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    Ayyy~ My name is Kerri. I am a 31-year-old dweeb who lives in Atlanta with my 32-year old dork husband Mark, our small lady Luna, and our blue tabby Link.

    When I’m not spending time with my cuties, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just livin’ and chillin’ and whatnot. I’m sending good vibrations to the world ’cause we sure as fuck need it right now (LOL)! Take care!


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I Love You To The Moon & Back



shootingstar_purple - Copy Name: Luna Freya O.

shootingstar_purple - Copy Nicknames: Lulu, Lu, Small Lady, Little Lady, Princess, Bubbie

shootingstar_purple - Copy Birthdate: June 27th 2018 @ 1:18 pm

shootingstar_purple - Copy Birth Weight: 7 lbs & 13 oz

shootingstar_purple - Copy Birth Height: 20″ tall

shootingstar_purple - Copy Note: Lulu will be three weeks on my birthday (7/18) and then a month old after that. Wow… time flies @_@. Then again, time kinda just mushes together when you’re up every 1-3 hours to change, feed, and play with a baby. Life is completely different–like night and day–but I don’t mind. It’s an honor to be a mother to this little girl. We really do fall in love with her just a little bit more each day. Bah, I’m being sappy. Whatever. That’s allowed. We’re new parents, so we’re allowed to be overly emotional newbs. LOL. Well, all will get better in time. Even my impatience with wanting to talk to Lu and walk with her and take her to museums will all come along with time. We can’t wait. So many memory cards to burn through when we take 1000s of pictures. 😀

Anyway, thanks for all the love and support. Everyone has been treating her like a princess since she got here, and it makes me so happy. It makes Mark happy, too. Seriously, thank you x 1000!

Alright, I’m going to squeeze in some other tasks before Lulu wakes up from her nap. Once she starts sleeping longer and I have time and I don’t feel like a zombie… a legit entry about everything from labor to birth to motherhood thus far to the few hobbies I managed to upkeep for like five minutes a day. LOL.

Take care, everyone~

BTW: To whoever is praying for Luna to be strong… We appreciate it but she is too powerful now. Please pause. LMAO. How is this girl like 20 days old and she’s throwing pacifiers across the room and lifting her head while we’re trying to burp her and rolling over on the changing table? *sigh* I worry that by year’s end she’s going to throwing us out the window when we don’t feed her fast enough. She’s such an adorable, scary warrior princess. Love her. ( T w T )



pin_pink - Copy Mark and I are expecting a baby girl. 

pin_pink - Copy The due date is June 21st, 2018, so we’re pretty much at the halfway point. After the anatomy scan we had on 2/2/18, the due date has been updated to June 13th.

pin_pink - Copy Her heartbeat is strong, blood tests came back with low risk results, and ultrasounds show no abnormality so far. This is a major relief, especially after the loss we experienced last year. Please send positive wishes to our small lady~! hearts_lace - Copy

pin_pink - Copy Our close relatives and friends know about the pregnancy; however, we will not make any “official” announcements until we get the 20-week anatomy scan (along with a crapload of pictures).

Edit: Anatomy scan went great! She’s so energetic! And cute! Even when she’s stomping on my bladder ( T u T )! Waiting for pics though…

pin_pink - Copy We have seen her via ultrasound multiple times, and… yeah…  she is energetic. Aside from the strong heartbeat, the first time we saw her moving she was bouncing all over the place. Then when we had another scan after I had a nightmarish bout with the flu, the midwife told us there was A LOT of activity in there and we were going to have our hands full. LOL. I heard many tales about what a handful I was as a baby, so this is probably karma. ghost_laughing - Copy

pin_pink - Copy Yes, we have thought about possible first names and middle names: Alexandria, Luna, Zelda, Penelope, Vivienne, Francesca, Beatrix, Charlotte… It honestly goes on forever, but we’re trying to shorten the list. -_-

pin_pink - Copy Oh yeah. Baby shower is currently planned for April. We’ll worry about that later though. Not that we’ll have to do much worrying. It’s pretty much being planned for us which is a huge relief. (We suck at parties ghost_crying2 )

pin_pink - Copy All of that aside, Mark and I are wishing for the best. It’s hard not to dwell on the worst once you’ve experienced it, but we’re maintaining hope and thanking our lucky stars each time our hopes are confirmed in little ways. Even the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy confirm that our daughter is growing stronger, and that makes all of the discomfort worthwhile. Is everything perfect? No. As expecting parents, our home could always be bigger, our income could always be larger, and we could always be better as human beings. Nothing is ever good enough for your child. Period. That, I think, is one of the first habits that parents pick up. Still, that is not an excuse for us to loathe ourselves or become so dejected that we don’t even try. Just the fact that she will have two parents who love and adore her is a luxury some will never know. We want to keep adding to those luxuries that she will have. We don’t want to spoil her, of course, but we also don’t want her to suffer needlessly if we can do anything about it. That is our goal as parents: do our absolute, genuine, and honest best for our daughter. We haven’t even had the blessing of holding her hand yet, but we love her immensely. I hope she never forgets that.

*sigh* Well, I’m off! I’ll update as updates come along, including the usual nerd shit like hobbies and interests. LOL. As always, fight, fight, fight!

Especially you, small lady! 

fight_monochrome - Copy

Sleep Now The Untroubled Sleep of the Angels

I am aware that I am late for this Tom Petty tribute post, but it is not unintentional. Death is a difficult topic to discuss right now. On a national level, the tragedy in Las Vegas serves a grim reminder that something is seriously wrong with this country I call home. On a personal level, my mother told me that the aunt who was like a second mother to my siblings and I growing up is losing her battle with cancer. So, it is a lot right now, but I will try to share my fondest memory of Tom Petty.

When I was young, I used to find my mother’s taste in music to be strange at times. I grew up in Brooklyn, so it was cool to listen to hip and R&B and pop and little else. My mother, on the other hand, listened to anything that made her happy. I guess I can credit my love of music to her when I think about it. Those music clubs that sent you all the CDs you wanted for a monthly charge had something to do with that too. Some of ya’ll are too young to remember that (LOL) but my mother introduced us to A LOT of different music because of those clubs.

One day I was watching MTV with my sisters and, as usual, we changed the channel the moment anything that wasn’t “good music” came on. Tom Petty’s “You Don’t Know How It Feels” came on, and since it wasn’t our taste we considered it bad and tried to change the channel. That’s when my mom told us to stop. Apparently, she loved the song, and because of that we had no choice but to listen and stare at her sideways while she singed along. It is seriously one of my favorite childhood memories because it dawned on me for the first time that music can reveal so much about a person to you. To me, that song gave my mother some comfort as a single mother of four children who felt no one understood the things she endured.

Anyway, it changed the way I viewed music forever. I came to love “You Don’t Know How It Feels”, and I came to love his other songs as I grew older, too. I loved “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”. I loved “Free Fallin”. I loved “I Won’t Back Down”. Most of all, I loved “Don’t Come Around Here No More”. That take on Alice in Wonderland in the music video was just the coolest thing to me in my youth, and it remains one of my favorite music videos to this date. Tom Petty really served as my bridge into not only rock music, but all the other genres of music that I used to skip on MTV or the radio. It’s a story that I tell Mark every time we hear a Tom Petty song. I’m sure he’s tired of it at this point. LOL…

… It really hurts to lose a part of my childhood like this. The last celebrity death that made me cry was Robin Williams, so I am not someone who suffers immense heartbreak each time a celebrity dies. I feel sympathy for their loved ones, but I do not pretend to be overwrought with grief. This loss was just too personal, though. As Robin Williams cheered me up during my childhood, Tom Petty opened my eyes to different music, and I cannot imagine how much pain his family must feel after losing such an incredible person. I am just a lowly fan telling a stupid story. They are the ones suffering the most right now, so I offer them absolute sympathy.

Rest in peace, Tom Petty. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.

To the people who were enjoying the magic that is music when some terrorist sensely murdered them, please rest in peace.

To my aunt… she is not lost yet, but if there is a heaven she deserves to be there, laughing her funny laugh with the angels.

I think this all that I have the heart to express right now. If I keep going on like this, I’m just going to end up crying and typing like an idiot, and I’ve been enough of an idiot for one lifetime. LOL…

Anyway, please take care everyone. We cannot control how we leave this world, but let’s all strive to be so incredibly generous and kind that we inspire others to be better.  Good vibrations and keep fighting, as always.


101: Oyasumi

hearts_lace - Copy Feeling: ghost_tongue - Copy
music_hearts - Copy Listening: Radiohead – Lotus Flower


cute_uppercorner - Copy Introduction: I wonder how long I can keep up this cute format until I get lazy and move on to something easier emoji_excited - Copy. Well, it’s not so bad. The hardest part is finding all of the pixels and getting WP to stop descending into alignment hell when I try to move them around. Ugh. Suffer for cuteness. That is usually how it goes. Anyway, it should not be a problem as long as I keep copying the format each time. No need to repeat the same setup each time. Yadda, yadda, not important, etc. cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Breath of the Wild: Shall I begin with my most recent obsession? Well, re-obsession? My overwhelming hatred for the weapon system is gone, and I can now enjoy BOTW completely. I have one more divine beast to go and I managed to get the master sword, so this is huge progress for me. I am now balls deep into a Zelda game again. Thank you, VG gods ghost_heart - Copy. Honestly, I think that a lot of it has to do with the change of consoles. I traded in my Wii U, Wii U games, and a few other games I don’t really play in order to get the Nintendo Switch for pretty cheap. I have to say… the game is *much* more enjoyable on the Switch. On top of the portability, the controller is also less bulky. I mean, I always thought the little mini-screen on the Wii U gamepad was nifty and all, but I didn’t like it so much that I missed it on the Switch. The Switch controller is far more comfortable. Smaller, for sure, and much easier to manage. So… yeah… maybe it was the Wii U’s setup that was turning me off from BOTW all along. I don’t know. Anyway, I uploaded a crap load of screenshots from the game of FB, but I’ll just post my favorites here. I’ll leave out the ones that too spoiler-ish.  cute_lowercorner - Copy





This slideshow requires JavaScript.


cute_uppercorner - Copy Are Ya’ll Really Trying to Fuck Pennywise the Clown?: Natural selection is not coming for some people fast enough. *sigh* I saw several articles about people making sexual confessions about Pennywise–yes, the child-killing clown from IT–and I am just so tired. What is wrong with the human race? Seriously? What makes you look at a clown with a giant forehead who eats children and go: “Yep, I wouldn’t mind sleeping with him.” Please stop . Labelling the Babadook as an LGBT icon was confusing enough, but now apparently Pennywise is also being considered an LGBT icon on top of people writing gross confessions and smut fan fiction about him. You need to love yourselves. I know it’s hard to find decent people out there, but getting turned on by a creepy ass clown is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.   cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy All Together Now: Repeat after me: “Kerri is not a doll or a piggy bank. You cannot just pick her up when you are bored or shake her for coins when you are broke. She is a person. She has her own life. She was not made for you.” Repeat it until you die. Thanks. ghost_spinning - Copy cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Mystic Messenger: Uh… I didn’t really fuck with V. I just pitied him the entire time, even when I got the normal ending where he took back some control of his life. It was still fun to play, nonetheless. I loved the idea of bringing Rika back to the RFA so that everyone could come to terms with the person she became. And, I know it is not a popular opinion in the MM fandom, but I also liked Rika. She is evil. Don’t get me wrong. But I also understand why she was able to form a cult so easily. She is very charismatic and her ideals are not… so terrible? There aren’t many places in the world where a person can be completely themselves. It would have been an ideal place for people like Ray, especially, who struggles with split personalities, but then there is the whole drugging members to manipulate them thing, and that is where I completely agree with the rest of the RFA (except for Yoosung’s dumb ass). In short, she’s a good villain. Her methods are evil but her intentions are good. That is a good villain to me. Uh, as for everyone else, they are still enjoyable in their own way. I think Yoosung is the only person who changed for the absolute worst because even when Rika told everyone what she did thus far he still tried to make excuses and blame it on V. Anyway, I hated that Ray got fucked over regardless of which route you took because he was the sweetest. Also… I spent most of the time wishing there was more Seven. Sorry, he’s the best. When he posted that picture of him on the Iron Throne I was done. 707 = best boyghost_heart - Copy  cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy “It’s From My Days in Milan, Boys!”: The level of excitement I witnessed from the FFXV fandom because of Iggy’s messy hair in the Episode Ignis clip… *sigh*… Glorious. My first reaction was pretty much, “Damn, son, what happened?!” followed by, “He is 50% more attractive now” followed by, “Oh shit, it’s Ravus!” Yeah, Iggy’s messy hair is actually kind of cute. He is always really prim and proper, so something fucked up must be going on. Prayer circle for Ignis~ I mean… We know it’s going to end with him going blind… but let’s still do a prayer circle still. ALSO—also—I noticed that image of Ifrit in the “additional story content” slideshow and I was really happy. I think his role in the plot might finally get fleshed out! I hope Tabata read all those theories about the Pitioss Ruins, went “damn, that was deep as fuck,” and then made it canon. Do it, Tabata-san. Fucking do it.  cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Final Fantasy IX: As happy as I am about FFIX being released on the PS4 I already did a playthrough last year, so everything is still kind of fresh in my mind and I am not entirely motivated to do another playthrough again. That theme is nice, though. You can never have enough Vivis, and yet the theme has like five of them WITH Freya. #blessed   cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Okay, That’s Enough Forests For One Lifetime: My story is beginning to feel a lot like a Zelda game because I am trying to get my characters out of the forests and into the mainlands but it is taking forever. I know it will end in exile for Odin and Elda. I just don’t want the forests to come off as a backwater place where everything is mystical and their system of law is just some ancient being making all the rules. I don’t necessarily hate that trope but I did not want it for the Forested Domains. It’s supposed to be a nation like any other nation where anyone can go there and live, but if you’re an outsider it still feels like a foreign place. Those details take work and time since I try to avoid lengthy expositions. I just can’t wait to move the story to the mainlands because I have so many ideas for the cities and towns there. I like the idea of exploring places that are already ruined but are slowly rebuilt—kind of like Hyrule in Breath of the Wild or Spira from FFX. Inspiration is great until it makes you impatient… that is the hard part. Ugh, and the rest of the cast is in the mainlands, too! I need to write faster! ghost_crying2 cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Home Apartment Improvement: I am usually ashamed of my splurges, but my recent splurge is actually pretty good! I got cookbooks, new pots, new pans, new cooking utensils, new knives, and a much needed apron. I’m also trying to decorate our kitchen and bathroom because at the moment it is… the bare minimum. It has been bugging me for years, so I’m glad that we’re in a financial place where I can start to do that. Once again, I am usually ashamed of splurges, but this is home. I spend most of my time here. I should make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible, you know? That is my main project right now: make home better.   cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy …Again?: Speaking of home, I am beginning to loathe this new management that we have. Ever since they came along there have been unit inspections pretty much every month. I feel like the new managers are just nosy and trying to find excuses to parade around everyone’s apartment. Actually, the first manager used to get with her friends who didn’t even work here and enter people’s apartments without warning. This was years ago, but one day I had just gotten out of the shower and I was in the middle of getting dressed when they just fucking barged in, giggling and chit-chatting like they belonged there. I had to run to the room to get dressed, and by the time I left the room they were giggling about the washer running because… doing laundry is funny? As soon as I came out of the room I was pissed, and they probably sensed that I was pissed because they quickly left. *sigh* Yeah, we had a long rant with our old neighbors about that. Mark and I still rant about that. It’s just rude as fuck. I know the apartment technically belongs to the company that owns this place, but if we pay you money every month then at least give us some fucking rights and privacy. Fuck. Why do people insist on being annoying and inviting themselves into the lives of others without permission? Just fuck off and find something better to do with your time. Shit. -_- cute_lowercorner - Copy


cute_uppercorner - Copy Closing: There is actually a lot going on right now, but if I got into every little thing then I would be here forever. Let’s just say that I am doing my best, I am making improvements, and I am being patient. Also, I am finding my ways to have fun along the way. That’s all that I can really do, right? There are a few games, movies, and shows that I am looking forward to, so I might discuss those in the future… if I am up to it. I know I tend to go months between these entries. As always I want to start uploading artwork but I’m so damn lazy. Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap. I’ll see what I can do. *sigh* Gotta update my website too… maybe share some of my story… finish some books… finish some games… I’m just busy, busy, busy. Oh! And Halloween is around the corner! Yes! As far as I am concerned, all of October is Halloween. It’s just spooky month. November is food month. December is presents month. I am twelve, apparently.  ghost_tongue - Copy cute_lowercorner - Copy


That’s about it! Sending good vibrations~~~

Edit: Check the URL! I’m trying premium for a year. Let’s see how it goes. >>


WOW. So everything is shutting down in metro Atlanta because of Hurricane Irma… I should be worried, right? *sweats nervously* J/K. I’m still convinced it’s just going to be a bunch of rain, but if I die… real talk… someone find Link and treat him like the prince-cat that he is. If we both don’t make it then bury me with him like a pharaoh or something. Obviously, I want to be next to Mark if we go. Or just scatter our dust in the same place. We’re pretty lax people. Everyone knows that. We just like to be attached to each other like a gross mutant all the time, but it makes us happy. Do it. Don’t make us haunt you. LOL. Uh… I’m taking my PS4 to my grave because I’m petty and I don’t want anyone else to have it (LOL) but everything else that survives is fair game. Uh… Love ya’ll. It’s been mostly shitty when I’m not with my loved ones, but otherwise I had an okay time with all the people I’m cool with. If you have the audacity to come to my grave and not tell me about all the games and movies I’m missing… man… Gonna be so pissed. Ugh. I’m so dumb. I’m 95% joking but the 5% that is considering the possibility of shit being terrible is not even concerned. I don’t care if I’m in danger or if I die, but please please please take care of Mark and my family and my friends and my cat. That’s all I hope. *sigh* Let’s just hope it’s a bunch of rain and wind and everyone is making the water industry richer for no reason. Everyone stay safe. Once again, love ya’ll. Sending good vibrations until it’s all over~~~~

YISA 003: Breakable, Unbreakable; Shakeable, Unshakeable.


  • If there is one thing I always worry about in life it is money. A lot of that has to do with the environment that I grew up in, but the rest of it is just living in a capitalist society where we don’t even show compassion for our sick unless they have money. Some call me a bleeding heart liberal/socialist. I just call that having a soul. Seriously, how do these people worship someone like Jesus and have absolutely no empathy whatsoever towards the sick or poor? This got political fast. Whoops. Then again, not being political in this current society… it is like not sweating when it’s hot. It’s just a reaction to the things that are always in my face. I am working on barriers. Like, what is the real world equivalent of deodorant in that metaphor? Avoiding all human interaction? Never watching TV or going on social media? Ugh. I am so off the point that I might as well move the point to next bullet. LMAO
  • Once the worry about money goes away, I can’t really say that I give a shit about any job. My loyalty is to money when it comes to careers. I sure as fuck don’t wake up at stupid hours in the morning to drive through stupid traffic and deal with stupid coworkers because it’s fun. Once money is out of the equation, workplaces can burn to the ground for all I care. I think once I realize that then I lose all attachment and I feel better about things. My priority is always the survival of my loved ones and myself. Everything is just needless bullshit. I am young. The world is my oyster. Opportunities are abundant if you look for them.
  • Anyway, I am on the hunt for a new job. That is the gist of it. I am tired of working in this biased environment where if you are not a middle-aged yuppie with children then you don’t get the same privileges as everyone else. It makes sense that I should have the same responsibilities as my peers, but it doesn’t make sense that I should receive the same privileges as them. Does that make any sense? The reward for working at a company for a long time is your paycheck. You do not get to isolate and make examples of younger, newer people because you have your prejudices. I am just tired of it. I am tired of being talked down to like a child. I am tired for accepting punishment for mistakes while watching my older coworkers get free passes to do anything they want. Changing my shift by 30 minutes is considered a special privilege. Meanwhile, my coworkers can come in two hours later than the standard start of a shift and leave hours earlier than the end of a standard shift, and this is fine. I have no right to request the same flexibility because I do not have the burdens of old age and children. Yes, by all means, punish me for having a miscarriage and not jumping on that flaming shit of a boat again. While you’re at it, punish me again because I was still in diapers when you started working for this company. That sounds completely fair.
  • … I did enough ranting with Mark. I think I had tears of frustration for like five minutes before Mark set me straight and reminded me there are some things worth crying for and this job is not it. I need to do more than find a better, fairer opportunity. I need to go back to school. That is my one goal: go back to school. Do something more with the brains that I have then have others pat me on the head for being “a smart girl”. And, damn it, if you are in the same boat then do something better for yourself too. I have too many friends who are brilliant as hell but they accept shitty treatment because they are afraid of taking the risk. I weep for them because I know exactly why they sell themselves short. I am glad that Tiffa encouraged me to consider going back to school. It really lit a fire in me that this shit job has just been dousing in gasoline unintentionally. I suppose I should say thank you? …No. I’ll pass.
  • I dread being the type of person who talks incessantly about their work problems so let’s just end it here. I am breaking my own rule after all. Once I step foot into my apartment I never talk about work. Leave all of that bullshit at the door, right?
  • Uh… What else is on my mind?
  • I will have four days off come labor day weekend, so I want to write like crazy.
  • Oh, right. I could not begin my Witcher 3 replay because my disc is damaged (WHY?). So now I have to download the GOTY edition which is pretty sweet as far as deals go, but it will not read my old files because my copy and the GOTY copy are considered two completely different games. So… yeah… no new game + for me. :’)
  • I might move on to my Dragon Age: Inquisition replay. I abandoned it last year, but now that I have the complete edition with all of the DLCs and special items I want to get back into it immediately. I was going to restart as a human warrior but… Knight Enchanter. I have to be a Knight Enchanter aka Dragon Slayer. LOL. I’ll stick to the elf mage that I made for now.
  • Um… I don’t know what to say about these Final Fantasy XV related updated. The pocket edition of FFXV looks pointless. The PC version of FFXV is not pointless but it is irrelevant to a non-PC gamer like me. The Assassin’s Creed DLC-thing is… okay? I mean, I love Final Fantasy and I love Assassin’s Creed… but seeing them together is kind of confusing. LOL. Noct looked really cool in his assassin gear though, and I like the idea of being an assassin in Lestallum while the rest of the chocobros are just hanging out somewhere. At least it’s not like the Chocobo Festival where Noct is completely alone, you know? Plus, Iggy and Prompto looked so adorable in their assassin gear. Gladio, on the other hand, is just… Gladio. He’s so brawny and muscular that he just looks grossly attractive in everything he wears. Yeah, yeah, I know. Gladio is hot, water is wet, bears shit in woods, etc. Anyway, I’ll play it. No one asked for this (LOL) but I’ll play it. I am a bit annoyed that Square made FFXV fans submit this survey asking what they wanted–and I believe the results were “MOAR ARDYN”–and didn’t make any content based on the options, but at least they’re not pulling a Bioware. Fucking livid that there are no DLCs coming for Mass Effect: Andromeda at all but multiplayer garbage. Then again, everyone was so vocal about their hatred for this game that I am not surprised. I did not hate it or love it. I was looking forward to Bioware pulling a Square and dropping all types of new content in response to their fans being rightfully pissed about an incomplete product being sold to them at the price of a new product. *sigh* When did the gaming world become this dramatic? I remember when games showed up finished, DLCs came in the form of sequels that were full games, and no one was having a complete meltdown over bad games like they do now. Even No Man’s Sky, which was comically insulting to the gamers that waited for it, received so much vitriol that its subreddit had to be shut down (temporarily?). It’s that bad now. -_-
  • Last episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday? SHIIIIIT. This season feels so incredibly, incredibly, incredibly rushed, but it’s kind of like ice cream in the summer. Even though most of it melts away before you can enjoy it, the ice cream itself is still delicious. All of these battles are delicious. Dany x Jon are delicious (I am disturbed how much this series made me passive to incest D:). Tormund’s growing infatuation with Brienne is delicious. I can still enjoy it as it is.


I think that is it. I am thinking about getting a premium WordPress account so that I can really enjoy this blog more than I already do. Just ranting about dumb shit… it feels so good. LOL. But as good as it feels I really need to start thinking about making a blog just for my art and stories. I’m on it. >>

Good vibrations~~~ Fight the power~~~ All that good shit~~~

Mood: Hellfire On Repeat For Hours


Play Phase III at my funeral. 😀

YISA 002: Britannia Ain’t Shit

That Pitioss Ruins theory had me fucked up for a good hour. Anyhoo… here is Ifrit not getting the love he deserves and being hot (full pun intended) despite the lack of eyebrows. Love you, boo. :*


Four day break is almost over. *cries like Professor Farnsworth*

Anyway, Mark and I binge watched all 50 episodes of Code Geass this weekend, so I’m going to talk about that… through quotes rather than lists because there are enough reviews of the show out there. Oh yeah. Enjoy your was-that-fireworks-or-did-someone-gundown-my-neighbors day! Let’s all eat BBQ until we hate ourselves–which is the only way to eat BBQ, lbr. Good vibrations~~~~

BTW: Spoilers or whatever.


Me: “I really want to enjoy [Code Geass] but all these derpy looking faces are testing me.”

Me: “Why is everyone so obsessed with pizza in this show?”
Mark: “I think they partnered with Pizza Hut.”
Me: “Shameless advertisement.”
Mark: “I know, right? Like people are just going to order pizza because they saw it in an anime.”
Us: *laughs*
Us: *orders pizza ten minutes later*

Mark [after missing a few episodes to play Diablo 3]: “How the hell did Ohgi end up with Villetta?”
Me: “She got shot and Ohgi found her and was like ‘this lady is our enemy!’ and then took her home and saw anime tiddies and said ‘this lady is important to me!”
Mark: “In his defense he really didn’t have a choice after anime tiddies.”

*Arthur bites Suzaku for the 1000th time*
Us: “Arthur is Link.”

Us: *roasts Lelouch constantly for his ridiculous poses*

Mark: “Maybe Lelouch is trying to throw gang signs.”
Me: “What gang is he supposed to be representing?”
Mark: “That anime protagonist who really wants to kill their dad gang.”

*Shirley gets worked up after seeing Kallen and Lelouch together*
Me: “Less getting jealous, more murdering people in the name of bringing down Britannia.”

Mark: *sees Nina making weird noises in the dark while looking at picture of Euphy*
Mark: “Did she just do what I think she did?”
Me: “Yeah…. I’m going to pretend it never happened.”
Mark: “Okay, me too. That was disturbing”
Me: *refuses to pretend it never happened and spends the whole series shocked that Nina did that*

Me: “Is being a dick hereditary or something? What is up with the Britannia royal family?”
Mark: “It did skip Nunnally and Euphy, so maybe the dick gene isn’t that strong.”

Us: *cracks up every time we see the girl Lelouch used his geass on doing her daily mark on the wall*

*When Shirley’s classmates go to her dad’s funeral in their school uniforms*
Mark: “Wow, they couldn’t take five minutes to change into funeral clothes?”
Me: “The animation budget was probably tight. I’m sure Shirley understands.”

Me: “What do you think is worst? The Red Wedding or Euphy murdering the shit out of all those elevens?”
Mark: “Well… at least she asked them nicely to die first.”

*After finishing season one of Code Geass*
Me: “I hate this fucking show.”
Mark: “Right?”
Mark: “Does Funimation have the second season on here?”
Me: “Yeah, I’ll start it up.”

Me: “I feel like Lelouch’s dad is taking out his frustration with his shitty wig on the entire planet.”

Us: *every time Rolo shows up* “Who the fuck is this guy?” “Who the fuck are you, Rolo?” “Go home, Rolo.”

*Cornelia throws a knife in V.V’s forehead and he’s still alive*

Mark: “I know this is an anime, but how the hell did Nunnally survive that explosion?”
Me: “She ducked.”

Me: “How do you look your newborn son dead in his face and name him ‘Schneizel’?”

Mark: *in Lelouch’s voice* “You can’t defeat me! My name is in the title of the show!”

Me: “Everyone needs a C.C. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a random anime girl give you powers and eat pizza with you and help you take over the world?”

*Nunnally tries to chase Lelouch in her wheelchair and falls down the stairs*
Me: *in Nunnally voice* “Curse you, Lelouch! How did you know that stairs were my ultimate weakness?”
Mark: “If she didn’t want to fall she should have ducked again.”

Me: “I will suspend logic for flying robots and magical powers, but someone being unaware that they’re holding a conversation with a prerecorded video because the other person predicted everything they would say is where I draw the line.”

*After Kallen kisses Lelouch*
Mark: “I swear every person in this show wants Lelouch’s dick.”
Me: “Lelouch’s dick also has a geass. Theory confirmed.”

*Show ends*
Me: “Wow… What the fuck, man?”
Mark: “Fuck this anime…”
Me: “…You know they announced season three a few months ago, right?”


Everything in between was just our dweeb hobbies or whatever, but I’m well-rested and recharged and super grateful that I finally got to watch this show. Don’t take our general bitchiness the wrong way. We like Code Geass now. LOL

Uh, we watched some other stuff like the season premiere of Killjoys, Cheer Boys, Hyouka, etc. but I’ll probably talk about those another time. Oh, and the end of Kado: The Right Answer. That was an… interesting ending.

Okay, that’s it for now. 😛


099: The Sound of the End

I’m not apologizing. Face the truth, cowards.

✪ Personal Life ✪

  • It’s hot and I hate the sun.
  • Wow, I haven’t done one of these in a while. Um… let’s just say I don’t know what boredom is anymore??? LOL. If there isn’t something I need to do then there is something I want to do. It’s nice. Not complaining at all. I have been spoiling myself something fierce lately, but oddly enough my favorite splurge is the least expensive one. I got a hardcover journal, washi tapes, stickers, a bunch of pretty writing utensils, and started working on the cutest journal of all time. Never underestimate the power of a good journal/diary. I always feel productive when I fill a page up and decorate it with adorable crap. Yeah… Being so in touch with all things creative is really amazing. I am blessed infinitely in that aspect. I cannot imagine a life where I do not have a creative bone in my body. It sounds like hell. D:
  • Momocon with Tiffa, Mark, and Ashley was a blast! I consider it my first real convention experience because the other conventions I went to were not even half as crowded and exciting as Momocon. I really loved it. The cosplays were amazing, the shops ruined me financially (LMAO), and I just loved the energy of the place. Everyone was just showing their passion for their interests. I loved it. I really did. I hope the next convention I go to will be the complete experience. I’ll fight my antisocial ways to do it! I want to go on a road trip and stay in a hotel and go everyday, you know? I’m interested in EXPCon in Florida and Dragon-Con, but we’ll see how that all goes. Either way, I’m gonna make sure I save up a shitload of money this time… and maybe bring a portable chair so we don’t have to eat on the floor again. 😛
  • On to the not-so-good things. A recurring theme of the past year has been death. Death, death, and more death. Sometimes talking about it helps. Sometimes I talk to the wrong people about it and it just makes shit worse. It all depends. *sigh* Let’s just move on to something else…
  • Uh… Did I mention getting a new laptop? I don’t know. I’m just glad to have a laptop that can actually close. LMAO. The last one would snap at the hinges and make scary noises if we tried to close it. Then again, it’s like… ten years old. It still works and everything, but I have to carry it like a newborn or something because the slightest thing can make it break. Anyway, I love this laptop. I named it Drogon because obvious reasons.
  • Was politics always this draining? Geez… Next bullet point.
  • I got a wisdom tooth pulled out because it was hurting like all hell. It wasn’t too bad though. Once the bleeding stopped it was easy street after that. Can’t say the pain was too bad either. I thought it would be terrible, but after a day it was pretty much nonexistent. Also: laughing gas. So much fun! LOL. I promise I don’t have any drug problems (surprise, right?). It was just fun… and I would understand if someone took laughing gas regularly but I would not recommend it. >>
  • I did so much cleaning in 24 hours that I want to high five myself. Good job, Kerri! ❤
  • So… We finally got a washer and dryer and we were *SO* close to not living like peasants until we learned that our old-as-balls apartment had outlets in the laundry room that do not work and a dryer outlet that doesn’t match modern day prongs. So… Yeah… We’re working on getting that shit handled. My gut tells me that an electrician will have to get involved, though, and I don’t like strangers in my home. *cries forever*
  • I really underestimated the soothing power of face masks. I will not make the same mistake again.
  • … Debating giving someone permission to touch my eyebrows and my hair because it looks fun, but at the same time I have to give a firm no. *sigh* Why am I like this? LOL. Sometimes I think the only way I’ll get over this overwhelming hatred of being touched by strangers is… being touched by strangers… which is also a firm no. Ugh, I’m hopeless.
  • I think that’s it? I don’t know. I write most of my personal life crap in my journal, so discussing some things feel repetitive. I guess I should move on for now.


✪ Art & Writing ✪

  • Whoo~
  • Okay, I’m done.
  • It’s pretty sad that I have to keep telling myself “smaller eyes, bigger nose” every time I draw. Anime continues to ruin my life. ;_;
  • Well, as productive as I am, I would still love just one week in a remote, quiet place to write and draw to my heart’s content. I think once I generate enough PTO I’m just going to rent a cabin somewhere with Mark, and he can do all his nerd hobbies in peace and I can do all my nerd hobbies in peace and then we can reunite throughout the day to share a meal or blabber about our accomplishments. That sounds so nice. ^^

✪ Anime & Manga ✪.

  • “Kado: The Right Answer” went from interesting to WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON so damn fast.
  • Diamond is Unbreakable had the nerves to end on me. I am so offended. I miss it so much.
  • WOW. I found this anime called “Room Mate” and I don’t even know how to feel about it. First of all, these first-person animes always feel like Dora the Explorer for otakus. Secondly, I cannot deal with the guys having their clothes randomly disappear during the end credits. Lastly, the fanservice is so blatant. I don’t know… let’s see if this gets as bad as that pillow anime. You know the one I’m talking about.
  • The new Berserk anime follows the manga so well! I can get past the.. um… “unique” graphics for that reason. Actually, the graphics are not so bad once you get used to them. I’m just not 100% into traditionally 2D animes using CGI and stuff like that. I’m getting over it though.
  • Speaking of Berserk, the manga is finally at a point where Casca is in Elfheim and her mind is being examined. It only took an eternity to get to this point, right? Anyway, there will be more at the end of June. I’m ready. It’s time. Something needs to be done with Casca because as adorable as she is in this mentality-of-a-toddler state, I miss the old sword-swinging Casca that yells at Guts when he’s being arrogant and stupid. 😀
  • I’m debating about trying VRV because it has some animes that I can’t find on Crunchyroll but… I don’t know. I think I already have too many streaming services right now. LOL
  • My nephews suggested that I finally watch “Kill La Kill”. LMAO. I used to make their formula and change their diapers, and now they’re telling me what anime to watch. Ugh, time… time is so weird.
  • Can I put Steven Universe in this section? Well… Who is going to stop me? Fufufu~ Anyway, Steven Universe is getting so intense. This is how cartoons are supposed to be! I used to pity children because all they had to watch were the same High-School-Musical-esque crap that Disney was spitting out, but now shows are getting so good that children like my nephews actually have good shows with important storylines. I think we’re in an animation renaissance right now and we don’t even know it. Uh… back on point… Steven Universe is good and animation is so important. Okay, thanks.


✪ Video Games ✪

  • Where the hell do I even start? Damn.
  • My only complaint about Persona 5 is that it didn’t last for the rest of my life. In other words, it’s amazing. But Persona is always amazing so no one is surprised. (Take some pages from Atlus’ book, Square).
  • Every time I see an article calling Nier: Automata a “surprise hit” I internally snicker because the original NieR was a fucking masterpiece and it’s sad that it wasn’t appreciated because of the same baby reviewers whining about graphics. I am so tired of whining about graphics. Which goes to my next game…
  • Officially tired of hearing whining about the Mass Effect: Andromeda graphics. It was not as good as the last Mass Effect games. I get it. But sometimes I have to sit through endless bitching about the graphics before anyone gets to the characters or gameplay. Can we please stop talking about graphics already -_-? It’s like… bitching about art. If you don’t like it then deal with it. No one cares. Every game should have its own unique style, and not be held to this “but-does-it-look-real?” standard. …That being said, ME:A could have been better as a Mass Effect title. There were definitely points when the game felt rushed, but overall it was not a monstrosity or anything. I could easy enjoy it for hours and connect with the party members like other Mass Effect games. At worst, it’s a 7 out of 10 if graphics are a HUGE deal to you. For those of us in the gaming community who remember playing with pixelated sprites and will be forever grateful that game characters actually have fingers now (LMAO), I’ll give it an 8 out of 10. I hope Bioware can do better in the future. No love lost for the series though.
  • No, I did not forget Breath of the Wild. Of course I am playing Breath of the Wild. Or… I was playing it. It was so hard to stay focused once these new games started dropping. *sigh* Anyway, the main reason why I am not playing nonstop like I would other Zelda games is really stupid. I just can’t get over my aggravation with the weapons and armor system. When I’m in a boss battle and I end up having to give up because all of my weapons are broken, it just annoys the shit out of me. Because it stops being about hand-eye coordination and starts being about focusing on the lifespan of Link AND his damn weapons. I know, I know. GIT GUD. It’s without a doubt the best game to come out this year. Seriously. It’s an AMAZING game that deserves all of its praise. I just need to get over my own issues and appreciate the infinite amount of things this game gets right. I also need to get over how weird the Wii U gamepad feels. Not really feeling the Switch right now, so I’m not about to buy it just to play one game. -_- Anyway, I still love this game a lot. LOVE THIS GAME. I can’t wait to play more now that my other games are pretty much over.
  • I finally got into Undertale and it’s everything that everyone said it is. I am always late to everything. D:

✪ Books ✪

  • I just need to let it be known that Mark is a terrible influence, and if you ever visit a comic book shop with him he will convince you to ruin your financial situation. But he’s cute so I’ll allow it. ^^
  • The most recent comic I fell in love with was “Monstress”. The amount of effort that went into building the world alone is fucking amazing! I was so inspired by the time I caught up to the most recent issue. It’s one of the few times when I suckered myself into buying a comic just for the art and the storyline was just as good.
  • Caught up on “Saga”… and I wasn’t ready. ^^
  • I decided to read “Snotgirl” because the art is beautiful and the author who wrote “Scott Pilgrim” did the story. Overall, it is okay.
  • I finally started listening to the audiobook of “Ready Player One”. So far, it’s not bad. I’m over the explanation of common terms that every geek already knows, but I remind myself that the author is trying to make things easier to understand for those of us who did not get pushed into lockers in high school (LMAO… Why am I laughing at this? Getting pushed sucked. -_-). Anyway, I’m only four chapters in. Let’s see how the rest goes.

✪ Music ✪

  • My music life has just been soundtracks after soundtracks after soundtracks, man. Loving it.

✪ TV & Movies ✪

  • Thank you for coming back into my life, Orange is the New Black.
  • I finally caught up on Silicon Valley. It’s pretty funny. I’m curious to see how it will all end since Richard just has the shittiest luck on the planet… sometimes due to his own ridiculous decisions.
  • The Handmaiden’s Tale is horrifying to watch. My goodness. Gilead is absolute hell on Earth, and just the slight possibility that it could happen makes it even worse. I mean… similar things happened to women in the past, so it’s not a huge stretch of the imagination. I’m just anxious thinking about how horribly it’s going to end.
  • At the risk of sounding petty as fuck, I am loving all these entitled, misogynistic assholes throwing a tantrum about Wonder Woman putting their favorites to shame at the box office. And now the theatre that had women-only screenings are being sued? Really? You have nothing else to spend your time and money on? LMAO. Mantrums. Gotta love ’em. By the way, when I went to see Wonder Woman with Mark this dude behind us straight up wolf-whistled when Diana changed into Wonder Woman, and I lost count of how many people were straight up glaring in his direction. Maybe this is why women don’t want to watch movie with ya’ll. I know, I know. “Not all men”. But even Mark–a man–was ashamed of his gender after that happened and completely understood why women would want to appreciate the significance of a successful superheroine movie without some horny creep ruining it. …I’m going to stop ranting because it’s completely overshadowing what this movie accomplished. Years ago, no one wanted to touch it because they adamantly believed that a superhero movie starring a female hero would flop. Now we have this superheroine who is tough enough to lift a tank but feminine and cute enough to lose her cool when she sees a cute baby or eats ice cream (IT IS THE CUTEST THING). I love it. I will bury the lesser members of the male gender attempting to ruin this by appreciating all the women and men who supported this movie, and appreciated it too. Well done, Patty Jenkins, and thank you! ^^
  • Speaking of movie making me proud to be who I am (LMAO), that Black Panther teaser had me in tears. WOW. I mean… to see black people living in Africa and they’re not starving or being saved by fair-skinned saviors is a huge deal. And anyone who says “Meh-meh-meh-it’s-not-about-race” or “Bleh-bleh-bleh-SJW-ruin-everything” can fall off a cliff. Shut the fuck up and miss me with that “we’re all the same” bullshit until you open a fucking book about inequality in our society. *deep breath* Sorry. Ignore, ignore, I know. Anyway, it really means a lot as a black woman to see black women depicted as fierce warriors, and to see Wakanda so rich in the culture of Africa that movie tend to either overlook or mock. Seriously, when I watch black reviewers get teary-eyed as a reaction to the teaser… it is so beautiful and I understand 100% how it feels. If I have children they will watch this movie one day. My nephews will watch this movie one day. It is so important for them to watch a movie and not see people who look like them being enslaved or thrown in prison or being feared as “thugs”. So, that’s why I got teary eyed. I am just proud that we went from blackface to this colorful, beautiful assembly of black characters in a throne room who are thriving in a society where they are not the minority. That’s all. And if that makes me a SJW then I am just fine with it. If looking forward to a society where everyone can be proud of who they are is being a SJW then sign me the fuck up. LOL. Anyway, I’m excited. I’m really excited. I can’t wait until February. T u T

✪ Whatever Else/Closing ✪

*Phew* Glad I got that all out! 😛

All in all, I am doing a-okay, and doing my best to enjoy life as I move into my 30th year.

Moments like going to Momocon with Tiffa and Ashley remind me that life really is about smiling and laughing as much as possible. I want continue doing the things I love with the people I love so that I never lose sight of what matters during the darkest hours of my life. It’s my goal to value strength above all else. The strength to overcome, the strength to endure, and the strength to keep hope. And if that sounds cheesy then it sounds cheesy. That’s just how I I feel.

*sigh* Okay, I’m off. I have more weekend left to enjoy and I haven’t even started playing Breath of the Wild yet. I can’t wait until that four-day weekend at the start of July. Yes… I am so ready to get into another writing marathon! (:<

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