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    Ayyy~ My name is Kerri. I am a 31-year-old dweeb who lives in Atlanta with my 32-year old dork husband Mark, our small lady Luna, and our blue tabby Link.

    When I’m not spending time with my cuties, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just livin’ and chillin’ and whatnot. I’m sending good vibrations to the world ’cause we sure as fuck need it right now (LOL)! Take care!


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“If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”


  • Look at this peaceful cat. He has zero stress, all of his bills are paid, he’s eating and drinking right, he found the meaning of life, he got a bonus at his cat job, etc. He also kind of reminds me of Jeff Bridges. I don’t know why.
  • Bioshock Infinite is free on Xbox 360 if you have gold. Spread the word ASAP.
  • I’m usually resistant to massive overhauls on websites (because I have the soul of a grumpy old lady when it comes to unexpected changes), but I love Grooveshark’s new layout a lot. I like the new Youtube app on XBox Live a lot too. It’s really clean~ I can’t wait for more clean updates on other websites~
  • I haven’t been in the loop of things lately, so I just found out today that Mirjana from ANTM was murdered. This is terrible news. She was a beautiful girl that was more than capable of achieving her dream to be a model. I hope her killers get punished thousands of times over for this. RIP Mirjana.
  • I decided to check out Birdman and Whiplash because the plots sounded interesting, and I’m glad that I did. Of the two I would have the say that Whiplash blew my mind the most. It really puts into perspective the importance of resilience. And even though I’m not gushing as much about Birdman that does not take away from it’s brilliance. I always love stories where the protagonist’s enemy is his/her own self. That’s probably why Amadeus and Donnie Darko ended up being my favorite movies. 😛
  • Honestly, if I had $400 right now to buy any console I wanted I would not know which one to get. Here are some things I am putting into consideration:
    • Playstation 4: I haven’t had a Sony console in many, many years, so I don’t want to keep dragging my foot until a PS5 comes along; however, it is the most expensive console out there, and I’m not sure it is 100% worth it (maybe 95%) when I look at the current game selection it has. I see myself playing Type-0, playing tons of PS classic games (XENOGEARS THO), but… that’s about it. The Witcher 3 will not come around ’til May or so. No one knows when FFXV will get here. No one knows when KH3 will get here. I’m not really interested in most of the FPS out right now (though Mark is). There is FFXIV but MMOs are a huge commitment to me. Also, those monthly fees? NOPE. I’m thinking I should get a cheaper console first then get a PS4 later in the year. I don’t know.
    • Wii U: Nintendo games are always fun… but outside of Zelda and Metroid games that is all that they are. A lot of fun. Little else. Still, they always have the best multiplayer games. I played Hyrule Warriors and that one was difficult to part with. The same goes for Mario Kart 8. I haven’t heard anything about recent Mario Party games, but I never get tired of those. I can see Mark and me having a shitload of fun times with those, especially now that he has left BAM. These are things I should definitely consider. I should also consider that new Zelda and Starfox games are coming out soon. So, a Wii U is not even optional anymore, is it? LOL. I refuse to be late when it comes to this new Zelda game. REFUSE.
    • New Nintendo 3DS x2: For $400 Mark and I can get two of the new Nintendo 3Ds consoles. That would provide us with a console that is both strong in the single and multiplayer department. Additionally, I did trade in my 3DS for Dragon Age: Inquisition a while ago (no regrets), and it’s about time to replace it. I have no handheld consoles right now. I also have my 3DS XL games still… so it’s kind of lame that I have no means of playing them outside of Mark’s 3DS. Then there’s Majora’s Mask. Then there’s Xenoblade Chronicles. Then there’s Alpha Sapphire. A lot of games to play without even mentioning all of the items in their shop.
    • Final Decision: None. I’m about to kick myself in the ass because in a matter of months I’ll have the funds to get one of these things, and yet I have no idea which one because I’m so indecisive. But it is better to dwell on it for weeks instead of buying a console (or consoles) that I will regret purchasing. Not regret as in a “this console sucks” way. It is more of a timing issue. If I have to wait another year or so to get another one then I should really choose a console that will have the most to offer. Either way, poor XBox 360. It’s likely going to end up in the living room, collecting dust with my Wii. LOL
  • Added three new books to my pile: “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, “Never Let me Go”, and “Murder on the Orient Express.” When I talk to other bookworms they’re always shocked that I haven’t read those books yet, so I’m going to start. Eventually :I. BTW, it’s time for another bookshelf. Looking forward to it. I’m going to organize the shit out of this apartment just in time for the whole Spring cleaning thing.

I’m going to end this with two of my favorite things: bibimbap and Link in a shirt. :OOOOOO



Counterclockwise: bibimbap (this is the cold version compared to the hot pot version–or dolsot bibimbap, I believe), rice, kimchi, that red bottle is the sweet/spicy sauce you add to the dish, then miso soup, and then some vitamin water. All for around$7-8. If you’re not eating at Assi every once in a while then you are missing out. They always have great, authentic Asian meals with a lot of items to enjoy for half of what you would pay at other restaurants. If Assi is in your area you should give ’em a try. 🙂



We never put clothes on Link, but when we saw this shirt at the thrift store for $2 we thought about how cute it would look on Link and we were right. It’s the cutest thing ever. The only downside is that he gets so angry about it that he’ll keep randomly biting us until we remove it. XDD




It’s another one of those book entries. Awriiiiiiight~

I don’t know why I do this. Then again, going through past book entries makes me really happy, so that is purposeful enough. Alright, let’s go! From left to right:

  1. Izak Zenou 4 Subject 140-Paged College Ruled Notebook (Target) – $7.00: As overpriced as Target is, they have great stationery products. I was lucky to find this one in the markdown section of the stationery aisle because I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. The photo doesn’t do it justice. The artwork is very vibrant and printed on a see-through cover. Past the cover and blank white page are multicolored pages to divide the four subjects. The first is green the second is red, the third is teal, and the last is purple. I haven’t written in it yet. I am waiting for a book called The New Diary to arrive from Amazon. I managed to get it for $4.00 (shipping included) and I wouldn’t mind trying out. After all, it’s been called “life-changing” and I never refuse positive changes in my life. Another possibility is to wait for another book to arrive that is primarily writing prompts and tips on plot development. Really, I don’t like writing stories or prompts on paper because I constantly make adjustments, so I may end up just typing those exercises. I digress. Nice book! 
  2. The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide (Book Nooks) – $10.00: Book Nooks is dangerous for bibliophiles because they typically have books that cannot be found in popular book chains like Barnes & Noble, and they sell it for cheap! Even new releases are usually half the price of what the book chains are charging. They are just lightly used–barely used! This book is no different. It’s a collection of six stories, including The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, made by Douglas Adams. So, it is definitely a great thing to have!
  3. Hyrule Historia (Amazon) – $20.00: And finally, the pièce de résistance, Hyrule Historia! This book has been in my bag for so long that I completely forgot to take a photo of it. It’s a beauty, isn’t it? I enjoy reading it from cover to cover, and just basking in the greatness of this series. It is definitely the best $20.00 I ever spent in my entire life!

That’s all I have for today. ^_^


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065: The Starlight’s Flower


★彡 GEEEENNOOOO !  Geno gives me life (and Vivi too…BUT GENO THO)! I adore him so much, and I am so heated with Nintendo right now because they did not put him in Super Smash Brothers Brawl and I do not appreciate that shit one bit. Speaking of Super Mario RPG, I was working on another replay last week when I ran into that boss battle with Valentina. In all my years playing this game, last week was the first time I noticed that attacking her makes her chest jiggle. Trust Square to slip inappropriate things in a children’s game and hope that no one notices. XD

☆彡 Added some new pages whilst possibly abusing my privilege to add new pages. Fufufu~ Anyway, if a page suddenly becomes password protected it is because I am working on it. The draft section definitely needs a lot of work, but hopefully it will be done soon.

★彡 One does not simply listen to “L.E.S” by Childish Gambino once.

☆彡 I finally bought a new scanner! *dansu* I am going to do mostly lineart from now on. I’ll color it later when I (a)have a working tablet and (b)study up on digital coloring. This is an opportunity in disguise, really. I do need the practice, and lots of it!

★彡 Link’s favorite thing to do now: follow Mark and me into the bathroom, and attack us when we try to remove him. One we decide to leave him alone, he just sits there and watches us while we use the toilet…thus living up to his new title of hentai cat.

☆彡 Jamieson Price is the voice of Duke in Tales of Vesperia, and I almost forgot how amazing his voice was until he spoke. He could read me the dictionary. That would not bother me at all.

★彡 If all goes correctly, Mark and I will return to Joelanta this weekend. I really can’t wait to go! Last year, I passed up on some really great toys and action figures because I was strapped for cash. This year…still strapped for cash (LOL), but it’s nowhere near as bad last year. Then again, this will probably be the time when my tires go flat or something. I really should stop jinxing myself. Okay, let’s start again. We are going to Joelanta again, we are going to get some cool things again, we are going to smile until our face hurts again, Mark is going to fanboy over Larry Hama again, and I’m just going to continue laughing at him about it again…as if I wouldn’t fangirl if I met someone who I admired. Yes, that sounds better.

☆彡 All of this reading seems counterproductive at first, but then I always remember what constant reading did for me in the past. I had a terrible speech impediment (still kind of do) and I struggled with basic writing as a kid until I started reading a lot. I’m talking like one book every two days. My librarians knew me on a first name basis. Let’s just put it that way! Anyway, I quickly realized that reading helped me more than tutoring sessions or intense scolding because it made learning fun. It was through books that I realized that learning can be fun, and not another method of torture for adults to inflict on children. So…there is no such thing as too much reading. With each book I complete, I see improvement in my writing, speech, and comprehension. I also pick up valuable lessons that make me wish I read half of these books ten years ago. *sigh* C’est la vie.

★彡 I am slowly but surely getting over the idea that realistic art = “good art”. What is “good art” anyway? Some of my favorite art pieces had no people, no buildings, and no landscapes. Yet, it was enough to fill me with happiness. Even character and fashion designs fill me with happiness. In the end, it is not about meeting a certain standard. Art is not a math test. There is not a wrong or right answer. That is something I have to accept. I also have to accept that art is not a movie. It is not there to entertain others. It does not matter who likes it or who dislikes it. What matters most is that I like it. Who in this entire world has the right to take my happiness away from me?  Perhaps I am still that girl stuck in art class, getting told by my art teacher that my style is “too commercial” and “difficult to relate to”. Meanwhile, my classmate does an artwork about 9/11, and receives a round of applause. Isn’t this just like every other field of art? Playing on popular emotions like love and hate get the round of applause, but eclectic things are often regarded as too “out there” for “normal” people. Why should my entire life revolve around what other people think and what other people feel and what other people want? I am ranting, I know. It is just one of those things that I bottled up for years. Looking back, I passed up on so many opportunities because I didn’t believe my art would wow a crowd, yet I never questioned why wowing a crowd is important in the first place. This isn’t about money for me. It isn’t about popularity either. I am just a woman who likes to draw, and that should be good enough. So, to hell with the “it’s not realistic enough” and “it’s not touching enough” bullshit. It’s a damn picture of a damn elf with some damn pretty clothes on, and you can just fucking deal with it. *AGGRESSIVELY OPENS SKETCHBOOK*

☆彡 I promise that I am not faded or drunk when I ask this, but am I the only one who looks at the things around me and feels overwhelmed by how amazing it is? For example, look at a shower. I am turning rain and off while adjusting its temperature. I cannot believe how awesome that is! Don’t even get me started on the internet. I don’t even know where to start. I bet if we brought someone from the 1800s to our century they would just fall on the floor and cry or something. Like…I don’t even know how I sit here sometimes, and tell myself that I am bored. How the fuck is this life even remotely boring? The fact that I can get in a big metal wagon and go to a place where thousands of inventors from all around the world display their things is…damn. My mind is being blown by shit I see on a daily basis. I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now.


★彡 The saddest part about you believing that Star Trek is “for white people” is the fact that Star Trek opened more doors in the entertainment industry for black people than all of your favorite shows combined. Gene Roddenberry created Lt. Uhura — an African woman — during a time when the idea of both blacks and women in a leadership position was unheard of. Even more, when Nichelle Nichols (the actress who played Uhura) wanted to leave Star Trek it was Martin Luther King Jr. himself who begged her to stay because her role was important to blacks. I could continue to go down the list of doors Star Trek opened and point out the fact that its fanbase is very diverse, but I forgot that people like you are stuck in this white versus black mentality as opposed to the more sensible tolerant people versus intolerant people mentality. Exit my life, please.

☆彡 I want to give a shoutout to Otaku Cam for not only being really addictive, but also for being so awesome that Mark allowed me to take his picture just to use it…and now his face is on the background of my phone and I have been begging for this ever since I got my phone even though he called me treacherous for using it (LMAO). So, thanks Otaku Cam. Also, the Hentai Kamen frames are great.

★彡 I do have a long list of problems and imperfections, but they are my responsibility. I do not blame anyone for them. Even if someone came up to me right now and pushed me into the dirt, cleaning myself off is my responsibility. Dealing with the anger of being attacked is my responsibility. And while I would call the police to protect others from being pushed too, it is my responsibility to accept that sometimes my efforts to see justice done and to protect others is not enough. On this very day, at this very moment, I have two simple choices: progress or regress. And every solution I have to every problem I own falls into two categories: progression or regression. It is like this every second of my life until I am out of time. Planning is comforting, yes, but even I can admit that planning is no guarantee of my future. I just have to live in the moment, constantly choosing to go forward or stay behind. That is the type of black-and-white mentality I have towards my own life.

☆彡 If you like someone in Drakengard there is a 90% chance that (s)he is a sick fuck. If you like someone in Nier there is a 90% chance that (s)he will die. Yay! (Please remind me why I keep playing your games, Cavia?)

★彡 Note to self: Do not listen to “Gravelord Nito” when I am alone or in the dark. That shit is scary as fuck under those circumstances. Additional note, Nito is metal as fuck.

☆彡 *plans to watch a few episodes of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl* *watches the entire show in one sitting* Whoops. Also, I really need to stop responding to everything I do with “bitches be _____” because it’s getting on Mark’s nerves and children might hear me if I say it in public. Bitches be forgetting.

★彡 Wow, if I ever win the lottery I am just going to disappear. The response I often get is: “Me too! I’m going to travel around the world!” Yes, but you plan to eventually come home and return to your identity. I am not doing that. I am paying off everything I owe, changing my name, and becoming an IRL Waldo. It is not a motherfucking game. Of course, I’ll let like five people know my new name and location, but after that I am pretty much a ghost. Bitches be vanishing. (Okay, I’m stopping!)

Alright. I’m going to get some stuff done, and attempt to put this scanner to use. I know that printer works! …Since I’ve been printing shit nonstop. 😐



Still prefer the Origa version though.

Why do I do this to myself?


This is what I bought.


This is what I plan to buy.

…I have issues volumes. U__U

049: *hyperventilates*



☆彡 THE HOBBIT WAS AMAZING!!! No, it wasn’t an exact replica of the book or The Lord of the Rings trilogy (which seems to be the biggest complaint amongst the haters next to ‘OMG THE 48FPS RUINED MAH LIFE’ foolishness), but overall it was great. I do plan to see it again. Probably on Christmas. Also, can we take a second to acknowledge that Thranduil is the fiercest bitch in all of Tolkien’s legendarium? I could not even when he flipped his hair and walked away on that luxurious moose. Ugh. Fabulous.

★彡 WE FINALLY GOT A NEW XBOX 360!!! (I’m killing these caps and exclamation marks tonight) 250 GB of ebony perfection. *embraces* It also came with a copy of Skyrim…which is currently downloading and has been at 2% for the past 30 minutes…so, it’s going to be a while. But, once it’s done, it will be known with more caps and exclamation marks, of course. *sigh* I can’t wait. The bundle also came with a racing game, but I’m not interested in that.

☆彡 Mark and I got the Alien quadrilogy boxset and the ultimate edition of Legend for $20.00. Brand new. Not even kidding. This week is going to be…I don’t even know. I am not even going to leave the house. It’s not like I ever do, but now it’s going to be twice as bad.

★彡 I found this beautiful copy of The Hobbit novel for $5.00. I really love the cover art. I’ve been staring at it ever since I got it. I’m telling you, Book Nooks is the place to go.

☆彡 Mark and I enjoyed the hibachi dinner at our job. It was fucking delicious. And the hibachi chef “served” me as he put it. LOL. Basically, he told me to lift my plate for vegetables, and then put the vegetables in Mark’s plate instead. I won’t lie. I was dying! Oh yeah. We also won a raffle, and got this bluetooth phone set. It’s really neat. Too bad I don’t talk much. D:



…Lamest entry ever, but it might explain any prolonged absences that occur.

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#me #literallysame #butseriouslygeralt

☆彡 My birthday began early this year. I’m still speechless, man. o_o

  • The Witcher: Last Wish
  • The Witcher: Blood of Elves
  • The Witcher (PC Game)
  • Dhammapada (Friedrich Max Muller’s edit)
  • Six new R.A. Salvatore books…all Drizzt-related: Homeland, Exile, Soujorn, The Legacy, Starless Night, and Siege of Darkness
  • The Smashing Pumpkins: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
  • Brave New World (novel)

Gigantic thank you to Mark. I’m super grateful. Or, as I told him: “Argh! Right in the obsessions!” LOL. We’re weird. As always. Don’t mind us. Either way, I was not wanting or expecting anything for my birthday, but I am still really happy about the things that he got me. Of course, I did ask him why he didn’t wait until my birthday but he said that he was too excited to see me get excited.

…I must not get excited often if people are genuinely shocked when I get excited. >_>

Um. Back on point. Thanks again, Mark. It goes beyond gifts. I am also thankful for you putting up with my Witcher obsession and my recent tendency to shut myself away to deal with the stress of these new changes we’ve been dealing with. I rarely get the chance to fully express this IRL because you always stop me by saying: “Blah. It’s alright. Don’t worry about it. Shh. It’s okay,” (XDD) but I am very thankful for you putting up with so many things when it comes to me. I really am. You’re awesome! I love you. ♥

☆彡 I can’t believe that they are bringing Sailor Moon back in 2012. How do I even handle? I don’t know! ;_;

☆彡 My biggest complaint about my new job are the 10% of customers who need to just…take a fucking nap or something. I swear the same handful of people call and/or e-mail us everyday just to be annoying. Like, what makes you think I have fifteen minutes to waste listening to you bitch about a piece of thread? People are suffering all around the world, and you want to play pitiful victim over a piece of thread? Hang up please. You know? Then we get the ones that are just so damn savage. I am not even exaggerating when I say that people literally call us looking for a fight. They will wig out over nonexistent issues just to hear themselves yell and throw a tantrum. It’s sickening that people twice my age actually behave this way. You don’t know how bad I want to answer customers like these and say: “Well, ma’am/sir, the quickest solution to this problem is to eat a dick. Have a wonderful weekend!” LOL! But…that’s work. And that’s really the only thing that pisses me off about that place. So far, I really like my co-workers and I really like the job itself though. ^_^

☆彡 Fucking. Fleas. I swear, everything has a shadow that is equal to the size of its light. Take Link. Love that cat so much it makes me curl into a ball and sigh. But every damn summer I have to deal with fleas and he’s an indoor cat and none of this makes sense and fleas are the worst creatures to ever come into existence on his planet. THE WORST.

☆彡 I am working on a side story about a huntress because I am motivated by all these hunters and huntresses that I’ve been reading about. But motivation can be a dangerous thing. One, the “high” of motivation tends to put me in a frenzy, and I immediately want to work on something…even if it is poorly planned. Two, once that high of motivation wears off, it is easy to just throw away all the progress made simply because I don’t feel like it anymore. But those are the moments when you get the best results, you know? That moment is the change from motivation to habit. Habit isn’t supposed to be fun and energizing, but it is necessary for progress. You only lose that momentum from motivation when you lose track of what got you motivated in the first place. And this type of realization could be applied to pretty much every aspect of my life. I tend to get really motivated about things and then allow simple distractions to get in my way. I am not too worried about keeping momentum with this story because it is just for fun, but I would like to continue going with the other things in my life that I abandoned. When I feel like doing those things the least, I will do them the most!

☆彡 Starting tomorrow, I have to begin this complicated face routine because I am breaking out like crazy over here. So, that’s a blast. I hope it works.

☆彡 Aloe Vera is too amazing to not be sacred in some way. 😮

…I don’t know what else to say. I planned to stay up later, but I’m really tired. So that definitely means no The Witcher. It is impossible to just play that game for a few minutes. It’s that marvelous. LOL. So, I’m just going to work on my story a bit, read a bit, and then sleep a lot. Then tomorrow it is off to handle repetitive errands until I feel like running into a brick wall. I really should get back to those weekly challenges, but I’m not online as much as I used to be. The most I spend online is 30-45 minutes a day these days, so writing my progress on a blog is pretty low on my priority list. Still, it is not an excuse to not set up goals.

Even if I have to write my goals on a piece of paper and post a picture later then that will do. With that said, week one of July is already gone but I will start on new goals on the 8th. Even if I have to take a picture of it. >_<

Alright. That’s it. I hope everyone stays cool. It’s ridiculous out there, especially if you’re in the south. So keep yourselves hydrated. Please! Remember that if you’re thirsty then you’re already dehydrated. So don’t bother putting it off. Drink something. Okay, I’m done sounding like everyone’s mother. Sorry for virtually scolding. LOL! Take care guys. 🙂

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☆彡 E3 is three days away, and I am already pretty pumped up. This may actually be a great year for gaming. Last year was…okay. I was not expecting the Wii U announcement, but I was expecting pretty much everything else. I hope that I experience a lot of surprises this year. As always, I am focused on Square-Enix, Bethesda, Bioware, Atlus, Nintendo, and Microsoft news. I am a bit indifferent to Sony these days because I neither own a PS3 nor a PSP. So, I can’t really get excited over games that I can’t play. Either way, looking forward to some gaming news all week next week!

☆彡 I decided to replace the OS on my laptop (Vista) with Ubuntu. I do not regret it. Vista has to be the WORST effing OS I ever worked with in my life. From the first day that I received my laptop, Vista has been annoying the crap out of me. I hope Ubuntu gives me less of a headache. Of course, I’d rather study Linux a bit more just in case I run into any bugs or errors that I can’t fix. I’ll also like to eventually switch out my hard drive for another. The one I have now is considered one of the worst ones out there…so it’s time to make the change, I would say. Truthfully, this is pretty exciting. I like projects like these. I will basically be modifying my laptop inside and out to create this perfect machine. I only hope it turns out all right.

☆彡 I am reading so much that my eyes are screaming. Why do I do this to myself? *sigh* If I think I have it bad now then I’m going to go blind when I finally purchase every book from the The Journey to the West series. My eyeballs will just melt and roll down my face. Then, knowing Link, he’ll probably eat it. He eats everything that falls on the floor. 😦

☆彡 I have a really bad habit of playing a series in the wrong order. For example, I started Elder Scrolls at Morrowind then Skyrim and now I’m playing Oblivion. I plan to go back to the first two at some point. LOL. I guess it’s not so bad. It’s kind of cool to meet characters in a current game, and then work backwards to figure out their past. That is kind of what is happening with Barenziah. I saw her in Skyrim, read her biography in Oblivion (and was made fun of by Mark for spending three hours in the bookstore like I do IRL), and Mark told me that I can run into her children in Morrowind. Or he believes he ran into them in Morrowind. He can’t remember. But reading about her got me thinking of the stories that I read about Dark Elves (also Drows in DD and Dunmers in ES), and how…fascinating their race is. For a lack of better term, Dark Elves are dicks. It’s the truth. Their entire way of living is based on domination, aggression, and violence. You have to lie, cheat, steal, rape, and murder your way to a higher ranking house (your house is your family basically). And since Dark Elves live in a matriarch society, the Dark Elf women do almost all of the lying, cheating, stealing, raping, and murdering. The men are just there for breeding, following the orders of the household’s matron, and even sacrifices to the Drow goddess. The stories of Drizzt, especially the beginning of his life, explains A LOT about the type of society there. It is like nothing else. The truly fascinating aspect of Dark Elves, though, is how they function away from the Underdark, and on the surface where their habits are not socially acceptable. Few Dark Elves shift lifestyles gracefully. They often stumble through the journey of villain who wants to be a hero to hero who was once a villain. Drizzt had his father to introduce him to righteousness at a young age, but those Dark Elves who had an abrupt shift from Underdark Drow to surface Drow have a hard time grasping things like justice, and honor.

You know, when Brynhildr died on me, I also lost all of my files…including my stories unfortunately. I didn’t really think about that until I had some free time and I wanted to write and I realized: “Oh shit. Everything I worked on is gone, and I didn’t back it up!” LOL. Either way, I could easily rewrite everything, but I don’t feel like doing that right now. I want to take a break from it all by working on another story, and I think a story about a Dark Elf would be fun. On one hand, I have this fear that my story will somehow be too much like Drizzt’s story, but on the other hand I know that the life of a female Drow and a male Drow are nothing alike. Even on the surface, a Dark Elf woman is treated differently than a Dark Elf male. She is feared like any Dark Elf, but at the same time she is often fetishized, and taken advantage of. Drows are highly promiscuous by nature. It is less conscious, and more like an animal in heat. Constantly. So those who fetishize the Dark Elf women tend to play on that biological trait by feigning a desire for long-term relations with them. Dark Elves (like Barenziah) sometimes end up pregnant from these encounters, and they are almost always treated with scorn. A fetish for Dark Elves is not exactly a widely acceptable one. It is usually teamed with shame. A Dark Elf female must have it extremely rough above the surface, you know? Especially knowing that in the Underdark she would be treated like royalty, yet on the surface she is treated like a slave and a prostitute.

Once more, it’s all very interesting…so I should stop talking about it, and start writing about it. >_<

☆彡 If Au Gratin is wrong then I don’t want to be right. Seriously, it’s one of those rare foods that I enjoy preparing, making, and eating. I’d rather not give it up. Ever. :/

☆彡 This is the type of thing I enjoy doing on the weekends, but I don’t do it enough because I waste too much time sleeping -_-:

  1. Perform hot oil treatment: Whenever I do this, my hair actually looks nice. I heat up about 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1 tsp. of honey, and then I let it cool a little. Once it is cool enough to touch, I add one egg. I mix it, put it in my hair, wrap my hair, cover it with a shower cap, and wait for 30-60 minutes. After that it’s just shampoo and conditioning as usual.
  2. Face masque: I use Queen Helene’s Mint Julep masque. It burns a little at first because of the mint, but once that stops it feels really…cool. Like breeze. 🙂
  3. Aromatherapy: Basically, light something that smells good. REALLY good. 😀
  4. Read: I’ll usually grab a book or magazine, and just read until the hair treatment and face masque is ready.

I wish I would do things like this more when I have free time. I’m sure if I took better care of things like my hair, skin, and body, I wouldn’t have to do extra tedious things later on to undo the flaws that accumulate from my lack of maintenance.

☆彡 The first thing I’m going to do when I get a house is just…sit there. In the middle of the living room, bedroom, kitchen—whatever. I just want to sit there, and take in the fact that I will never have to deal with sharing any part of my sanctuary with obnoxious individuals ever again. No more stomping. No more slamming. No more loudness and yelling. It’ll just be the sound of the things that I love: Mark laughing, Link meowing, the wind outside, our musics, our TV shows, our games. Just…no intrusion from the outside world at all. You know, I don’t get jealous often, but when I hear about someone getting a house of their own, I do feel jealous. I am so happy for them, but at the same time I imagine all the exciting things they get to experience in their new home, and I have to come home to this…place. Not home or sanctuary, just place, and deal with these…irritating people on a daily basis. *sigh* Maybe I’m just ranting, but I need to get it off my chest. I hate apartment life, and I would rather work 5 jobs and live in a house than work one, and continue living next to or below or above the same people I avoid the moment I step foot outside my door.

☆彡 There is no cowardliness in picking and choosing your fights. Only rabid animals lunge at everything that looks remotely threatening. You should only take part in a fight that will improve you if you win, and teach you a valuable lesson if you lose. I don’t see the point in responding to every insecure nobody, or confrontational moron that comes my way. In fact, people who prey on others don’t need attention. It just encourages their behavior. So…just move on to something else. I know a lot of times I come across someone who is upset, and he/she will say: “So-and-so said I was this,” or “So-and-so called me that,” and my response is always: “Fuck that person, don’t stoop to their level, and keep your head up.” You’re not the loser wasting your time trying to find ways to make someone else feel bad or uncomfortable or unhappy, you know? The moment someone criticizes you, you should laugh. If you’re too angry or upset to laugh then that is fine. Cry, punch a punching bag, kick a tree, sleep it off. Whatever. But when you are done, you remember who you are, and you put that anger towards something that will benefit you and the people you love, not someone who hates you. I truly believe that everyone is capable of amazing things, but if someone wants to waste their potential to hate on the potential of others then ignore him/her. Just be yourself. Or, as some say, “do you”. It’s all that you can do, you know? Just fight for the right reasons, and you will always conquer the things worth conquering in the end.

Well, that’s about it. Next time, I fangirl over E3. >_>

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☆彡The Avengers movie rekindled my love for Bruce Banner and The Hulk. I’m so grateful. I really want to see The Avengers again. ;-;

☆彡 Our XBox is working again. Mark stood on it, turned it on, and it stopped showing that error message. Fucking sorcery. LOL. The thing is that it’s not completely working. If we play games with strong graphics, it locks up again. So, we’re sticking to older games, and games that don’t involve much graphics. It’s better than nothing, right? Honestly, the only game I really want to play right now is that Scott Pilgrim side-scrolling game on Live. I heard that there’s an X-Men side-scroller as well, so I want to download that too. It brings back pleasant nostalgia. Makes me want to whip out my SNES or Mark’s Genesis. And, believe it or not, they both still work perfectly. They’ve outlived one PS2, one XBox, and one semi-broken 360. Shame.

☆彡 Speaking of gaming, I’m into two MMOs right now: Requiem and Ragnarok. Both are free. Try them out, MMO fans. All you have to lose is…time. LOL. I couldn’t really complete my Ragnarok character because of scheduled maintenance, but I’m on Requiem under the character name of ‘Ilmarra’. I’ll post my Ragnarok name later. My Ragnarok name is ‘Ilmarra’ too. XD

☆彡 Speaking of maintenance (everything links together! o_o), the maintenance guy here has been fixing our stove all week. Because of our inability to cook, we’ve been eating out left and right. It sucks. After two days of fast food, my body started to shake and I became really dizzy. Twice. Once today, and once yesterday. Mark is basically living in the bathroom, so it’s definitely detox time. I hate feeling like this. I feel like I’ve been poisoned. In a way, I guess we were. Fast food is basically a chemical shitstorm. I don’t even want to think about it. It makes my everything hurt. Thankfully, the stove is working again. I’m relieved! =.=

☆彡 Library Reading List: Brave New World, Invisible Monsters, Survivor, House of M: The Incredible Hulk, and DC Universe: The Works of Alan Moore. I’m in the middle of Invisible Monsters right now, and I am reminded once more why I adore Chuck Palahniuk. I really love his work. Anyway, I have to finish these books before June 4th, so I’ll be pretty busy. It’s really criminal that I haven’t read Brave New World yet. I’ll fix that soon enough.

☆彡 May is teaching me that life has two paths: the easy path and the hard path. Down the easy path, you will always find the pathetic version of yourself. The version of yourself that you get from denial, excuses, falsehood, and weakness. Down the hard path, you will find the best version of yourself. It is you, only stronger and braver and lovelier and smarter and superior. The easy path has plenty of opportunities to give up and go back to the start, but the hard path…you barely get time to catch your breath. You’re always dodging one thing or another. You have to earn your respite. Right now, I am on that hard path. I am barely into it, and I already want to go back to the easy path where everything was predictable and effortless. But I know that I can’t. More than anything, I want that better self and that better life…so giving up is not an option for me. I guess all of this sounds cheesy and cryptic. However, it’s the best way I can sum up my life right now.

☆彡 I want to start posting weekly goals starting Sunday. It’ll be kind of bad to start in the middle of the week. -_-

☆彡 For the past few weeks, Link has been sleeping right next to my head on the my pillowcase. He usually doesn’t sleep that close to us. He’ll sleep near our feet, sometimes on our backs or butt, but never like…RIGHT next to my face. Then again, for whatever reason, he’s been super attached to me lately. I’m grateful, but I’m worried. I just hope he isn’t trying to tell me something. I always worry about him…even though he’s a cat and he far more self-sufficient than I’ll ever be.

☆彡 I think it is too late for 2012 to be a “good year” for me. I’m just going to make the best of what is left, and cross my fingers for 2012. I consider 13 an unlucky number, but who knows. It may work out better than 12.

0 1 0

[ Warning: I am very energetic. Work with me here. >_> ]

☆彡 This broken 360 thing really screwed my plans for Mark’s birthday gifts. I was going to buy him Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, a year of XBox Live, and all the ME-related DLCs. Now I can’t. *flips desk* I am still struggling on what to get him, so I’m just going to bring him out and make him pick whatever he wants. For now, though, he wants to nap. So, I’ll let him nap. >_<

☆彡 Guys. Sonic X. Fuck. I am addicted. I swear I get hooked on the most random shows. Oh well. I don’t mind being hooked on Sonic. I was a colossal Sonic stan as a kid, and then I moved on to random anime shows and RPGs as I grew older. So, it’s almost nostalgic to be hooked on something Sonic-related again. Plus Knuckles. Knuckles. He is a bad ass motherfucker.

☆彡 I haven’t met an introvert yet who didn’t remind me of a cat. It’s amazing.

☆彡 I really need a Gokaiger boxset to come out promptly. That show is so amazing. I want to watch it everyday. I also need the movies. All of them. Every day. All. Of. Them. At the same time. Every. Single. Day.

☆彡 Well, I found out why I have been going through chronic stomach aches, fatigue, and other generally unpleasant biological shit. Parasites. Yep. A friend of mine actually posted an article about parasites online, but my first reaction was: “No, I don’t have parasites. No way.” But now it’s confirmed. Doctor said it. I even saw it. Not cool at all, by the way. So, yeah. I’m officially the unluckiest person this side of the hemisphere. LOL!

☆彡 The moment someone tells me to swear to do something, I want to yell: “SWEAR TO ME!” Batman has ruined my life. I’m still going to see The Dark Knight Rises though. And The Avengers. And Skyfall. And Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. And Snow White and the Huntsman. And the GI Joe sequel. And Prometheus. And…you know what? There are A LOT of movies I want to see this year. 2012 may not suck so much after all. Hmmmmmmm~ *rubs chin*

☆彡 Jump roping is extremely fun as long as you have a really tight bra on. Breasts were not made to bounce around for long periods of time. ;___;

☆彡 I love, love, love, love, love watching the parade from Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. I swear my heart races like crazy when I watch it. The chanting, the imagery, the colors. So beautiful o.o. You know, I used to work at the lawn and garden department of Sears and right across from that department is the electronics department. Well, they would randomly show these previews of different movies to demonstrate how powerful the TVs were, and I kept seeing the GITS2 parade but I didn’t know it was from GITS2. I just knew it was enthralling and I could not function when it was on. I remember a customer asking me a bunch of questions and then I heard the chanting and I said: “Hold on one second, sir. Let me check on that for you.” I ran all the way to the electronics department, hid behind the counter, and watched the TV. Then I ran back and was like: “Okay. Here is the information you need.” Cannot be tamed.

☆彡 I have a serious book problem. You guys don’t understand. I have a pile of 20-something books waiting to be read, and I have 20-something more on my Amazon wishlist. Mark and I were discussing things to donate and he said: “How about we donate some books.”

How about we donate some books.

How about we donate some books.

How about we donate some books.

…During times like these I have to sing “Reasons” by Earth, Wind, and Fire to remind myself why we’re married. Because he almost died. To this day he can’t understand why I’ll randomly sing: “REASOOOOOONS” when he says certain things. He’ll appreciate it someday. 🙂

☆彡 My plans for the rest of the weekend: Start on that art challenge, finish up some FSU documents, finish ‘Catching Fire’, watch more Korean dramas and Sonic X, organize dishes, organize living room, start on this Barre fitness thing I was introduced to, and start grocery shopping for the things I can actually eat. Yep. Productive weekend. By the way, I’m not going to believe anything anyone tells me tomorrow, so I’m sorry if you try to tell me real things tomorrow and I laugh at you. We’ll try to have that conversation again on Monday when it’s not April Fools’ Day. 😐

That’s it! Later! ♥

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☆彡 This whole running around getting transcripts, recommendation letters, applications, and other admission-related tasks gives me a headache. It’s so tedious. *sighs*  Well, nothing worth having is easy to acquire, right? It will pay off in the end. Yep…more paperwork it is.

☆彡 As much as I love RPG Maker, it agitates me at times that my ideas come much faster than my ability to make maps and events. I usually spend more time typing up my ideas in Word than I do putting those ideas into RPG format. So, I’ll end up with 20 pages of storyline, and about two minutes of RPG content. It’s my own fault. I should always work on the plot before I work on project. It makes me less impatient.

☆彡 Mark and I stopped by a gun shop. I have never been in a gun shop before until today. I felt…safe…as strange as that is to say. Well, maybe it isn’t so strange. The moment we walked in, the gun shop owner was speaking to another customer who is dealing with break-ins in his neighborhood. Like him, I hope to never have to use a gun on someone, but I’d feel better having one. Eventually, we had a long talk with the gun shop owner about the upcoming elections, the A-Team, doomsday, and the importance of the second amendment. It was an interesting discussion. Mark and I have a tendency to draw out these conversations out of people. I stopped wondering why. I just enjoy it. Either way, we’re going to start investing time in visiting shooting ranges and beginning our own gun collection. He wants to start with a pistol, and I want to start with a pistol. Sounds like a plan.

☆彡I know what I’m doing this weekend: reading, reading, and reading some more. I have four books of my own to finish, and then two books I borrowed from the library today. My brain will hate me, but it can deal with it. I still have those mp3 speakers that I haven’t used yet, so I’m going to play something relaxing while I read. I’m thinking either the Beatles or the Chrono Cross OST. Vielan Dank is also an excellent choice. Piano collections are always relaxing, and they just seem to “go with” reading…if that makes any sense.

☆彡 I want to learn Esperanto so badly…but I’m already busy language learning wise. I am brushing up on Latin as well as teaching myself Japanese. So, I guess I will have to put Esperanto aside for now. I must say, though, that the entire concept around it is very neat!

☆彡 Watching Mark get slapped around by the Capra Demon was…painful to watch. LOL. I’m not even close to the Capra Demon. I’m actually on my way to the Bell Gargoyles, so it’s a bit far from where I am. Honestly, I don’t even want to go that direction. I want to just go straight to Blight Town. I have so many things I want to do there. Speaking of Dark Souls, I can’t wait for the art book to come out at the end of the month. It’s going to be awesome!

Later (and happy weekend! ^^)  ♥

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