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    Ayyy~ My name is Kerri. I am a 31-year-old dweeb who lives in Atlanta with my 32-year old dork husband Mark, our small lady Luna, and our blue tabby Link.

    When I’m not spending time with my cuties, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just livin’ and chillin’ and whatnot. I’m sending good vibrations to the world ’cause we sure as fuck need it right now (LOL)! Take care!


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101: Oyasumi

hearts_lace - Copy Feeling: ghost_tongue - Copy
music_hearts - Copy Listening: Radiohead – Lotus Flower


cute_uppercorner - Copy Introduction: I wonder how long I can keep up this cute format until I get lazy and move on to something easier emoji_excited - Copy. Well, it’s not so bad. The hardest part is finding all of the pixels and getting WP to stop descending into alignment hell when I try to move them around. Ugh. Suffer for cuteness. That is usually how it goes. Anyway, it should not be a problem as long as I keep copying the format each time. No need to repeat the same setup each time. Yadda, yadda, not important, etc. cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Breath of the Wild: Shall I begin with my most recent obsession? Well, re-obsession? My overwhelming hatred for the weapon system is gone, and I can now enjoy BOTW completely. I have one more divine beast to go and I managed to get the master sword, so this is huge progress for me. I am now balls deep into a Zelda game again. Thank you, VG gods ghost_heart - Copy. Honestly, I think that a lot of it has to do with the change of consoles. I traded in my Wii U, Wii U games, and a few other games I don’t really play in order to get the Nintendo Switch for pretty cheap. I have to say… the game is *much* more enjoyable on the Switch. On top of the portability, the controller is also less bulky. I mean, I always thought the little mini-screen on the Wii U gamepad was nifty and all, but I didn’t like it so much that I missed it on the Switch. The Switch controller is far more comfortable. Smaller, for sure, and much easier to manage. So… yeah… maybe it was the Wii U’s setup that was turning me off from BOTW all along. I don’t know. Anyway, I uploaded a crap load of screenshots from the game of FB, but I’ll just post my favorites here. I’ll leave out the ones that too spoiler-ish.  cute_lowercorner - Copy





This slideshow requires JavaScript.


cute_uppercorner - Copy Are Ya’ll Really Trying to Fuck Pennywise the Clown?: Natural selection is not coming for some people fast enough. *sigh* I saw several articles about people making sexual confessions about Pennywise–yes, the child-killing clown from IT–and I am just so tired. What is wrong with the human race? Seriously? What makes you look at a clown with a giant forehead who eats children and go: “Yep, I wouldn’t mind sleeping with him.” Please stop . Labelling the Babadook as an LGBT icon was confusing enough, but now apparently Pennywise is also being considered an LGBT icon on top of people writing gross confessions and smut fan fiction about him. You need to love yourselves. I know it’s hard to find decent people out there, but getting turned on by a creepy ass clown is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.   cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy All Together Now: Repeat after me: “Kerri is not a doll or a piggy bank. You cannot just pick her up when you are bored or shake her for coins when you are broke. She is a person. She has her own life. She was not made for you.” Repeat it until you die. Thanks. ghost_spinning - Copy cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Mystic Messenger: Uh… I didn’t really fuck with V. I just pitied him the entire time, even when I got the normal ending where he took back some control of his life. It was still fun to play, nonetheless. I loved the idea of bringing Rika back to the RFA so that everyone could come to terms with the person she became. And, I know it is not a popular opinion in the MM fandom, but I also liked Rika. She is evil. Don’t get me wrong. But I also understand why she was able to form a cult so easily. She is very charismatic and her ideals are not… so terrible? There aren’t many places in the world where a person can be completely themselves. It would have been an ideal place for people like Ray, especially, who struggles with split personalities, but then there is the whole drugging members to manipulate them thing, and that is where I completely agree with the rest of the RFA (except for Yoosung’s dumb ass). In short, she’s a good villain. Her methods are evil but her intentions are good. That is a good villain to me. Uh, as for everyone else, they are still enjoyable in their own way. I think Yoosung is the only person who changed for the absolute worst because even when Rika told everyone what she did thus far he still tried to make excuses and blame it on V. Anyway, I hated that Ray got fucked over regardless of which route you took because he was the sweetest. Also… I spent most of the time wishing there was more Seven. Sorry, he’s the best. When he posted that picture of him on the Iron Throne I was done. 707 = best boyghost_heart - Copy  cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy “It’s From My Days in Milan, Boys!”: The level of excitement I witnessed from the FFXV fandom because of Iggy’s messy hair in the Episode Ignis clip… *sigh*… Glorious. My first reaction was pretty much, “Damn, son, what happened?!” followed by, “He is 50% more attractive now” followed by, “Oh shit, it’s Ravus!” Yeah, Iggy’s messy hair is actually kind of cute. He is always really prim and proper, so something fucked up must be going on. Prayer circle for Ignis~ I mean… We know it’s going to end with him going blind… but let’s still do a prayer circle still. ALSO—also—I noticed that image of Ifrit in the “additional story content” slideshow and I was really happy. I think his role in the plot might finally get fleshed out! I hope Tabata read all those theories about the Pitioss Ruins, went “damn, that was deep as fuck,” and then made it canon. Do it, Tabata-san. Fucking do it.  cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Final Fantasy IX: As happy as I am about FFIX being released on the PS4 I already did a playthrough last year, so everything is still kind of fresh in my mind and I am not entirely motivated to do another playthrough again. That theme is nice, though. You can never have enough Vivis, and yet the theme has like five of them WITH Freya. #blessed   cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Okay, That’s Enough Forests For One Lifetime: My story is beginning to feel a lot like a Zelda game because I am trying to get my characters out of the forests and into the mainlands but it is taking forever. I know it will end in exile for Odin and Elda. I just don’t want the forests to come off as a backwater place where everything is mystical and their system of law is just some ancient being making all the rules. I don’t necessarily hate that trope but I did not want it for the Forested Domains. It’s supposed to be a nation like any other nation where anyone can go there and live, but if you’re an outsider it still feels like a foreign place. Those details take work and time since I try to avoid lengthy expositions. I just can’t wait to move the story to the mainlands because I have so many ideas for the cities and towns there. I like the idea of exploring places that are already ruined but are slowly rebuilt—kind of like Hyrule in Breath of the Wild or Spira from FFX. Inspiration is great until it makes you impatient… that is the hard part. Ugh, and the rest of the cast is in the mainlands, too! I need to write faster! ghost_crying2 cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Home Apartment Improvement: I am usually ashamed of my splurges, but my recent splurge is actually pretty good! I got cookbooks, new pots, new pans, new cooking utensils, new knives, and a much needed apron. I’m also trying to decorate our kitchen and bathroom because at the moment it is… the bare minimum. It has been bugging me for years, so I’m glad that we’re in a financial place where I can start to do that. Once again, I am usually ashamed of splurges, but this is home. I spend most of my time here. I should make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible, you know? That is my main project right now: make home better.   cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy …Again?: Speaking of home, I am beginning to loathe this new management that we have. Ever since they came along there have been unit inspections pretty much every month. I feel like the new managers are just nosy and trying to find excuses to parade around everyone’s apartment. Actually, the first manager used to get with her friends who didn’t even work here and enter people’s apartments without warning. This was years ago, but one day I had just gotten out of the shower and I was in the middle of getting dressed when they just fucking barged in, giggling and chit-chatting like they belonged there. I had to run to the room to get dressed, and by the time I left the room they were giggling about the washer running because… doing laundry is funny? As soon as I came out of the room I was pissed, and they probably sensed that I was pissed because they quickly left. *sigh* Yeah, we had a long rant with our old neighbors about that. Mark and I still rant about that. It’s just rude as fuck. I know the apartment technically belongs to the company that owns this place, but if we pay you money every month then at least give us some fucking rights and privacy. Fuck. Why do people insist on being annoying and inviting themselves into the lives of others without permission? Just fuck off and find something better to do with your time. Shit. -_- cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Closing: There is actually a lot going on right now, but if I got into every little thing then I would be here forever. Let’s just say that I am doing my best, I am making improvements, and I am being patient. Also, I am finding my ways to have fun along the way. That’s all that I can really do, right? There are a few games, movies, and shows that I am looking forward to, so I might discuss those in the future… if I am up to it. I know I tend to go months between these entries. As always I want to start uploading artwork but I’m so damn lazy. Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap. I’ll see what I can do. *sigh* Gotta update my website too… maybe share some of my story… finish some books… finish some games… I’m just busy, busy, busy. Oh! And Halloween is around the corner! Yes! As far as I am concerned, all of October is Halloween. It’s just spooky month. November is food month. December is presents month. I am twelve, apparently.  ghost_tongue - Copy cute_lowercorner - Copy


That’s about it! Sending good vibrations~~~

Edit: Check the URL! I’m trying premium for a year. Let’s see how it goes. >>

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