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    Hello! My name is Kerrian. I am a 30-year-old New York native who currently lives in Georgia with my 32-year old Illinois native husband Mark. And our 8-year-old blue tabby furbaby Link. And, if all goes well, a baby girl in Summer 2018. That’s pretty much our little family. ^_^

    When I’m not doing family stuff, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just trying to live life to the fullest like everyone else. I’m sending good vibrations to everyone! I want us all to win, so keep fighting! Take care!


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Grand Summon

baby shower

I feel like the anxiety of taking apart these diaper cakes will be 10x worse than the anxiety of using good stickers. LOL

It’s almost time. Permission to freak the fuck out. ◉‿◉

Although the due date on paper is June 21st, I’ve been told multiple times by doctors and experienced parents alike that when she is ready then she is ready. So, realistically, Luna could be here today or tomorrow or next week. She may not even get here until after the 21st—though not too long after the 21st for her own sake. It’s all just a waiting game… and all I can do at this point is try to squeeze in as much preparation as possible. The things I can handle physically have been folded, packed, unfolded, unpacked, re-folded and re-packed because… pregnancy makes you weird. LOL. Other things, though, are beyond my physical capabilities this month, and that is where I have to rely on Mark. *sigh* Poor Mark. I know growing a baby is tough at times, and I appreciate all the support from everyone, but Mark is the one picking up my slack until I’m completely able-bodied again. So, at the very least, please give him a pat on the back when you see him. I couldn’t do this without his help. ♥

That being said, I’ll likely be on a long hiatus once Luna gets here. And that goes beyond this blog. I probably won’t update social media accounts or answer back calls/texts immediately or accept every invitation to hang out. It all depends on how well we adjust to this parenthood thing. At the moment, it looks like I’ll be spending at least a few weeks taking care of Luna full-time while Mark works. Of course, we’ll both be full-time photographers when she gets here, too, so… LOL. We’ll try to share pictures. Keyword: try.

Well, I think that’s about it. Wish us luck! More importantly, wish Luna luck. She’s about to enter a new world where everything is weird and confusing. I hope we can guide her through it all with our house motto: courage, wisdom, and power. 😛

Alright, that’s about it. Take care!

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