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YISA 005: A Place To Call Home

Feeling… Thankful
While Listening To“Riding (Day)” – Breath of the Wild



The past three days have been… adventurous. Let’s start with the first day. I was not awake when it happened, but Mark told me when I woke up Monday morning  that the power was gone. This is not really abnormal where I live. I would say every other month the power goes off for about 30 minutes to 2 hours, and it’s usually preceded by a scary explosion sound in the distance. Um… anyway… not a big deal. It was my assumption that with this whole hurricane ordeal we would just have to deal with the inconveniences for a few hours. That was before noon on Monday. Then came night time on Monday. I would say a good 8-10 hours passed, and we did not hear shit from the electric company besides “we’re working on it”. At that point we just had to make do. We went to Kroger, stocked up on canned foods, got our candles ready, got our flashlights ready, and just tried to have fun with it. “Fun” being Halli Galli and Scrabble and naps, basically. Lol. Oh, yeah. And everything within a five mile radius of our place was a dead zone, so I had no service on my phone either. Needless to say, it was an interesting day. I even found my Vita and played a shitload of games. FF Tactics, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VI–all the good shit I downloaded eons ago. All of that aside, Mark and I went to bed around midnight and told ourselves that we should definitely have power by Tuesday because we couldn’t go 24 hours without power… right? 



 … And this is the part in a sitcom where they cut to the next 24 hours, and the person who spoke too soon is in the exact same situation but 200% angrier. Lmao. Actually, I can’t say I was angry. I was just… disappointed. We get up Tuesday morning with no power and decide, “Fuck it. Let’s just go deposit this check (basically, Mark’s check from Publix for stocks).” We leave around 9am. …The fucking bank wasn’t opening until noon ^^. Go back home for FF Tactics and naps. Go back to the credit union three hours later. Ta da! Check deposited! With no issues! *victory fanfare* With the extra money, we stock up on the supplies we couldn’t get due to our limited funds beforehand, and we head back home for another day in the dark. But, honestly, that depressed the shit out of us. Mark suggested we go on an impromptu date, and I’m glad that he did. We had pho, we got another board game to play (Arkham Horror), we got some things to read (Saga 44-46), and then we headed back home to prepare for the night. Honestly, the moment I stepped foot in the house I was in a crummy mood. (1) I had this cloud hanging over me because I knew the remaining hot water that was in the water heater would run out soon, and (2) everything remotely electronic was about to die including our phones. After ranting with Mark about how annoyed I was by the whole thing we decided to check into a hotel. BEST DECISION EVER . Keep in mind that I have not stayed in a hotel room for years, so this was exciting for me. We checked in (after getting hounded with promotional bullshit that neither of us had the patience to deal with), went in our room, and we instantly felt better. First of all, this place (still here >>) has a mini-kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and a room, so it feels like home. Secondly, we both went 24+ hours without a long, hot shower or TV or the internet or all the things we take for granted, so we were losing out shit. Lmao! Anyway, after settling in and having dinner that wasn’t in a can and eaten in the dark (*sobs*) we went to bed, intending to check out Wednesday morning whether or not the power was back to save money.



 Yeah… We didn’t go anywhere. Lol. That’s actually my fault. The change in environment made it really hard for me to sleep last night, so I probably got… two hours of sleep? We were about two hours from checking out and Mark was in the shower, so I decided to squeeze in a quick nap before packing everything thing. I wake up hours later, freaking out because it was way past noon, and Mark was like, “It’s okay. I added another day for us”. Thank you, mochi ! Naturally, I went back to sleep (lmao), and Mark got us breakfast/lunch/brunch/whatever while I was sleeping so… I cannot thank Mark enough. Seriously. Anyway, I eventually got my lazy ass up and joined Mark in doing the run around while we continued waiting out this lack-of-power ordeal. We checked up on baby cat (he pretty much ignored us lol), grabbed some more clothes, bought some things at Wal-Mart, walked around Best Buy, and then came back to the hotel to add another day since it didn’t seem like the power would return until the weekend. Or at least that’s what GA Power was saying. BUT–but–we got our power back! Of course, this happened like an hour after we added an extra day, but it is no biggie. We cancelled the extra day, so we’ll be checking out tomorrow afternoon and heading back home. Finally. I’m so homesick right now that it doesn’t make any sense. I can’t wait to go back home! 



 Well, that should cover my entire experience with Hurricane Irma. The TL;DR version is that I was mildly inconvenienced. Seriously. Three days without power is nothing compared to the people who died or lost loved ones or lost their homes or are still going without power right now. So, it goes without saying that I am extremely lucky. Whatever it is I bitch about here is tiny, trivial shit. I am fully aware of that. Just wanted to let that be known before I continue with some minor, pointless bitching I am about to do. So, time for the minor, pointless bitching that in no way compares to what others are enduring. Tomorrow when I go home I have to dump everything in my fridge. This is the part of the power outage that we were not looking forward to at all, but there is really nothing that we can do about it. The fridge will be cleaned out completely and then refilled with the essentials. Actually, there may be more than the essentials since Mark and I had this grand idea to have a tiny feast to celebrate several things. Coming through this hurricane unharmed, Mark getting a new job, our financial situation taking a major turn–these are all things that we wish to celebrate once we are back home and settled in. I already yelled “HAM” the moment we had this idea, so everything else is pretty much up to Mark. If there is a feast I will always have two questions: “Where is your ham? And where is your macaroni and cheese?” Lmao. Anyway, I look forward to it. I plan to spend all day cooking, and having plenty of leftovers for the next few days! It will be a good homecoming celebration–amongst the other things we want to celebrate. ^^



…Uh…I think that is it.

Sorry about the weird-ass format. I mentioned wanting to change it in the past, so I’m considering this image-friendly, colorful format with paragraphs instead of bullets. Of course, that all depends on how I feel. If I feel lazy then I will probably end up doing the same shit. What else…?

I think that’s it.

I hope everyone is doing okay. I’m very, very, very, very glad that my Florida and Georgia family and friends came through these hurricanes in one piece. I hope everyone else is doing okay, too.

Please, mother nature, no more hurricanes! 

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