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    Hello! My name is Kerrian. I am a 30-year-old New York native who currently lives in Georgia with my 32-year old Illinois native husband Mark. And our 8-year-old blue tabby furbaby Link. And, if all goes well, a baby girl in Summer 2018. That’s pretty much our little family. ^_^

    When I’m not doing family stuff, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just trying to live life to the fullest like everyone else. I’m sending good vibrations to everyone! I want us all to win, so keep fighting! Take care!


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I Am So Done With This Fandom


080: Hand to Hand


☆彡 Everything is nice and creepy in time for Halloween. Fufufu~ I love me some Gravelord Nito. Actually, all of the major bosses of Dark Souls are beautiful to me–especially Nito, Quelaag, and Ornstein. I cannot understand why I love a game I am so terrible at…but it happens. While on the topic of Halloween, my plan is to pretty much watch horror movies while wearing something lame and eating candy. I’ll try to leave some for the trick-or-treaters. I could always turn off all the lights and pretend no one is home so I can keep all the candy for myself. I know, I know. I am a terrible.

★彡 Mark showed me something really cool the other day. Sega remade the Sega Genesis and stored 80 games in it. But that’s not the coolest part. That part that made us both scream is its ability to play Sega Genesis cartridges. We have some SG games in storage right now that we would love to play, so that is extremely awesome. I am pretty sure if they remake the Super Nintendo I will freak out. Naturally, I will embarrass myself here when that day comes. Capslock, gifs, bold lettering, and all.

☆彡 It’s ironic to me that females get shit for being “fake geeks” when the biggest impersonators I have ever met in my life were males. Here is the thing about females who love things considered “geeky”. They are willing to endure a lot of harassment for the sake of those things. That’s not to say that guys do not love their fandoms as much as girls or that some girls do not lie about their interests to get praise, but I believe that a person who braves negative feedback in order to do something they have a strong passion for are in it for the right reasons.

★彡 I still haven’t read “The Witcher: Time of Contempt”. It has nothing to do with my lacking an urgency to read it. It’s more about funds and my willing to delay buying it in order to acquire more important things. My poor cat has been scratching at the same demolished scratching board for weeks. I would love to at least get him a new one. Especially now that he has turned our carpet into his new scratching board…which I loathe. So, all I can say is soon. I do miss Geralt terribly. With The Witcher 3 being so far away and the grim possibility of not having a PS4 to play it on for eons after its release, “Time of Contempt” is pretty much all the exposure I will have of him for a good while. That sucks. I miss my beautiful white wolf. D:

☆彡My fascination with Wales has gone from admiration to shameless adoration. Seriously, have you seen their flag? Bad. Ass. I will not say they are a flawless country. I am sure both their past and present has its deal of controversy; however, I am still interested in learning more about Welsh history and its culture. I would obviously love to visit one day too. Also, kind of off topic, but I am set on giving my future children a name of Welsh origin. I’M GOING TOO FAR. I KNOW. But on a serious note, Welsh names are the coolest. It’s no wonder that so many fantasy stories rely on Welsh names for their characters. Vaughn has been one of my favorite names since the dawn of time, and I recently learned that it is of Welsh origin. So…that’s awesome. If I ever have a daughter, her name will be Zelda, but that is the only name I am set on. When it comes to daughters beyond Zelda and sons, I will turn to Welsh names. First, though, I have to convince Mark that we should not name our first son Felix. He just won’t budge on that name. It is killing me. LOL. Coming to an agreement on a boy name always turns into a drawn out debate, but the girl names come easy for us. We love Zelda. We love Elsa. We loved Meredith for ages (which happens to be Welsh for “sea lord”. How cool is that? OwO). Let’s hope we have plenty of girls then. Honestly, we are still going back and forth about reproduction being a good idea in the first place. It’s just a lot of stress we know we cannot handle right now. I am sure if we were living under better circumstances we would jump at the opportunity to raise a little human being, but the time is not right. It rarely is. Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. Wales. I must go there. Good names, cool flag, nice food, castles aplenty, etc, blah blah blah.

★彡 It’s a bit ridiculous that I have soundtracks for games and animes I’ve never seen before. For example, I am obsessed with my Earth Girl Arjuna and Dream Drop Distance CDs yet I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying either. I guess it doesn’t matter. Good music is good music. Also, I’ve been a fan of Yoko Shimomura and Yoko Kanno long enough to snatch up anything they release without giving a damn about the projects they belong to. The same goes with anything Masashi Hamauzu, Nobuo Uematsu, Yasanori Mitsuda, Go Shiina, and Keiichi Okabe touches. They could sneeze on an album at this point and I will snatch it up like it was going out of style.

☆彡 Writing about Odin makes me uncomfortable at times because I spent so much time writing about him as a child. To have to turn around now and write about him as an adult who often indulges in “adult” things…I can’t describe how it makes me feel. It’s probably the way many people felt when they saw Miley Cyrus twerking. Like, that’s Hannah Montana. There is just no forgetting that. LOL. Anyway, authors have written about more awkward things, so I shouldn’t complain. It’s fine. At least no one is twerking. Not yet. Okay, no one is ever going to twerk. It would be kind of funny though to have all the dragons come together and form a twerk team. Their twerking would just destroy cities and no one would care.


(Well, Dream Drop Distance is a game, but you know what I mean.)

☆彡 If someone is going through a really shitty ordeal, you are not being a precious pure knight by telling him/her to get over it and be happy. All you’re doing is trivializing whatever (s)he is going through by telling him/her that it can be magically erased by smiling and pretending it didn’t happen. Sure, it’s not healthy to be angry for all of your life but if you go through something terrible and you just want scream or punch a wall then what’s the problem? Seriously, congrats on being a special snowflake who never copes with anger. You can go shit rainbows somewhere else without pestering us lowly mortals who have the nerves to experience wrath from time to time.

★彡 I don’t really know how I feel about John Cena coming back. I mean…he’s coming back to face Alberto Del Rio of all wrestlers. Alberto is a terrific athlete, but him in a feud with Cena just seems boring. He was just in a feud with Van Dam like two seconds ago. Then again, who else is John Cena going to fight? The biggest superstars aside from him are pretty much Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, and they’re still in their neverending battle for WWE championship. So…I don’t know. Maybe he came back at the wrong time. I’m sure a couple of months down the line a more reasonable rival would have been waiting. *sigh* Oh well. I know Cena gets a lot of hate but I like him. It’s always good to see him back in the ring, being dorky and cheesy. LOL. If anyone should headline in the near future it should be HHH. I know it’s unlikely with his whole best-for-business-man thing but…man…HHH against Big Show would be an interesting rivalry to witness.

By the way, I haven’t seen Princess AJ around recently. I hope she’s all right. 😦

☆彡 I cannot handle anyone who does the prison pose in pictures. I always end up laughing.

★彡 5,000 years later I am still in disbelief that I have an autographed action figure of Odo. I really love Odo. There are countless Star Trek characters out there I consider loveable but I love him most. Flawless shapeshifter~ The only ones that really rival Odo in terms of my adoration for them are Tuvok, Spock, Worf, Kira, and Paris. Yeah…that’s about it. I pretty much have no fondness for anyone on Enterprise. I didn’t mind the show. There was just…no connection there. D:

☆彡 I was told that I had an evil laugh recently. I can’t even disagree. It gets to 90’s anime villain  levels at times.

★彡 Okay, I am pretty much set on getting Erick Rowan’s mask for Halloween. Honestly, I’ll find any excuse to get that mask. It is awesome.


Alright, I’m gonna work on writing. That’s pretty much taking up all of my time since ideas come constantly these days. Let’s see how far this goes…before I wind up staring at a blank word document and crying into bowls of ramen. LOL

Happy 19 Days ‘Til Halloween! (( ^ w ^ ))

Fan Art: Quelaag


Coloring is hard. ;  – ;

Otherwise, I had fun drawing this!

Art Wishlist: Chaos Witch Quelaag


047: Dawn Breaks Like A Bull Through The Hall



☆彡 Tomorrow, I see Silent Hill: Revelations and The Man With The Iron Fists. Yet another thing to be excited about. 😀

★彡 Somehow, one sick day turned into a four-day weekend. I’m not happy about that at all. Thursday was understandable. I had a 100 degree fever, back-to-back migraines, and nausea so bad that I don’t know how in the world I didn’t throw up that day. Friday though…Okay, I’ll admit, I wasn’t 100%. I still had a fever, but it was only 99. I was fine enough to do work. I resent being sent home to just sit in bed, and wallow over the money I’m not making. I’m not angry at my boss at all. She was only looking out for me and everyone else (which is what I like about her) but I’m just…frustrated. Christmas is right around the corner. I can’t afford to have  two days off like that. I don’t know what I’m rambling about. I should be grateful. I did have a great day with Mark since he was off on Friday. Hell, he’s even going to be off on Sunday too. So, I can smile about that, right? 🙂

☆彡 Thanks to the two days off mentioned, I finally finished Deep Space Nine. The last moment of the show where Jake is watching the wormhole with Kira beside him–UGH RIGHT IN THE FEELS. I’ve already moved on to Voyager, and I must say that I really like Captain Kathryn Janeway. Actually, there isn’t a ST captain that I don’t adore. They’re all so wonderful. ❤

★彡 Getting this Dark Knight trilogy was a flawless choice. I’ve been watching the movies on loop since I got them. It’s so much better watching the entire thing from start to finish in one sitting. It leaves the details nice and crisp.

☆彡 I thought my obsession with Morning Glory stationery ended in my adolescence. It didn’t.

★彡 Netflix has all these Disney movies now thanks to a deal they made. I’m starting with The Fox and The Hound (which I’ve never seen) before I move on to The Aristocats (never finished it, but saw most of it), Alice in Wonderland, and then Pocahontas. The Nightmare Before Christmas is another possibility too. It’s all going to be very nostalgic indeed.

☆彡 If everyone has a purpose in life, I believe mine is storytelling. Whether it’s drawing or writing stories, I enjoy telling them. There is a feeling I can’t quite explain when I create a story, and someone tells me: “What happens next? Please work on it! I need to know the rest!” It’s not really pride. It’s…I don’t know. The closest feeling to it is when someone gives you an important task to complete, and you not only complete it, you go beyond their expectations. It’s that happiness with yourself and your abilities. There really is nothing like it.

★彡 I don’t have a New Year’s resolution list to share this year. Instead, I have a “Shit You Should Have Done Like Five Years Ago and It’s Really Pathetic That It’s Taking This Long” list. I don’t feel like posting it.

☆彡 Random Conversation:

Mark: “Doesn’t my character look like Geralt?”

Me: “Yes. Now I want to touch his butt.”

Mark: “What?”

Me: “What?”

(On a serious note, Geralt has a nice butt and everything else. Permission to post Geralt? For me? Why, you shouldn’t have! )


★彡 Tina Turner singing “Goldeneye”. Perfection.

*sigh* Six hours away from Mark getting home, enjoying dinner, and watching Sword Art Online. I’m so impatient right now. -__-

0 1 7

☆彡 He’s lying. He wants to kill you. He has a neat theme song though.

☆彡 There is actually an alternate version of “Historia Crux” called “Interval of Time”, and it is just as amazing. I rather enjoy the Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST. I’ve yet to play the game…and I didn’t really plan to…but I’ll probably look into it. Once I repair my XBox of course. *sigh*

☆彡 I’ve come to learn that some people are genuinely terrified of introspection. I can’t really imagine what that is like. How does one go through life never making the effort to change themselves before constantly trying to change others?

☆彡 Kerry Washington is perfect. Everyone else can go home.

☆彡 Going to see The Avengers again today. I’ m so excited! Mark and I weren’t supposed to watch it until today, but we couldn’t hold it any longer. We had to go. We could not control our nerd impulses, comrades. We are sorry. D:

Speaking of Avengers, my quiz result from that Avengers quiz going around:

☆彡 The only hairstyle I would pay $50 a week for is FFX!Yuna’s. By the way, this is my first time noticing that Yuna pierced the upper part of her earlobe. That is awesome! I’ve been wanting to do that forever! I’ll probably do that for my birthday. I’m looking at three piercings at the upper part of each lobe. Maybe I’ll get Yuna’s earrings and hairstyle. *mind blown* In the complete opposite fashion of what Lightning said, best birthday ever.

☆彡 I am slowly but surely separating the things I want from thinking mechanisms that were instilled in me throughout my life. For example, parties. I hate parties. I especially hate parties when they are done in my honor. So, why should I force myself to plan one each time I do something “exceptional” in my life? That was my number one fear when I agreed to marry Mark–going through the whole white gown surrounded by family and friends thing. I don’t like that. I also don’t like the idea of possibly having to go through a baby shower for our possible future daughter/son. I dreaded graduation celebrations. I dread every suggestion of a birthday party. I just…hate those things. Gatherings are not so bad though. I can do 5-10 people showing up for a modest celebration. I mean, I know Mark wanted us to have wedding pictures to show our future children (although he hates the idea of a ceremony too), so we will have a little gathering someday. I just want it to be very, very, very, very small. I’m sure most of my close friends will thank me since they tend to be anti-humongous parties as well.  XD

☆彡 Vacations are important. They help you to clear your mind, get away from the situations that frustrate you, and refocus on the things that matter. If you can help it, do not allow yourself to go more than six months without at least one week to yourself.

☆彡 I am back into story writing, full swing! I may post something on luminifer, but I’ll have to see. I know for a fact that I’ll have to rewrite a lot of things on the Mythos subdomain since so much has changed. But what else is new? Things are always changing in Mythos. LOL

☆彡 Why is the concept of human rights so complicated? It’s called human rights. Not random race-only rights. Not men-only rights. Not women-only rights. Not random religion-only rights. Not random sexual orientation-only rights. Human rights.

☆彡 I have never actually finished the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. I started on both the manga and anime at some point, but I never really finished them. It’s kind of a shameful thing for an anime fan to admit. LOL. It’s like calling yourself a Batman fan, but never seeing The Dark Knight. Or something like that. NGE is really a big deal in the anime-verse. So, I will get on top of that. I promise. I prefer to work on the manga and then move on to the anime, though.

That’s it. Take care. ♥

0 1 5


☆彡 When it’s dark outside and I’m walking alone, everyone is a murderer and a rapist. No exception. What is that? A stray dog? No. It’s a quadruped murdering rapist. Otherwise, everything is okay, I guess.

☆彡 I dislike commitment. It is a strange thing to say as a woman who is married, but it is true. Relationships, platonic and otherwise, are not appealing to me. Of course, there are moments in life where I meet someone who I don’t mind building a relationship with, and they feel the same, but those are exceptionally rare moments.

☆彡 I still don’t have the Dark Souls art book yet. For shame.

☆彡  I’ve been writing a lot lately. I’m pretty happy about that. I’ve noticed, though, that I am becoming less and less interested in happy outcomes. I do too many cruel things to my characters. -_-

☆彡 Whoever said game is not art obviously didn’t play Chrono Cross. Obviously. The Dimensional Breach alone looked like something Vincent Van Gogh would paint. Don’t even get me started on the Lizard Grotto and Opassa Beach. Don’t. Even. The only complaint I have against Chrono Cross is that the battle scenery gets extremely distracting. Seriously, how am I supposed to focus on this monster when everything in the background is so beautiful.

☆彡 When someone asks me what I am thinking, I instantly become paranoid. I start asking: “Why? Who wants to know? Who sent you? SWEAR TO ME.” Honestly, you don’t want to know what is on my mind. Three-quarters of it belongs to my fictional worlds with imaginary people, species, plants, deities, planets, countries, cities, towns, holidays, memorials, past times, sports, and events that you’d never understand unless I explained them to you for hours. It is that complex and detailed. The other quarter is like the mall on the weekends. It’s just a cacophony of different voices saying different things that have no obvious connection to one another…unless you dig into my subconscious. And you don’t want to go there. Have you ever played Silent Hill when the alarm rings? You know, when everything deteriorates and limbless creatures start mewing and dragging themselves towards you? That is basically my subconscious. I don’t even want to go there without a professional…so no one else should. LOL. Just stay out of my mind. It’s better that way.

☆彡 I can’t describe how I feel when I step out of my laziness, and do something productive. I guess…relief is the term. I feel relieved. Last weekend, I finally started on spring cleaning and I felt very relieved in the end. Everything is clean. Hell, I mopped that kitchen floor so hard that the mop broke. And that didn’t even stop me. I got a rag, got on the floor, and scrubbed that shit. Felt good, man. It looks so clean now. In the end, I tried to think of a reward…which is usually food…because I am dog or something. LOL. But this time it wasn’t. I actually turned my desk into an art studio. I’m very proud, and I’m very happy! I’m using it a lot rather than using the living room couch. So, I’m glad. As strange as it is, being un-lazy feels good sometimes. Uncomfortable at first…but better later on.

☆彡 I REALLY hate driving. I don’t know if I expressed that here or not. I’m sure I bitch about it to the people who have to suffer my bitchings from time-to-time. But I really hate driving. The only vehicle I’d ever drive and be extremely happy to drive it is a Vespa. Everything else can suck it. 😐

☆彡(I’m not using a translator or reference tool, so please bare with me if I translate something wrong ) E secc oui. Cusaruf, hud ahuikr du zicd damm oui, pid ahuikr du secc ouin maddanc yht fuhtan ev ouina ugyo. E lyhd cryga dra vaamehk dryd E cyet cusadrehk faeht ykyeh. Drah ykyeh, E ghuf oui femm myikr yht tasyht dryd E crub cbaygehk cu mufmo uv socamv. Oui nacduna su vyedr eh risyhc cu silr. Tuht mad sa tufh. Bmayca, bmayca, bmayca, bmayca.

☆彡 Naoto-motherfucking-Shirogane. Wow.

That’s it. >_<

0 1 1

☆彡 Bucket List: Part One

  • Own a motorcycle (and ride it daily)
  • Watch the entire Sailor Moon series from beginning to end in one sitting
  • Have $5,000 in my savings account
  • Finish a sketchbook
  • Meet the Dalai Lama
  • Meet Nobuo Uematsu
  • Travel to Canada
  • More cats
  • Not live in Georgia anymore (fuck I hate this place)
  • Learn Japanese or Esperanto
  • Attend E3 or Comic-Con at some point in my life
  • Go to bed before midnight every night (yeah right…)
  • Road trip to Seattle
  • Get a black belt in some form of martial arts
  • Buy a house
  • Get paid to draw
  • Finish a Pathfinder or D&D campaign
  • Write a book

☆彡 I promised not to speak lowly of myself or say untrue things to make others feel better. The way I see it, any person that expects me to bash myself so they can feel better is not a good person to be around. A good person to be around would support me. So…no thanks. Exchanging my confidence for a person I don’t really care about is a terrible trade.

☆彡 It is already April, yet Mark and I haven’t started a ‘The Matrix’ or ‘The Lord of the Rings’ marathon yet. I don’t know. I guess I’m more focused on The Legend of Korra, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and a bunch of other shows I am missing because I lack cable. No excuses, right? I just need to lurk moar.

☆彡 Metric. Black Sheep. Help, I’m Alive. That is all.

☆彡 Finished Catching Fire today. I can’t believe the book just ended right there. *falls in a slow circle and dies* Oh well. I’m going to visit the library tomorrow and cross my fingers for a copy of Mockingjay.

☆彡 My sleep schedule is so stupid right now. I’d do just about anything to get to bed and wake up at decent hours. -.-

☆彡 I like speaking to people who succeed at losing a lot of weight (50 pounds or more) because they’re real. They’re not celebrities who secretly hire trainers or hire chefs to cook for them. They’re everyday men and women on limited budgets and time. I’ve picked up a lot of tips over the years, but in the end it really comes down to motivation…or, in my case, finding out why I am so intimidated by weight loss. I guess I already know the answer. I just don’t know how to face it properly. Long story short, I dealt with a lot of stalking, sexual harassment, and unpleasant things like that when I was thin. I didn’t intentionally put on weight to protect myself from that, but I did find that food was comforting and that being fat stopped a lot of harassment I faced. But, as someone told me, food is not my friend. It is not therapy. It is not filling any voids I have. It is just fuel. And she is extremely right. Eating junk is not going to make me happy in the end. I just have to take advantage of the thick skin I obtained over the years, and do what I have to do against people like that. I can keep practicing karate, and not only use that to get fit, but to also protect myself. I am not trying to come out of this as thin as I used to be. Being skinny is not a priority to me. More than anything, I want to be strong. That is why I am so obsessed with weight lifting, I guess. If I can train myself to bench press 150+ lbs. then I can probably grab someone by the neck and toss them aside. That’s more of an inspiration to me than bikinis and skinny jeans. I guess that’s weird, but what else is new, right? ^u^

☆彡 All of the unexpected bills Mark and I have been dealing with lately have been both a blessing and a curse. A curse because having more bills than money is never a good thing. But it’s a blessing because it forces us to lead a more humble life. The truth is that Mark and I do not enjoy indulgence. We’re always talking about moving to an isolated village, growing our own food, and living off our land. That’s the type of thing we consider paradise. But we fall into the same trap that a lot of people fall into. The I-need-it-now-or-never trap. It really makes us spoiled. Sometimes I think back to how we used to be when we were first going out, and what little we had between each other, and it makes me realize how much we’ve changed. I don’t want to become a slave to money, trinkets, and first-world luxuries, you know? Even if I win the lottery, I want to pursue that life we dream about where I work hard for the things I have.

☆彡 Spectrum Nexus had a prank for April Fools’ Day. They released a Berserk manga update, but when you go to read the manga the image won’t load. It’s just blurry and it says: “Loading error. Please try again later.” Of course, my first instinct on April Fools’ Day is to trust no one and nothing. So, I already went into the Berserk manga thinking: “Let’s see how this turns out,” but a lot of people were FURIOUS about it. The site owner even had to apologize for it. This only reaffirms what I already know: Do not fuck with Berserk fans. They are not playing around. If you say you have something Berserk related and you’re lying about it…prepare yourself. LOL. Seriously, I can imagine ‘Sign’ playing in the background the moment someone lies about a Berserk update. Then I can imagine the furious Berserk fan pulling out Guts’ sword out of nowhere and cleaving people in half. Yep. That may actually happen someday. Once more, do not fuck with Berserk fans. XD

☆彡 Going through Dark Souls withdrawal. *weeps phantom tears* Why do I love you, Dark Souls, when you’re such a dick? ;-;

☆彡 For some reason, my eyebrows are growing very thick after I shaped them up last time. I was going to shape them up again, but I realized that I am better off with thick eyebrows. Neat eyebrows are great for people who are very meticulous about how they dress…but I’m fairly tomboyish. I don’t think a tomboy with neat eyebrows is a great combination. At least not for me. LOL. Besides, I’ve been introduced to the whole ‘ulzzang’ culture and most of those girls do nothing to their eyebrows. And they still look incredibly pretty! Here’s an example:

Of course, I’ll have to pluck stray eyebrow hairs that like to grow in random locations. Like, seriously, right above my eyelids? What are you smoking, eyebrows -_-? Otherwise, I’ll leave it as is.

☆彡 Since I’m on the topic of beauty, I would really like to learn makeup one day. No time soon, but in the future. If I am going to attempt makeup then it has to be subtle. No neon green eye shadow with purple lipstick and bright red blush. I…I can’t do things like that. It has to look as natural as possible. The only thing I’ll use generously is maybe mascara and eyeliner. Even then it won’t be like…raccoon generous. Just enough to know it’s there. Once more, in the future. Far future. When I am confident with doing things like that. Right now, though, I have to focus on one thing at a time. Beauty will get my time when I’m ready.

☆彡 I keep thinking about how great it will be to finally attend art school. It’ll be expensive, yes, but leaving art school with the ability to do things like 3D renditions, animation, and character design…it’s really exciting! It’s one of those things that will help me career wise, and hobby wise. I guess the only thing to do now is wait. Have patience. See how things turn out. Then, once it all begins, put my best effort and do not slack off. Not even for a second. I’m sure that if I keep this mentality from start to finish I will graduate with impressive skills. Maybe impressive enough to work for big companies like Blizzard, Bioware, Square-Enix, Nintendo, Gearbox, LucasArts and Bungie. Who knows? I may be able to branch off into movie, cartoon, and comic books. An artist is an artist is an artist. Well, I’m not going to wait around until I graduate to make an impression. I’m going to draw everyday — all day — until my fingers fall off. Then I have to reattach them, of course, because I need them. But in the end I’ll be better! *pose*

Okay. That’s it. I’m going to go to bed. Not even remotely tired but…I’ll attempt to straighten this sleep schedule of mine out the best I can.

0 0 6

☆彡 This whole running around getting transcripts, recommendation letters, applications, and other admission-related tasks gives me a headache. It’s so tedious. *sighs*  Well, nothing worth having is easy to acquire, right? It will pay off in the end. Yep…more paperwork it is.

☆彡 As much as I love RPG Maker, it agitates me at times that my ideas come much faster than my ability to make maps and events. I usually spend more time typing up my ideas in Word than I do putting those ideas into RPG format. So, I’ll end up with 20 pages of storyline, and about two minutes of RPG content. It’s my own fault. I should always work on the plot before I work on project. It makes me less impatient.

☆彡 Mark and I stopped by a gun shop. I have never been in a gun shop before until today. I felt…safe…as strange as that is to say. Well, maybe it isn’t so strange. The moment we walked in, the gun shop owner was speaking to another customer who is dealing with break-ins in his neighborhood. Like him, I hope to never have to use a gun on someone, but I’d feel better having one. Eventually, we had a long talk with the gun shop owner about the upcoming elections, the A-Team, doomsday, and the importance of the second amendment. It was an interesting discussion. Mark and I have a tendency to draw out these conversations out of people. I stopped wondering why. I just enjoy it. Either way, we’re going to start investing time in visiting shooting ranges and beginning our own gun collection. He wants to start with a pistol, and I want to start with a pistol. Sounds like a plan.

☆彡I know what I’m doing this weekend: reading, reading, and reading some more. I have four books of my own to finish, and then two books I borrowed from the library today. My brain will hate me, but it can deal with it. I still have those mp3 speakers that I haven’t used yet, so I’m going to play something relaxing while I read. I’m thinking either the Beatles or the Chrono Cross OST. Vielan Dank is also an excellent choice. Piano collections are always relaxing, and they just seem to “go with” reading…if that makes any sense.

☆彡 I want to learn Esperanto so badly…but I’m already busy language learning wise. I am brushing up on Latin as well as teaching myself Japanese. So, I guess I will have to put Esperanto aside for now. I must say, though, that the entire concept around it is very neat!

☆彡 Watching Mark get slapped around by the Capra Demon was…painful to watch. LOL. I’m not even close to the Capra Demon. I’m actually on my way to the Bell Gargoyles, so it’s a bit far from where I am. Honestly, I don’t even want to go that direction. I want to just go straight to Blight Town. I have so many things I want to do there. Speaking of Dark Souls, I can’t wait for the art book to come out at the end of the month. It’s going to be awesome!

Later (and happy weekend! ^^)  ♥






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