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    Ayyy~ My name is Kerri. I am a 31-year-old dweeb who lives in Atlanta with my 32-year old dork husband Mark, our small lady Luna, and our blue tabby Link.

    When I’m not spending time with my cuties, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just livin’ and chillin’ and whatnot. I’m sending good vibrations to the world ’cause we sure as fuck need it right now (LOL)! Take care!


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Björk: The Gate







* On a serious note, I am really looking forward to her new album. The acceptance and joy that comes after the heartbreak of Vulnicura. My body, spirit, mind, etc, is ready. ( T u T )

093: The Beast Is Back


If we don’t greet each other like this then what’s the point.

I’m going to start using ‘Read More’ cuts on these entries because they can get pretty long at times. Like now.


Bjork – Amphibian (Mark Bell Remix)*

If you watched “Being John Malkovich” then it’s possible this song needs no introduction.

It’s so pretty~ 


The Most Useless Review of “Vulnicura”


Quick summary:

  • Bjork announced that she would be gracing us lesser mortals with a new album in March called “Vulnicura”.
  • Her fans proceeded to freak the fuck out, myself included.
  • Then like two days ago her album leaked.
  • Even though it’s not due until March, Bjork went on facebook and pretty much said: “wow it leaked. lol whatever. anyway i’m going to release it now instead of letting you guys wait two months to listen to it legally. enjoy~”
  • That’s the gist of it.


My Useless, Crappy, Dumb Review (ft. Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd):

Warning: Hella gifs and fangirling.


Jay-Z Pays Tribute To Björk


YES. Pagan Poetry. Cannot go wrong with that song. Now if only Jay-Z and Björk could make a song together… The RZA, Thom Yorke, Madonna, and Kelis already worked with her, so I’m still pretty happy about that! ^^

Gotham Lullaby (Björk + Meredith Monk)

So beautiful. Can I just?


072: I Go Humble


☆彡 It’s always fun being told by others what I prioritize in my own life. You know, because someone who wears the same $20 beat up sneakers for years is really bothered by the idea of not having $500 high-fashion shoes. I think what I’m going to do with people like that is find some random thing they’re not even interested in, and shame them for not being interested in it. Just to show them how moronic their mentality is. Then when they look really confused and point out that they’re not even interested in the thing I’m shaming them for not being interested in, I’ll hand them a card that says: “Congrats! You finally get it! It only took 500 years!”

★彡 Quick reviews of movies I saw recently: Mama was a disappointment, Cloud Atlas was as interesting as it was complex, Teddy Bear is everything I hope to find in an independent film, and Dancer in the Dark was depressing. I’m also getting into Welcome to the NHK and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Not movies, I know, but I still love them both. I will start on Steins;Gate soon. I saw the last Berserk movie and I am officially done with the eclipse and even everything pre-eclipse. So…yeah…if it’s Berserk and it’s not related to the Millennium Falcon arc and beyond then I don’t want to watch or read it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to think about that third film and weep.

☆彡 Shoutout to Daniel for letting me know that Fable 3 was free with XBox Live Gold. I know for a fact that I would have missed out on that because I always do.

★彡 I burned water today. I should get a sticker or something for that.

☆彡 I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone played on the fact that I don’t speak much by telling me that I talk too much. 

★彡 So, my 3DS is now a portable game system, camera, sketchbook, diary, pedometer, and mp3 player. It’s basically my life. Oh, and I watch Netflix on it if I’m stuck somewhere lame that happens to have wifi. So…it’s safe to say that I’m attached to it. Still deciding what to name it though. I’m slightly set on Utena.

☆彡 The same people who pressure me to “come out of my shell” are the same ones who judge me relentlessly when I do. It really sickens me that some individuals are so eager to be hateful that they will drag individuals out of whatever environment they enjoy just to hurt them. I will never understand why some humans are so amazing that it fills me with happiness for days, and others are such absolute shit that it makes me wish I didn’t have to live on this planet with them. There never seems to be an in-between.

★彡 I really have nothing to say about the Paula Deen ordeal. Racists are foolish and they’re never saying shit.

☆彡 *casually puts “Giant”, “Black Ocean”, and “Leave Me Alone” by Imeruat on repeat until the end of time*

★彡 Thursday, before Mark left for his trip, I cried nonstop. It was a mess. Seriously, we were eating dinner and then out of the blue I started sobbing and eating at the same time. Not cute. I promise. Then when he was actually gone, I had a meltdown–just crying and crying and crying all of Friday. Then around Friday night, I stopped crying and I’ve been pretty calm since then. Actually, on Saturday he kept sending me messages to see if I was okay and I had to tell him: “YES. I’M FINE. PLEASE GO ENJOY YOUR TRIP AND LET ME WATCH ANIME.” LOL

…But I really miss him. I’m sure I shut off my emotions because I didn’t want to spend this entire time crying, but the moment I see him again, I’ll probably cry again. He’s the Guts to my Caska. We are just…nauseatingly inseparable. Even on the phone, we both talked about how strange it feels. It’s that feeling I get when I leave the house and I left something important behind. I’m likely to spend the entire day dwelling on it not being there with me. It just feels really unsettling…and it kind of makes everything less enjoyable as a result. Bah, getting teary eyed. I’m going to move on to something else…

☆彡 I can watch this video for hours. It’s so perfect:

★彡 On one hand, I believe everyone has the right to be angry and frustrated sometimes. On the other hand, I don’t believe I have the right to be angry and frustrated at all.

☆彡 It disturbs me that bullying a person can become such a cultural norm that those who don’t bully them are encouraged to. After I told someone that I don’t think it’s right to body shame Kim Kardashian (not that she needs a reason to gain weight but…you imbeciles making fun of her do understand how pregnancy works, right?), she told me: “Kim Kardashian is a piece of shit. You shouldn’t feel bad about making fun of her.” …Really? And what are you for making fun of a pregnant woman? Not a piece of shit?

★彡 The Sonic The Hedgehog 2 OST gives me life.

☆彡 Bjork’s best album, for me, was definitely Homogenic…actually…Debut. No. Vespertine. FUCK.

★彡 The following video game characters are ruining my life:

tumblr_mo42f5O1Du1rwibyso1_500 tumblr_mofl4kq2yN1stedbqo1_500 tumblr_moqgbn74v91r3xm9no1_500

In other news, Emilia Clarke is still ruining my life. Every time I see a picture of her, my reaction is pretty much: “Can you not?”

☆彡 Don’t embarrass yourself by threatening to terminate your relationship with me if I don’t do what you want. If you’re the type of person who constantly tries to control me, there is a 100% chance that I’ve been waiting for you to get lost long before you considered the thought.

★彡 I like having clean hair, but I hate washing my hair and conditioning my hair and letting it sit for so many minutes and then washing it again and then drying it and then straightening it. It’s like…two damn hours just to get my hair clean and manageable. That shit gets me heated. Don’t even tell me to go to the salon because I cannot put into words how much I hate other people touching me. So, I don’t do salons and massage parlors or wherever else I have to pay someone to make me uncomfortable. *sigh*

☆彡 “Santi-U” scares me, yet I listen to it constantly. Why?

Well, I can bitch and moan all I want but I have to wash my hair. Stat. So, I’m going to go do that. Perhaps two hours is enough time to come to a decision about getting Nights: Into Dreams on XBox Live. Because I’ve been thinking about it for such a long time. Perhaps I’ll spend my other 400 points on Fable 3 shit like new hairstyles and dog breeds. OR I can get another game. Hmm…okay, sure. Why not.

062: Hyperballad


☆彡 I found out today that Bjork and RZA are huge fans of one another, and even did some tracks together. I almost died.

★彡 Speaking of near death experiences, Hyrule Historia is almost here! I don’t even know how to handle its arrival. I’m just going to stand there and let myself spontaneously explode. Sounds like a plan. By the way, thanks to my wonderful husband for ordering the Hyrule Historia in the first place and making us New York strip steaks for dinner last night.  Thanks, my precious.  ♥w♥

☆彡 I was introduced to Hentai Kamen today. I can’t even contribute anything to that.

★彡 No Berkserk manga or Berserk movie updates yet. I am still not entirely sure how I should react to that…or the Berserk fanbase’s speculation that Miura may die before Berserk is ever done. Yeah…let’s not right now.

☆彡 I wonder if our recent brush with an asteroid will encourage people to put more focus on science. One can only hope.

★彡 It is my dream to write like Ayn Rand. Not in subject but in composition. Of course, it is always best to develop one’s own sense of literary “style”, so I should stop striving to write like other authors. I just have to find my own style. Still, no harm in using someone so talented as inspiration, right? I love Atlas Shrugged. It is one of those long books where I don’t have to worry about being dragged along for days. Every sentence is enjoyable to me.

☆彡 The “wildest” thing I have done in my life is play hooky…a lot. Even then, I spent most of my time in bookstores, walking around parks, or sight-seeing. I am really a boring person. I don’t know why so many believe that I go home and turn into some type of party animal.

★彡 It depresses me how many people see TV shows as a legitimate source of research. Documentaries and educational programs are one thing, but the news is usually biased and other TV shows are fictional. So, yeah…please don’t quote things like Seinfeld or Fox News in a debate. I will just gather my things and leave.

☆彡 This week has been watching-movies-that-I-saw-in-my-childhood-but-it-didn’t-make-sense-so-now-I-am-watching-them-as-an-adult-and-they-make-sense week. It is mighty fascinating.

★彡 I am happy to say that I am doing well with my pile of shame.  I even did progress in Bioshock and Tales of Vesperia…the two 360 games that I haven’t touched in almost two years. That makes me incredibly happy.

☆彡 By the way, Rita Mordio is seriously my spirit animal. If I was an RPG character, I would probably be her…mixed with some Kaine. Yes, that is definitely me. Wow.

★彡 Mark asked me how I would react if our future child wanted to pose nude or have sex for a movie/TV/magazine. Honestly, I would be disturbed by it, but all I can really do in the end is say: “I support you and I respect you, just don’t ask me to look at it.” The same mentality goes for anyone I know. Please allow me to have the illusion that you are always in clothes and you never have sex.

☆彡 If it’s my day off and I don’t stay up the night prior until the sun rises, I feel like I wasted my day off.

★彡 You know, calling me stuck up and fat didn’t change me the last 5,000 times you said it, why do you think saying those things 5,000 more times will do anything? I almost get a sadistic joy out of being myself and watching you get so wound up over it. I literally have to do nothing but wake up, and you get pissed at me. LOL. It’s amazing. It really is.

☆彡 “Should I watch Grave of the Firefl–” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” DO NOT. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.

★彡 Final Fantasy Versus XIII is going to be great. I can just feel it. And if it’s not then…I don’t know…I’ll ram my head into a brick and curse Square-Enix for the rest of my life.

I am so incoherent right now but I’m hardly awake and I can’t sleep, so that’s my excuse. Yay~ *flies away*

046: Pagan Poetry


Oh shit! I’m actually naming my entries now! *explosion*

I’m sure it’ll be 90% song titles. Relative-to-my-life song titles…but song titles nonetheless. Yep. Time for updates:

☆彡 My first update entry with a title would be Bjork. I’m so obsessed with her. I was legit terrified of her during my younger years, and Pagan Poetry was the video that made me afraid to watch any more videos from her. I was a spineless child. LOL. Now, I find so many fragments of myself in her lyrics and videos. I’m still emotionally shattered because I haven’t tried her Biophilia app. It’s only on iTunes, and I don’t own anything Apple at the moment. This is so traumatic, guys. I can’t continue on that topic any longer.

★彡This is seriously how I see The Big Bang Theory:


☆彡 When I listen to “Heaven” by Annabel, I think of this final-episode-of-CowboyBebop type scenario where this person is running through this building, just taking out motherfuckers…but it’s a melancholy version of taking out motherfuckers. Basically, the protagonist knows that (s)he is either going to die, or the person (s)he is about to kill is someone (s)he truly cares for, but the person is a motherfucker and has to die. A~nd this is why people should stop asking me what I’m thinking when I gaze off into the distance.

★彡 I saw a TV commercial for “The Hobbit“, and it was too much.
Random fact: Watson and Sherlock will be in The Hobbit movies. Martin Freeman (Watson) is Bilbo Baggins while Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) will play both The Necromancer and Smaugh. Also, did you know that Benedict Cumberbatch fangirls call themselves ‘Cumberbitches’. I cannot even with that fandom name. I’m gone. *buys a plane ticket and takes a long flight somewhere else*

☆彡 When I find myself in a workplace where two or more people are trying to form a social bond with me, and I am not even remotely interested, I will try to set those two or more people up with one another. Usually, I start by telling person A that person B is great in some fashion. Then, once I pry a compliment from person A about person B, I will tell person B the compliment. When it comes to more people, I basically rinse and repeat until everyone is a part of the circle wank of flattery and friendship.

Of course, there are two downsides:

  1. If anyone in that circle begins to hate another person in that circle, I get dragged into it because I’m the neutral/side-not-yet-determined person who also brought them together in the first place.
  2. If anyone in that circle starts to dislike me and wishes to waste my time because of it, I have a group of people willing to waste my time since the circle wank of flattery and friendship leads to collective thinking when done for too long.

Being calculating is hard. When done without complications, though, it is pretty nice.

★彡 Mark and I are debating if we should just not buy each other gifts, and put all the money towards a new XBox 360. Considering the pile of shame we were successfully tackling before the system broke, it would seriously be a gift that continues to give. Also, if we have extra cash, we can pick up Portal 2 or something for $20, and enjoy it even more.

☆彡 Wal-Mart had these Halle Berry perfume samples, and I accidentally sprayed one right in my face. Then Mark sprayed me in the chest with the other one like ten seconds after. So, for an entire day, I smelled like Halle Berry. If the world ends, I can say that I have lived my life without regrets or unaccomplished dreams.

★彡 This song. Fuck…

☆彡I don’t know what to contribute to the endless chit-chit I hear about actors and actresses starving themselves for movies except that it puts me to shame. It really does. There are human beings out there with so much self-control that they will live on one meal a day for a movie role, and I can’t even eat three healthy meals a day for my own health. *sigh*

★彡 If I picked up a copy of DDR tomorrow and jumped around this place like a fucking trampoline, I would not even feel remotely bad because both of my neighbors obviously enjoy tap dancing with brick shoes on their free time. So, what’s a little skip and hop on my end? I doubt they’d hear it between the cacophony of jumping and screaming that goes in within their madhouses.

☆彡 I created my own “language” by basically putting three fictional languages together. It’s hardly a language. It’s just a lot of ciphering, and non-existent grammar rules that don’t exist in actual languages. It’s great for writing things you don’t want other people to read. When it comes to speaking the so-called language though…it sounds terrible. 😦

★彡 The Hawkeye initiative is the best thing that happened to the internet.

☆彡 My grammatical weakness, of all things, are homophones. How silly is that?

I feel so ‘bleh’ today. I think a flu is coming on. I wish I had some orange juice. I’m not talking about that $1.49 orange juice. I’m talking about the good shit. That $5.99 Simply Orange that will change your life.

That type of orange juice.

For now, I will settle for Lemon Ginger tea. -.-

0 1 2


☆彡 For some reason, I want that wig. I’ll just wear it while I watch TV or something. It looks warm. XD

☆彡 I must play Metroid Prime today because I miss Samus. Actually, right after dinner is done cooking and I finish the next episode of Battlestar Galactica, I am going to start playing. 🙂

☆彡 No, I am not interested in seeking out new friends. However, if I were to meet someone with a similar mentality who shared similar interests, I’d have no problem building a bond with him/her. I don’t have anything against forming relationships. It just has to be genuine. No complexities. Just mutual connection and loyalty.

☆彡 Wow, 2012. Wow.


☆彡 I might turn that journal I have into a stream of consciousness collection. I already have a notebook of some sort for just about everything else but abstract thoughts.

☆彡 There are a few active things that I can do all day: karate (shorin-ryu), bojutsu, walking, and yoga. Everything else is kind of “meh”. Or “bleh”. Or “sfasdkjfdeh”.

☆彡 Speaking of active things, Barre Fitness is no joke. I am still sore. I almost had a Black Swan moment because Mark was like: “Those moves look painful. You shouldn’t do so much,” and I was like: “I just want to be perfect.”

Then we stared at each other and died.

☆彡 Chrono Cross is the most beautiful game ever. It’s so hard to get past the menu screen with ‘Garden of the Gods’ playing and the underwater scene. ;_;

☆彡 I am still shocked that “Ballad of the Goddess” is “Zelda’s Lullaby” in reverse. The “Ballad of the Goddess” composition for Skyward Sword is just…breathtaking, but the actual reversal of “Zelda’s Lullaby” sounds like a dream sequence. I just love to listen to it. ^_^

I was a bit disappointed that Koji Kondo didn’t compose the music for Skyward Sword at first, but Mahito Yokota did a fine job. I am especially obsessed with the different variations of Fi’s Theme, both versions of The Fire Sanctuary, and Zelda’s vocal version of “Ballad of the Goddess”. I swear my heart imploded when she started singing in the game. So perfect! The Ancient Cistern’s theme is pretty peaceful. Not the basement level though. No thanks. D:

You know what I’m kind of noticing now? A LOT of levels in Skyward Sword were based on themes from the Indian culture. The Earth Temple had that vibe. So did the Ancient Cistern, especially with the various statues of the Buddha and lotus flowers. The Fire Sanctuary is a definite. Impa looks like many Indian women I’ve met in my life. Her facial features, her skin, her attire, everything. I really love it! Thank you everyone from the Skyward Sword team! YOU MADE SUCH AN AWESOME GAME. I CANNOT HANDLE IT.

Okay…I’m definitely fangirling now. Sorry. ;_;

☆彡 Link talks A LOT. He used to wake me up by walking all over me, but now he sits by the bedside (or couch side if I fall asleep out here) and he’ll just meow. And meow. And meow. Over and over. If I don’t respond, he’ll meow right in my ear. LOL. I’ve seen him do it to Mark, and it’s so sneaky. He looks around (I was hiding behind a wall when he was doing it), creeps closer to Mark’s face, sniffs his ears, and then meows repeatedly into his ears. He’s a cutie though. It’s kind of funny how much he loves humans, but dislikes other cats. He knows that we’ll give him anything he wants as long as he meows and rubs against us. XD

That’s it for now. Later. ♥

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