • I don’t really know my aesthetic. Sometimes I’ll see a picture of a fictional character who is usually considered scary or uber-violent surrounded by plushies and flowers, and I’ll relate to that on a personal level. That is my aesthetic, I guess: scary things plus cute/pretty things with some muffled video game music or R&B playing in the background. LOL. Actually… yeah. That sounds perfect.
  • I need this.
  • This is the kind of dumb shit I laugh at. My sense of humor is in shambles:


✪ Art & Writing ✪

  •  The standards I hold myself to as an artist and writer are silly. Like, not even the most esteemed artists and writers would be able to meet my standards. No chill whatsoever when it comes to hobbies, man. LOL
  • …How am I supposed to progress with TMS if I can’t even decide on which route to go with it. Novel? RPG? Comic? Novel? RPG? Comic? WHICH ONE. It’s so hard to pick. The aggravating thing is that I know which direction I want to go with the story, but actually working on it is always a challenge. There was even a day when I got through like two pages of the comic, decided it was better to go back to writing it like a novel and opened the word document, and then decided to mess around with RPG Maker not even an hour later. This is what madness feels like. I am certain of it. It’s like having the most delicious steak dinner right in front of you when you’re starving, but you can’t eat because you’re indecisive about which fork to use. So ridiculous of me.
  • RPG Maker VX looks so good though. 😮


✪ Anime & Manga ✪

  • Ghost in the Shell – Well, the day has finally come. Mark and I agreed that there are three animes we hope Hollywood never touches: Sailor Moon, Berserk, and GITS because they would 100% ruin it. But, alas, a movie is supposedly coming in 2016 starring Scarlett Johansson and we’re just kind of like: “We like ScarJo and we worship GITS, but this movie is going to be shite.” The director hasn’t made the best movies in the past, so we’re not getting our hopes up. Best case scenario it ends up like the Street Fighter movie where it is so shitty that it becomes funny, and we can at least enjoy it on that front. If a miracle occurs then it will be like a movie version of the “Almost Human” series that was cancelled undeservingly. That show had pretty much everything a live action rendition of GITS should be. It was amazing. *crosses fingers* Please don’t do Section 9 wrong. I am in a committed relationship with everyone there, especially Kusanagi, Batou, and Saito. I need more Saito in my life. ♥.♥
  • Wolf Girl and Black Prince – It looks like the show is over, or at least the season ended or something. Special endings that include updates on all characters usually symbolize that, right? Maybe not. *in denial*
  • Sailor Moon – One of my favorite moments in the original series is when Usagi introduced Mamoru as her friend to her parents, and her brother goes “Nah, that’s her boyfriend”, and Mamoru just goes: “Whoops, time to go!” Then he does this creepy run while Usagi’s father tries to chase him. LMAO. I can’t wait until Hulu catches up to Super S. I haven’t seen that season in so long. I’m loving SMR though because Koan (or Catzy in the US) is such a beautiful queen. BTW, don’t watch that part where Mamoru breaks up with Usagi to protect her and she cries alone in that phone booth. It will 100% ruin your day,
  • Sailor Moon Crystal –  I have no qualms with the story so far, but the animation is still on the WTF side a little. I did say I would give it a chance after seeing the concept art, and I did watch the entire series despite the inferior changes, but overall I wish the animation was more acceptable for a series that famous.
  • Magi – Morgiana dancing while Aladdin and Alibaba cheer her on is everything. Also, Sinbad. Just Sinbad.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka – It took me way too long to finish this anime. It’s great. 10/10.
  • Aku No Hana – Did I already mention finishing the manga in a previous entry? I don’t remember, but I’ll mention (possibly for a second time) that the ending was not cool. By that I do not mean that it was bad. I just mean that it was not cool, much like Oyasumi Punpun and other depressing manga I’ve come across.
  • Your Lie in April – Amazing anime so far. I love the story, the animation is beautiful, the music is breathtaking, the character development is top notch, and overall it’s just everything I want in a story…even though it’s a crying fest at times. LOL. Honestly, though, it is tough to watch because when it comes to Arima… everything about him just hits a little to close to home. But characters like Arima need to be written, you know? I love that Arima faces the things that traumatized him by continuously trying, no matter how often he failed or got ridiculed. It sucks to have limitations as a reaction to trauma, but it is important to have characters out there to remind watchers to keep doing their best. Sappy, I know. *cries for an eternity*
  • Yuna Yuki is a Hero – I’m here for the magical girl element, battles, MONACA, and Emi Evans tbh.
  • Speaking of magical girls, I watch this video at least once a month. Favorite henshin sequence!

Also, that battle between Mami and Homura is THE BEST.

I needed every PMMM DVD like yesterday. Yesteryear. It is so serious right now. ;_;


✪ Video Games ✪

  • Every time Bioware drops an RPG I can count on three things: little sleeping, little eating. and little human interaction. The same for Bethesda RPGs. Sometimes Square-Enix RPGs, but more in their Squaresoft days than recent years. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the fuck out of Dragon Age: Inquisition. I really am. I have not felt this fulfilled with an RPG since Skyrim.
  • I still don’t own Stick of Truth yet. What am I doing with my life?
  • Hironobu Sakaguchi even mentioning Mevious Final Fantasy gives it potential. He could just breathe on a Final Fantasy game and it will restore my hopes in it. Please come back to Square-Enix, Hironobu. ;_;
  • Speaking of FF, my Steam playthrough has been…troublesome. First of all, the controls are a nightmare, and it’s made even worse when instead of saying “Press Cancel” or “Press Confirm” it keeps saying “Press B2” or “Press B10”. What the fuck is “B10”? It was such a headache during that train mission because Rinoa was just yelling out codes and I’m standing there like: “Shit, shit, shit! What do I press for 2334?”. I eventually had to write that shit down after attempting to set up a reasonable configuration on the XBox controller. Then there is the issue with the music. Damn, the music is horrendous in the PC version. I ended up relying on a mod that replaced the monstrosity that is the PC version of the FFVIII OST with the original PS1 OST. It seems a little over the top but you don’t fuck with a masterpiece, man. It is a slap in the face of His Holiness Nobuo Uematsu. I’m adapting though… slowly but surely.


✪ Books ✪

  •  Haven’t been doing much reading lately. 😦

✪ Music ✪

  • I’m so bummed about Origa passing away, man. To me, there was always a trinity of ridiculously underrated songstresses: Origa, Emi Evans, and Ilaria Graziano. That will not change just because she is gone. Origa was one of a kind. Like, the moment you hear her voice you just know it is her, and you knew you were in for an eargasm too. I will miss that. I will miss her.
  • I already acted foolish about “Vulnicura” in that last post, so I’m good on that front. LOL. I did enjoy reading her interview with Pitchfork though. She had a lot of interesting things to say… and my heart pretty much broke every time they mentioned that she started crying. ;-;
  • Am I the only one who writes stories, imagines them as movies, and then assigns the perfect trailer song for said imaginary movie? Because I am dead set on Muse’s “Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1 (Overture)” as my TMS trailer song. I even have all the scenes I want to use for certain parts of the song. It’s sad. I know. -_-
  • *watches movie or TV show with someone* *they ask me what I think about the plot* “The soundtrack tho.” … And this is why you don’t watch anything with me.


✪ TV & Movies ✪

  • Went to see the last Hobbit movie for the story, stayed from Thranduil’s eyebrows and his moose.
  • So, Korra and Asami are canon, huh? They always had this Michiru and Haruka dynamic that I found really adorable. Also, they’re both too good for Mako. Mako ain’t shit. Bolin is the superior brother tbh. Is it obvious enough that I don’t like him yet?
  • I need to see Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, and Aziz Ansari do stand up. Speaking of Aziz, GOOGLE AZIZ ANSARI AND GHOST PLANE RIGHT NOW. I need it to happen!
  • So, is anyone else freaking out about a trip to Wakanda pretty much being confirmed in that new Avengers trailer? A lot of Marvel fans who watched the trailer are confident that the woman in that waterfall scene is one of T’Challa’s Dora Milaje or Shuri (I was expecting T’Challa to be in the Avengers movie as Black Panther, but I’m alright with Shuri showing up as Black Panther too.). I’m ready for that. I’m also ready for Natasha’s backstory too. Uuuuugggghhh, come on, May! Get here already!
  • I’m here for that Daredevil series on Netflix. I really love Daredevil. I think that’s the only comic book character that I still actively collect comics for. Well, that’s not true. I make efforts to stay on top of Vixen and Moon Knight comics too. But I adore Daredevil much more.
  • Channing Tatum deserves an Oscar for that scene where he goes berserk about Jonah Hill sleeping with Ice Cube’s daughter. When he started skipping and singing like a kindergartener I was in tears.
  • Don’t even talk to me about that Light Girls documentary because I’ve been done with the dark skin vs light skin nonsense from the moment I heard about it.
  • Shoutout to Amazon for making Transparent free to watch yesterday. It is a great show, and very eye-opening in terms of understanding the struggles of those who are a part of the LGBTQ community. An important lesson everyone can take from this show is a saying that has been stated several times throughout the series. Whether straight, cisgender, gay, transsexual–whatever–a person is a person is a person. We all want to feel safe, we all want to be treated with dignity, and we all want to feel content with ourselves. Do you have to like or understand every person you meet? Of course not. But disliking or not understanding another person is not an excuse to be an asshole. That is the essence of human rights. You cannot under any circumstance consider yourself an upright person if you demand every right and comfort available in society for yourself, and then say things like: “Actually, because you’re not my race/sexuality/religion/gender/etc. you don’t deserve the things I have.” That is bullshit no matter how you try to justify it. I am happy that there are so many shows being made now that portray what it is like to be a member of a group that is still fighting for equal rights. Truly, I am embarrassed to be a human being  when I consider the awful shit we do to one another for asinine reasons like “B-But this book told me to!”. We have been on this planet for countless years. It’s time to get our shit together and at least attempt to behave like an evolved species for once. TL;DR Transparent is great and act like you have some damn sense. /review & /rant


✪ Whatever Else/Closing ✪

Okay. I think that’s it.

I wish I could post entries like this more often, but there is just a lot going on. Tax season is rolling up on us. Gotta handle a bunch of other financial bullshit. Gotta do the other daily things that bore the shit out of me before I find a fragment of relaxation in the things I actually like. Mostly writing. I am writing a lot. I’m also putting myself through practice sessions when it comes to art so I can one day be half as good as Nobuteru Yuki. That Escaflowne artbook I have is just… *deep breath* I love it so, so, so, so, so, so, so much.

Outside of that I’m just waiting for snow. It’s about time.

Yep… I’m just rambling now. Time to go. I have characters to ruin. >:J

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