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Joelanta 2015

We went to Joelanta again this year. Finally! It’s been two years… which is not that long when it comes to yearly conventions… but it felt like an eternity passed since the last visit. Unfortunately, we did not get to spend a lot of time there since Mark had to go to work. That’s all right though. I found a few neat things during my time there.


There were a lot of entries in the custom toys contest, and this was one of my favorites. It’s so cool!


This one was supposed to be a GI Joe store. I wish I made something like this for my barbies when I was young. It would have been awesome.


THE WARRIORS! This one was really awesome!


More of The Warriors.


I know just about everyone recognizes the Furies. They pretty much became the most iconic gang for some reason. XD


Last but not least, this Storm doll that I got for $5.00. It was an absolute steal. As much as I want to open it (mostly to fix her belt) I’m going to leave it closed. It’s too pretty to mess with. >_<


I was a tad disappointed because I went into Joelanta looking for a Daredevil action figure and had little luck finding one (unless I was willing to cough up $20-$40 for one, or buy a SD plush for like $10), but I’m not giving up hope! If I don’t find a good deal online then I will go to one of the many toy-related businesses and conventions that were advertised all around Joelanta. So, I’m doing some hunting starting today. I need to brush up on my Daredevil collection big time.

All in all, I really enjoyed it. I always enjoy Joelanta. It’s not too crowded, there are plenty of good deals, and every now and then someone really cool shows up. The last time we went I saw WWE’s Lita, but I was too scared to say anything… so I just kind of stood in awe. LOL. This time around Mark got to see Larry Hama again. Last time he got an autograph and they chatted. This time around, though, Mark pretty much reacted the same way I reacted to Lita. He just stood there like a speechless fanboy and couldn’t even say hi. It was really cute. XD

Since our financial forecast is looking much more hopeful than 2014 we hope to go to more conventions in the future, if only to get some autographs. We’re both wishing for a trip to Momocon since (a) we’ve never been there before, and (b) we would love to meet Keith David and Crispin Freeman. They’re both in our top ten in terms of voice actors, so it would be criminal not to at least stand aside and gape like idiots. LOL. We’ll see. Time will tell.

Okay. That’s it for Joelanta. Next year I hope I will have as much toys to share as I did that year when I got a whole pack of Star Trek action figures. I adore those. ;w;

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