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Vita, Video Games, Venice, and Vipertek

  Remember how I was debating about getting a PS4, Wii U, or the 3DS? Yeah, I didn’t decide on any of those.


Instead I did some research and decided that getting a PS Vita would be best. (1) It is portable which is great because I’m rarely home except for the weekends, and (2) I can play a shitload of PS One classics without having to deal with my PS2 giving up mid-gameplay. So, needless to say, I’m excited! I got this combo pack with a free Borderlands 2 download and 8 GB memory card for $200. Good deal. And when I do eventually get a PS4 I can link the systems to do more nifty things. I’m looking forward to that. ^___^


Getting this game was a must. I’m 100% here for Final Fantasy X, especially since I lost my master file on the PS2 years back. It was… frustrating. I was so proud of that file because Yuna was the strongest melee fighter in my party and it was fucking hilarious at times. Anyhoo, restarting again doesn’t bother me. It’s high time that I did another FFX replay. As for FFX-2 I’ll might replay it for the battle system, but I’m not making any promises.



From top to bottom: FFX HD (with a FFX-2 that I didn’t install yet), Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VI, Bust-A-Move 4, and Xenogears. I’m not going to bother installing Borderlands 2 since I already have it on the 360. And it’s huge in terms of memory usage. Of course there are some Final Fantasy games missing from this collection but I’m trying not to overwhelm myself anymore than I already have. I didn’t think I would be overwhelmed until I played Xenogears for an hour turned it off to play Chrono Cross up to Arni Village, turned that off to start on FFIX, turned that off to play Chrono Cross again, turned that off to play FFX, and… yeah… I think each time I complete a Final Fantasy then I’m going to move on to another. FFVII will be last because I just did a replay last year. So, I’ll tackle IX or VI, then download VIII since I never finished my Steam playthrough, and keep repeating that pattern until I have everything from I to X. As for other PS games I’m just going to take it easy for a little while. It’s one thing to get games like Bust-A-Move that are fun ways to shoot the shit, but RPGs take a lot of focus. At least for me. *sigh* This is all sounds like first world problems, doesn’t it. LOL. Yeah, I’m going to stop and just say–overwhelming or not–I am over the moon about having these games around to play again. Except for Xenogears. This is my first time playing Xenogears (so ashamed ;_;), so I can’t say “again”. But I can say it is extremely awesome and I already adore Citan. Please don’t disappoint me. >_<






I couldn’t walk away from this sketchbook because, well, it’s obviously aesthetically pleasing, but I also kept hearing “Tour of Venice” and “Dream of Venice” when I looked at it. After I told Mark about that he advised me to draw Ezio leaping across one of the buildings in the background. Yes! I’m going to do it. LOL. Anyway, we had a long discussion afterwards about the fact that we have never been overseas together, and while it seems like the obvious choice would be Japan I am leaning more towards Italy. I want to do a sort of tour, going from Rome to Venice to Florence. I mean, we did meet in Latin class after all. It would not be a meaningless trip when we put into consideration all the aspects of Italian history that we both love and can thank for bringing us together. So, that’s it. I want to go to Italy. Even if I can just go to one city then I will go to one city. Half of me is screaming “Rome!” while the other is like “Dude, Venice has boat rides and the Carnival of Venice!” I think if I remind Mark that he can wear his beloved plague doctor mask for hours at a time then he will be up for Venice too. Okay, Venice it is. I’m going to start saving and planning for it. I also need to consider putting aside my other language lessons in order to start working on Italian. I’ve taken a swing at Italian in the past, and all of those years of Latin makes it a tad easier to understand than say Japanese or German. I’m excited. I only hope it works out better than other plans I’ve made. LOL




Last but not least my first taser, Vipertek. I feel so much better now that I have this. Four days a week I have to drop Mark off at work at three in the morning, and that is not the most comforting time to be outside on your own–even if it’s only a 10-second run from the parking lot to your apartment. It is slightly terrifying to own though. I’m always worried that I’ll accidentally turn it on somehow and electrocute myself. LOL. I don’t even have to do something moronic like testing it on myself to know that it will hurt. We armed it yesterday to see how it would look, and it was LOUD. Sparkly but loud. I can only compare the sound to the crack of a whip. I shrieked but Mark thought it was cool. Then again, this is the same guy who spent his birthday money and giftcards on knives, so he would. -_-

Well, I’m off. Later in the day I want to pick up some Italian language books, but before that I have to look into getting another bookshelf, doing some serious spring cleaning, getting groceries in the house, and just being semi-productive this weekend. In between I will squeeze in some gaming time. Since I want to play so many games I will have to dedicate 30-60 minutes on each game. A little Xenogears there, a little FFIX there, a little Bioshock Infinite after that, a little Assassin’s Creed 2 too. Oh! Gold members get a free AC: Black Flag and Army of Two on the 16th. DUUUUUUUDDDEEE. All Mark and I ever talk about these days are those fucking naval battle clips we see in Black Flag. I can’t wait. ; u ;

Really, it’s nice that I am getting back into video games like. It’s not like I ever stopped playing between the age of five and… now, but recent years have been kind of “eh”, you know? I’m so into it now that I am returning to that point where I will draw fanart and stuff like that again. It feels good. I love getting so passionate about something that it inspires me in other departments of my life. Yes, time is scarce these days, especially with this whole project of ours to make our apartment not look borderline condemned anymore (LMAO), but… I’m hopeful. Things are getting better in every way imaginable. I’m happy. No, more than that, I’m pumped!


061: Dragon God


☆彡 Damn, Stein.

★彡 I began playing Radical Dreamers yesterday. It is definitely an interesting game, and I was more than happy to run into some Chrono Cross characters. Everyone was pretty much the same except for Serge. Then again, Chrono Cross never really delved into what Serge’s personality and thoughts were like. For all I know he could be just like the Serge in Radical Dreamers. Probably not as clumsy though. Nonetheless, I am really liking this game. Thanks again, SNESbox.com!

☆彡 Pet Peeve #902: Sycophancy/brown-nosing/flattery.

★彡 I did some updates to both my domain and the Mythos website yesterday. Actually, I updated them a few days prior but freehostia was going through some technical issues and those updates I made just vanished. So, I had to do them all over again yesterday. LOL. Anyway, I’m kind of working on other website plans including a website for my anachronism story (now under the working title of “Temporal”) and then another website dedicated to time travelers. Right now, these are the time travelers that I want to include in the shrine: Link, The Doctor, Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, Captain Sisko, Captain Janeway, Spock, Chrono, Serge, Donnie Darko, Akemi Homura, Serah Farron, Mokoto Konno, Trunks, Bill & Ted (yes), Philip J. Fry, Dr. Emmett Brown, Ash (Army of Darkness not Pokemon…unless Pokemon!Ash time traveled then sure), the Mirai Sentai Timeranger team, Sailor Pluto, Dr. Sam Beckett,  and a few more.

☆彡 Yay, thunderstorm! (I’m not being sarcastic. I love thunderstorms. Even if it screws up my internet connection.)

★彡 I’ve been drawing with pens and markers a lot lately. I am getting tired of pencils, I guess. If my tablet worked, I definitely would work on some digital art right now. *sigh* So is the way of things. When I am interested, they are not there. When I am not interested, I can’t get them out of my sight.

☆彡 This is a week of meetings. I hate meetings, but if it leads to more income and an easier life for us then I can’t say no.  One major thing I am hoping to get out of this meeting is a chance to work second shift. It will be 3 p.m. to midnight. Do you know how awesome that is? I will only have to wake up early on Saturday to do a typical 9-5 shit, but I would get Sunday and Monday off. I don’t care too much for Sunday, but Monday off would be great. I always wanted a job that (a)didn’t involve waking up early, and (b)allowed me to have at least one weekday off so I can shop when everyone is at work or school. In short, if I say the right things to the right people then things will be much better for me.

★彡 In honor of this year being the year of snake, I am watching Conan the Barbarian. It’s the best I can do because I don’t fuck with snakes (the reptiles, not the people born under that year). Also, let’s not forget Thulsa Doom’s luxurious hair and “Gurl bye” look.

Ugh. Fierce as hale.

☆彡 Geralt going through a The Hangover type situation was hilarious. Spoiler: He got wasted, had a naked lady with a sword tattooed on the side of his neck (as a means of joining a guild he didn’t want to join when he was sober), hired some prostitutes with members of said guild, and tried to turn them into rafts so they could cross a river on them. It was hilarious. Especially when Triss couldn’t even make it through an explanation of the herbs needed to remove the tattoo because she was laughing so hard at him.

★彡 I don’t get the appeal of naked infants in costumes. Seriously, walking into a room and seeing a giant poster of a naked baby in a cowboy hat makes me uncomfortable.

☆彡 You dislike me. The sky splits open, and sucks up everything that is dear to me. “Why?” I weep as I fall to my knees. “Why must you take away my only purpose of living–being liked by you and others? Now I am nothing.” Slowly, I begin to evaporate. Once I disappear, millions of puppies and kittens rain from the sky. Everyone rejoices. A stranger pats you on the back and says, “Way to go. You saved the world because you disliked her. Good job.” You smile triumphantly. You are going places.

★彡 I found a way to work on a comic book without starting a new project or straying away from current projects. I am going to (1)write a side story about each character in Mythos–from the point of view of that character–before (2)turning those side stories into comic. I am teaching myself to stop jumping into comics without finishing the plot because I always end up working on a comic for days, running out of ideas, and then trashing all of that hard work. It sucks.

☆彡 I’d like to master at least one instrument in my lifetime…preferably the oboe, violin, piano, or ocarina.

★彡 Random Conversation:

Mark: “Oh, shit. Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day.”
Me: “Yeah, you’re right. Oh, well. I didn’t get you shit.”
Mark: “I didn’t get you shit either.”
Me: “Awesome.”

If it isn’t obvious enough, Mark and I don’t care about Valentine’s Day. It’s not Halloween, so it’s not important.

☆彡 I am indifferent to the announcement of new XBox and PlayStation consoles. My sentiments may change when E3 rolls around, but all I’m hearing right now are rumors and seeing badly photoshopped pictures. I can’t do anything with that. Also, I don’t become interested in consoles for their features. Not too much anyway. I gravitate towards a console based on their game selection. What’s the point in paying almost $500 for a console that I can’t do anything with. Furthermore, consoles are always riddled with bugs when they come out. I’d rather wait until they fix them and start shipping them in neat bundles. Patience, patience, patience.

Kind of blah today. My stomach hurts. *sigh* I’ll get some tea and see how that goes.

0 1 5


☆彡 When it’s dark outside and I’m walking alone, everyone is a murderer and a rapist. No exception. What is that? A stray dog? No. It’s a quadruped murdering rapist. Otherwise, everything is okay, I guess.

☆彡 I dislike commitment. It is a strange thing to say as a woman who is married, but it is true. Relationships, platonic and otherwise, are not appealing to me. Of course, there are moments in life where I meet someone who I don’t mind building a relationship with, and they feel the same, but those are exceptionally rare moments.

☆彡 I still don’t have the Dark Souls art book yet. For shame.

☆彡  I’ve been writing a lot lately. I’m pretty happy about that. I’ve noticed, though, that I am becoming less and less interested in happy outcomes. I do too many cruel things to my characters. -_-

☆彡 Whoever said game is not art obviously didn’t play Chrono Cross. Obviously. The Dimensional Breach alone looked like something Vincent Van Gogh would paint. Don’t even get me started on the Lizard Grotto and Opassa Beach. Don’t. Even. The only complaint I have against Chrono Cross is that the battle scenery gets extremely distracting. Seriously, how am I supposed to focus on this monster when everything in the background is so beautiful.

☆彡 When someone asks me what I am thinking, I instantly become paranoid. I start asking: “Why? Who wants to know? Who sent you? SWEAR TO ME.” Honestly, you don’t want to know what is on my mind. Three-quarters of it belongs to my fictional worlds with imaginary people, species, plants, deities, planets, countries, cities, towns, holidays, memorials, past times, sports, and events that you’d never understand unless I explained them to you for hours. It is that complex and detailed. The other quarter is like the mall on the weekends. It’s just a cacophony of different voices saying different things that have no obvious connection to one another…unless you dig into my subconscious. And you don’t want to go there. Have you ever played Silent Hill when the alarm rings? You know, when everything deteriorates and limbless creatures start mewing and dragging themselves towards you? That is basically my subconscious. I don’t even want to go there without a professional…so no one else should. LOL. Just stay out of my mind. It’s better that way.

☆彡 I can’t describe how I feel when I step out of my laziness, and do something productive. I guess…relief is the term. I feel relieved. Last weekend, I finally started on spring cleaning and I felt very relieved in the end. Everything is clean. Hell, I mopped that kitchen floor so hard that the mop broke. And that didn’t even stop me. I got a rag, got on the floor, and scrubbed that shit. Felt good, man. It looks so clean now. In the end, I tried to think of a reward…which is usually food…because I am dog or something. LOL. But this time it wasn’t. I actually turned my desk into an art studio. I’m very proud, and I’m very happy! I’m using it a lot rather than using the living room couch. So, I’m glad. As strange as it is, being un-lazy feels good sometimes. Uncomfortable at first…but better later on.

☆彡 I REALLY hate driving. I don’t know if I expressed that here or not. I’m sure I bitch about it to the people who have to suffer my bitchings from time-to-time. But I really hate driving. The only vehicle I’d ever drive and be extremely happy to drive it is a Vespa. Everything else can suck it. 😐

☆彡(I’m not using a translator or reference tool, so please bare with me if I translate something wrong ) E secc oui. Cusaruf, hud ahuikr du zicd damm oui, pid ahuikr du secc ouin maddanc yht fuhtan ev ouina ugyo. E lyhd cryga dra vaamehk dryd E cyet cusadrehk faeht ykyeh. Drah ykyeh, E ghuf oui femm myikr yht tasyht dryd E crub cbaygehk cu mufmo uv socamv. Oui nacduna su vyedr eh risyhc cu silr. Tuht mad sa tufh. Bmayca, bmayca, bmayca, bmayca.

☆彡 Naoto-motherfucking-Shirogane. Wow.

That’s it. >_<

0 1 2


☆彡 For some reason, I want that wig. I’ll just wear it while I watch TV or something. It looks warm. XD

☆彡 I must play Metroid Prime today because I miss Samus. Actually, right after dinner is done cooking and I finish the next episode of Battlestar Galactica, I am going to start playing. 🙂

☆彡 No, I am not interested in seeking out new friends. However, if I were to meet someone with a similar mentality who shared similar interests, I’d have no problem building a bond with him/her. I don’t have anything against forming relationships. It just has to be genuine. No complexities. Just mutual connection and loyalty.

☆彡 Wow, 2012. Wow.


☆彡 I might turn that journal I have into a stream of consciousness collection. I already have a notebook of some sort for just about everything else but abstract thoughts.

☆彡 There are a few active things that I can do all day: karate (shorin-ryu), bojutsu, walking, and yoga. Everything else is kind of “meh”. Or “bleh”. Or “sfasdkjfdeh”.

☆彡 Speaking of active things, Barre Fitness is no joke. I am still sore. I almost had a Black Swan moment because Mark was like: “Those moves look painful. You shouldn’t do so much,” and I was like: “I just want to be perfect.”

Then we stared at each other and died.

☆彡 Chrono Cross is the most beautiful game ever. It’s so hard to get past the menu screen with ‘Garden of the Gods’ playing and the underwater scene. ;_;

☆彡 I am still shocked that “Ballad of the Goddess” is “Zelda’s Lullaby” in reverse. The “Ballad of the Goddess” composition for Skyward Sword is just…breathtaking, but the actual reversal of “Zelda’s Lullaby” sounds like a dream sequence. I just love to listen to it. ^_^

I was a bit disappointed that Koji Kondo didn’t compose the music for Skyward Sword at first, but Mahito Yokota did a fine job. I am especially obsessed with the different variations of Fi’s Theme, both versions of The Fire Sanctuary, and Zelda’s vocal version of “Ballad of the Goddess”. I swear my heart imploded when she started singing in the game. So perfect! The Ancient Cistern’s theme is pretty peaceful. Not the basement level though. No thanks. D:

You know what I’m kind of noticing now? A LOT of levels in Skyward Sword were based on themes from the Indian culture. The Earth Temple had that vibe. So did the Ancient Cistern, especially with the various statues of the Buddha and lotus flowers. The Fire Sanctuary is a definite. Impa looks like many Indian women I’ve met in my life. Her facial features, her skin, her attire, everything. I really love it! Thank you everyone from the Skyward Sword team! YOU MADE SUCH AN AWESOME GAME. I CANNOT HANDLE IT.

Okay…I’m definitely fangirling now. Sorry. ;_;

☆彡 Link talks A LOT. He used to wake me up by walking all over me, but now he sits by the bedside (or couch side if I fall asleep out here) and he’ll just meow. And meow. And meow. Over and over. If I don’t respond, he’ll meow right in my ear. LOL. I’ve seen him do it to Mark, and it’s so sneaky. He looks around (I was hiding behind a wall when he was doing it), creeps closer to Mark’s face, sniffs his ears, and then meows repeatedly into his ears. He’s a cutie though. It’s kind of funny how much he loves humans, but dislikes other cats. He knows that we’ll give him anything he wants as long as he meows and rubs against us. XD

That’s it for now. Later. ♥

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