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    Hello! My name is Kerrian. I am a 30-year-old New York native who currently lives in Georgia with my 32-year old Illinois native husband Mark. And our 8-year-old blue tabby furbaby Link. And, if all goes well, a baby girl in Summer 2018. That’s pretty much our little family. ^_^

    When I’m not doing family stuff, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just trying to live life to the fullest like everyone else. I’m sending good vibrations to everyone! I want us all to win, so keep fighting! Take care!


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    I pretty much insta-add/follow back everyone unless your screen name has some kind of slur in it or something. Don’t be that person. -_-

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Worst Behavior (+TIAACP 10)


Accurate portrayal of Hawke x Anders + Justice

  • I got called “talkative” yesterday. The world must be ending. In my defense the guy I was talking to was cool as hell. It’s easy to talk to people like that no matter how introverted or extroverted you are.
  • Me trying to enjoy songs that are nice but have problematic lyrics/artists:


  • The best decision I ever made was buying this huge jar of coconut oil at Costco for like $16. There is so much of it and I use coconut oil for everything–deep conditioning my hair, moisturizing my skin, for some of my food and drinks, everything. And despite how much I use it there is still way too much. I’m glad it doesn’t expire until 2020. Anyway, I have nothing but praise for coconut oil. Use that shit like your life depends on it.
  • FFXIII-2: I decided to continue my replay after like two years, and now I’m finally at the end of the game. That doesn’t mean I’m ready to face the final boss though. I did manage to get Serah and Noel’s ravager and commando roles to 99 but everything else is around level 40. I really don’t know how I got this far with such a shitty saboteur and synergist level. Without a doubt I made things way harder than they needed to be by completely ignoring those roles. The medic role is not an issue because the monster in my party (IDK his actual name since I renamed him Francis) is a great medic, so that role will probably be the last one that I touch. What else is left? Sentinel? That tells you how much I actually play that role. LOL. Yeah, I have a lot of work to do before I see the end. Also, Lightning Returns is finally falling into the $20 range, and I did say I would pick up a used copy once the price was low enough. The FFXIII trilogy is lacking in many areas but never combat. I love the battle systems. Maybe I’ll trade in some games I’m not playing and knock the price down. We’ll see.
  • Life Is Strange: Can’t wait for the next episode. It’s far from perfect but it’s still interesting enough to keep watching on Youtube whenever it gets released.
  • Watching “The X-Files” and “The Lone Gunmen” all week made me realize that Langly is in my top twenty in terms of favorite fictional characters. He is just the quintessential nerd character that is brilliant when it comes to the things that matter to him and then a complete mess in every other department. LOL. I’m so disappointed that “The Lone Gunmen” got cancelled so quickly. It is so much like “Firefly” in that it has great characters, great stories, and the perfect balance of drama, suspense, action, and comedy. Also, like “Firefly”, Fox cancelled it long before its time. I would love to see more from “The X-Files” and “The Lone Gunmen” in the future, even if it is just a movie. One can hope, I guess.
  • I’m really loving Nintendo this year. New 3DS system and Majora’s Mask this month, Xenoblade Chronicles on the 3DS in April, and then a rumored live-action Zelda series on Netflix. There’s also the rumor of the new Starfox and Zelda games on the Wii U coming out this year too. Even more reason to fangirl Nintendo than usual right now.
  • There is a Spaceball sequel in the works too. Yes, 2015. YES. Keep it coming!


Okay, that’s about it. Going to upload some ACNL pictures I took after not playing for like one year with the same pointless comments. As usual. -_-




What the fuck, Resetti. I don’t need this.


My house is garbage yet it represents me perfectly.


Away. Stop asking dumb ass questions.


Um… No? Also, excuse me?

HNI_0025 HNI_0022

Ugh, Kabuki is the best. If he moved away I would be devastated.


I love this exterior, but all the flowers and hydrangeas had to go. Maybe it’ll look better in the spring? 😐

Kerri & Doing Stuff. Thangs.

This hardly qualifies as an ACNL post since I only have like two pictures, so I’m just going to add it with some other pictures. Let’s see here…


Kato and Isabelle getting excited about nothing.  XD

Speaking of nothing things to be excited about, T.I.Y. is undergoing construction as I type this. I’m not sure how long it will take, but it is going to be awesome~ Of course, T & T Emporium would be even more awesome~


Upgraded the room. This is more like my IRL room…minus all the pink and the couch.

[ Non-ACNL crap below ]


TIAACP: Part 9




Serge being a cutie~

Mabel knows what I’m talking about. :B

Anyway, for the SL of Arni Village, we are in another timeline within the Chrono Cross universe. In this timeline, Serge is a celebrity-like figure (along with Kid) and demihumans are the dominant species. Humans like Serge, Maku (Mark’s villager), and myself do exist. Obviously. Just in very small numbers. Unlike the other timelines, human and demi-human relations are peaceful in this one.

…That’s what I am working on so far. Why Serge is living in this timeline is still not sorted out, but I am thinking about making a Kid villager really soon. I just need the patience to go through that tutorial crap again.  I also need the patience to wait for Serge to unlock the contacts option so I can give him blue eyes. Then he will be almost identical to the game version of Serge. Almost.


“The spice must flow.”
(Yes, 90% of everything I say is a reference to something else. Deal with it.)


(See what I’m talking about?)

HNI_0010 HNI_0011

I really love this hairstyle–more than the bun. I just may stick to it. I like that it looks like a bun from the front, but a ponytail from the side.

HNI_0012 HNI_0013 HNI_0014

I love Isabelle so much~!

I will suplex anyone who says anything bad about her, okay? (ಠ益ಠ)


Got some fancy couches and a birdcage.


If I ever became rich IRL, I probably would have an entire room with just instruments. Then my dream of becoming a straight version of Michiru Kaioh will come true. ❤


Expanding the bedroom costs me 485,000 bells. *sigh* Oh well, More breathing room


*blogs about these ridiculous loans*


The cafe finally opened! Whoo~

HNI_0022 HNI_0023 HNI_0024 HNI_0025

Don’t mind if I do. Much like Isabelle, I plan to spend a lot of time drinking coffee.


Yeah…it’s dead today. There’s a bug-catching competition. Or there was one. I’ll pass on that. Again.

Join me next time when AC: New Leaf becomes AC: Chrono Cross.

TIAACP: Part 8

New hairstyle!


She looks like Casca in Link’s clothes. Amazing.



If you allow Cyrus to combine one of K.K. Slider’s CDs with a giant clam, you get this beautiful seashell music box. I have the music box version of K.K. Synth and it is so lovely. Music boxes are the best. ;_;


I could probably start my own orchestra with the amount of instruments I have. I can’t even say what theme I am going for here.
Mozart’s house???


Cutie pie~ I love the avatars in this game. They’re all so adorable.




I can’t wait to expand the hell out of this arcade-basement. Right now, though, I have to go through all of these requests for public projects. You’d think they would pay me as mayor but…nope.

Join me next time when I am still poor.

TIAACP: Part 7

I don’t deserve this game.

Very minor but dear-to-me updates.


I’m channeling my inner Melvin/Umino.


*in a nasal voice* “But Serena!”


It’s supposed to be pigtails but…eh…I’m going to switch back to my bun tomorrow. I like the bun hairstyle a lot. As for the hair color, I doubt I will ever change it. I might try black one day, but that’s probably it.


 Oh yeah. Check out the new carpet!  My living room is definitely a library now.  I should get the rainbow screen and turn my avi into LeVar Burton so I can do a “Reading Rainbow” setup. Yoooo…let’s do that!


Wondering why I don’t have a pipe right now.


This wallpaper was so cute that I made it into my carpet too. Bless tumblr for its endless supply of amazing QR codes. I am already removing and re-doing the path in my town because I found something better. It is actually for the best. The tiles take up too much room in my inventory, so I made another villager to be in charge of holding them. Now I just have to wait for Sable to give him permission to read QR codes. By the way, his name is Serge. I can’t have Arni Village without Serge, right?


The aquarium is my favorite part about this village.  I could just live here.



Oh yeah! I got a second floor in the museum. Finally. Now I just have to build a coffee shop, finish some more projects, do some major landscaping, and then my village will be legit. *changes town anthem to “Money, Power, Respect”*


Can I help you with something?


Um, wow. Excuse me.

*in nasal voice* That Napoleon fish better watch himself.

Okay, that’s it. Some villagers are moving out of my town and I’m not stopping them this time. I am getting bored with everyone besides Isabelle (of course), Kabuki, Cally, Pudge, and Goose. So, it’s time for new neighbors. Until then I am going to take advantage of the silver rod I got and start catching me some fishes. My goal for this month is to have one million bells in my savings account. And I want it to stay there in order to build some crazy interest. Hopefully, I can get to the billion mark at some point in my ACNL life. We will see.

Join me next time when Toriko eats that Napoleon fish.

This Is An Animal Crossing Post: Part 6


I get so excited thinking about the different seasons. I am not time travelling (and I don’t plan to), so I will go through the seasons at the same time I go through them IRL.  I can’t wait until fall gets here. Fall is the best. I’m so excited. *cries*

Anyway, contain your boredom excitement. This is a long one.



This joke is gold. It should be framed and hung up somewhere important.


He kind of looks like Drake.


Heartfelt bonding moment.


And here comes the fireworks spam. It was so pretty~










Definitely faded.


Exterior changes don’t come cheap. Yep…I got a long day of catching beetles and fishes ahead of me.


Excuse me?!


Working hard on my path. It’s so beautiful…but so tedious.


Tries out Mii Mask. Looks mischievous while doing so.


Your eyes do not fool you. My avi’s skin is darker. It took many days of tanning to accomplish it, but it is finally good.


I basically live in a library.


Don’t ask why I’m stargazing in the daytime.


Villager asks to come over. Clears internet history at least 50 times.


I plan to make the basement into an arcade. For now, though, I have to settle for a closet full of games…because Tom Nook is killing me. Seriously, it costs about $8,000,000 total to completely maximize the size of your house. *sighs* Time to sell meth.


Join me next time when I actually accomplish something.

075: Standing Still Is Hard


75th blog entry ! *victory fanfare* In honor of this, I want to try this
(Not the gif, the idea below. LOL).

☆彡 = Personal life and rants

★彡 = Hobbies and interests

Let’s see how long it lasts. Okay. Let’s go!

★彡 Complicated shit first.

In regards to the Lightning Returns controversy, my opinion is this: the fact that Toriyama decided to increase Lightning’s breast size to, and I quote, “defeat Skyrim” is pathetic. It’s even more pathetic when you put into consideration that Skyrim and western RPGs in general don’t rely on breasts to sell their products. They are successful because they market innovative gameplay and interesting stories. In short, my qualm is not the fact they’re pitching Lightning as a sexy character (because she was a sexy and flawless heroine from the jump amirite). My qualm is that Square, a company once renowned for their memorable stories and characters, has to stoop to the selling tactics of hentai games and dating sims to be successful. So, I’m not mad. I’m just really disappointed. Then again, this is Toriyama…the same guy behind Final Fantasy X-2. Let me act surprised. Really, all of this only makes me want to play Skyrim even more. So, I’ll likely invest in Skyrim DLCs and add-ons before I even touch Lightning Returns. Sorry, Lightning. I still love you.


☆彡  I recently rolled my eyes so hard that they pained me for a few minutes afterwards. Time for me to stay away from aggravating things. 

★彡 I am back to spending 80% of my free time writing Mythos chapters, and I officially passed 100 pages as a result. *confetti* I also did some major updating on charahub. It’s a neat little site. There is even a survey to take that asks things like the character’s favorite color, favorite place, etc. Progress with Mythos is actually what I wanted for a very long time, so I’m incredibly pleased.


☆彡 I have a theory that everything in this apartment conspires to break on us at the same time. Rude.

★彡 Boys Over Flowers was such a rollercoaster. I was so sure I would despise Gu Jun Pyo for the entire series. Then I was sure that I adored him. Then I despised him again. Then I adored him again. He is just such a pain but he’s also so adorable. Poor Geum Jan Di. I understand her frustration. I even found myself saying: “Ugh, stupid Gu Jun Pyo and his stupid curls” too. Well, I still believe that Geum Jan Di deserves the absolute best. She is such a sweetheart. I don’t know why, but the leading girl in Korean dramas are always so likeable. My favorite is still Eun-chan from The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince though. The cutest of cuties! Anywho, time to find a new Korean drama to get into. I’m going to miss the characters of Boys Over Flowers though. 

☆彡 Seriously, there is no tragic backstory for why I am not on facebook, twitter, instagram, or whatever newfangled websites people are on. I am just bored of them or not interested enough to sign up. That is all there is to it. The same goes for my phone. I got it to try out a smartphone, but once I wore out my apps I just got bored and gave it to Mark. Why bother holding on to it and spending $50 a month if I’m not even interested in it, you know? I just don’t see why some people need to have an aneurysm when I respond with “I don’t use that” or “I don’t own one”. It’s not a big deal. 

★彡 Nintendo is close to giving news on the new Zelda Wii U game. I have to make sure my schedule is cleared on that day so I can slip in and out on consciousness freely. If they announce that Zelda will be the protagonist in the new game, I will likely die though. 

☆彡 The pervert life is hard. Only the strong can endure. It is known.

★彡 Some of my villagers are already asking to leave. NOT ALLOWED. Well…there are 2-3 of them that I won’t miss, but everyone else is not allowed to leave. It’s in the contract. Whomp-whomp.

☆彡 Clutter puts me in such a bad mood. I really should just buy like five bookshelves and call it a day. No more piles. No more packing things in totes only to end up with a pile of totes. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

★彡 I miss Space Ghost: Coast to Coast so much. I would love Netflix for the rest of my life if they would just add it on instant. Speaking of Netflix, I don’t know who added Digimon, new Breaking Bad episodes, and re-added all of the 007 movies but they just tossed all of my plans for this weekend. I hope they’re happy. 

☆彡  When I compare my present-day drawings to the ones I did back in elementary school, I actually prefer my elementary school ones. Back then, I didn’t worry about perfect anatomy or perfect folds or perfect shading. So all of my drawings were fun. I actually did a goofy Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy VII crossover in the 6 or 7th grade, and until this day I still die of laughter because of it. My drawings now…they can’t even get a smile out of me. I forgot how to enjoy myself, you know? That is the worst part. I want to get to that point again. More than becoming like the artists I admire, I want to be that girl who used to draw in her composition notebooks and not care if it was imperfect. It’s all really cheesy. I know. I really do want to improve, but at the same time I don’t want to get so focused on perfection that I forget that art is supposed to be imperfect. Take abstract art. It is often a bunch of random lines and shapes, yet it is still so perfect. I want that feeling when I look at my own art. I am not going to say someday. Very soon. *in Geum Jan Di’s voice* FIGHTING!

★彡 I have come to terms with the possibility that Dany, Drogon, Rhaeghal, and/or Viserion will die. I can deal with Rhaegal or Viserion if given an hour or two to collect myself. Drogon…a day. Dany…several months. Actually, I will definitely cry if Dany dies. For a long time. At this point, I am REALLY sure that Dany is going to die. I have a feeling that GRRM monitors who the most liked characters are, and starts picking them off based on that. Dany is fairly popular with ASOIAF fans, so…yeah…she’s dead. *mourns in advance*

☆彡 Link is really letting me down right now. I had to kill three centipedes in the past two days. Not acceptable. Killing bugs is his job. The only reason he can’t do it is because he picked up a new hobby: sitting on top of the living room TV and yelling at us whenever we leave to go to the bathroom. Thanks a lot, cat. >:|

★彡 I miss WWE, but I don’t have cable so it’s no use crying about it. I’ll just have to jump back into it ever other year like I always do. -.-


With that said, I’m really into my games, writings, and drawings right now, so updates may become scarce…save for those “This Is A ______ Post” entries. Which is a good thing, right? When I look back, I am more interested in those types of entries then these topic-hopping entries. Anyway, I may not do one of these for a while. Just a little insignificant heads up.

That’s about it. Off to finish up Breaking Bad and eat curry. After that, some quality time with Geralt, Commander Shepard, and Kaim.



This Is An Animal Crossing Post: Part 5

More like “This Is An Animal Crossing Blog” amirite.


K.K. Slider  dropping the sickest beats in…where is this village located anyway? I am assuming it’s somewhere on Earth since a pelican who visited Mexico came to my village.  Anyway, get it!


The villagers agrees. The psycho armor-clad teddy bear look is awesome.


NEW HAIR! *item get* Shampoodle finally opened and I got myself a white bun. Aw~ the cutest princess mayor~ I think I’m going to give her violet eyes once the option becomes available and pretend that she’s Dany. ;w;


“The fuck is this?”


“The fuck is that?”


Dreaming about dragons and stuff.

Actually, I do dream about dragons a lot…but I also think about dragons a lot…so it makes sense.


Last but not least…




I know it’s beautiful, Timmy, but I’d really appreciate some personal space.

Join me next time when I sack a neighboring village. Later~

This Is An Animal Crossing Post: Part 4


“This is some bullshit. Sending was not in the job description.”




Cannot see the two-dimensional haters.


I had to take this picture of Peach’s parasol because…what the hell is that thing going to accomplish on a rainy day? Look at the size of my head. Are you kidding me?


The Kapp’n knows I’m talking about. TV on = Get out of my face.


I finally got a second floor to my house. Look at this tiny ass room though. #struggle


*takes note*


Same. Even if I don’t see you for an entire century, I’ll still fight a tiger for you ‘CAUSE THAT’S WHAT BRUHS DO.


Gold stag! Aw, yiss. Time to get paaaaid~

BTW: Catching beetles is the way to go if you want some bells. With fishing, I could probably make about 100,000  bells in one sitting. Beetles? About 400,000. I suck at fishing but I’m a natural at sneaking up quietly on things. Perhaps the assassin life is for me after all. *contemplates*


Cannot see or smell the haters.

Whoa. Is that Daenerys on my TV? It looks like she’s pointing at a random city she wants to conquer. Get it, gurl.


Well, my people are nagging me about more project developments, but I can’t do shit until Blathers adds another story to the museum. So, I have to keep giving him all of my valuable catches instead of making them pay-puhs. I have $500,000 in my savings now though. That should be enough, I guess. Yeah, I’ll just give him whatever he wants.

Club LOL officially launched today. I’m pretty excited! I would rather die than go to a club IRL, but this is ACNL and it’s actually pleasant to socialize in this game…as opposed to reality, of course, and other games (just thinking about socializing in Persona makes me want to backflip into a volcano).

Yep…that’s it. Later.

This Is An Animal Crossing Post: Part 3


So, I hired this lady to give my house a makeover and this is what she did. It’s really cute!
(Check out my crappy Midna dress)


I wish there was a way to convey to my digital neighbors that the only thing I hate more than going to parties is having one thrown for me…but it’s the thought that counts, right? I’ll give them credit for choosing a cake with strawberries. Thanks, guys. :u






Also, how did Pudge know that bibimbap was my favorite thing to eat? I am shocked and we are bffs now.



I don’t know what’s more beautiful: that wig or that TV?


Look at the Elizabeth dress. Aw~ such a cutie~ Everyone is this game is so cute.


I needed to hear this. Thanks, Kap’n.


Real talk.

HNI_0055 HNI_0056 HNI_0057 HNI_0058

That third expression speaks directly to me.


Sentai and SS!Zelda’s dress? Balls yes!


Okay. That’s all I have for now.

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