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084: Maybe I’m Wasting My Young Years


☆彡 I have bangs now. My forehead is warm. I’m easily amused.

★彡 Sometimes I think about Marrymore from Super Mario RPG and I get happy because it’s an entire village dedicated to weddings. Can you imagine having the worst day ever, going to Marrymore, watching all these happy couples getting married, and feeling infinitely happier? One of the greatest villages in video game history.

☆彡 My cat ears beanie cap finally came, so naturally I must wear it 24/7.

★彡 I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Jade Curtiss is a little shit. In an endearing way, of course.

☆彡 I wish I had some type of health fairy who would smack junk foods out of my hands the moment I try to eat them. Or I could use a little thing called self-control. That works too.

★彡 I’m glad Batista is back and all, but…what the fuck was that Royal Rumble? Roman Reigns didn’t win? Not even CM Punk? What the hell is this?

☆彡 I have a strange relationship with music. On one hand I am eager to hear as much as possible; however, on the other hand, I am hesitant to listen to new songs because I am always content with the collection I have. In other words, I tell myself that it is not possible for music to get any better than the music I already love. It’s overwhelming–in a pleasant way–to go on websites like 8tracks, listen to a bunch of amazing playlists, and realize that I haven’t even scraped the surface of what life-changing music is. Music is great, isn’t it? Finding new songs to love is the aural equivalent of finding money on the ground, and you feel just as rich at the end of the day.

TL;DR I’m getting emotional about music again. Sorry. ( ; w ; )

★彡Finally saw Elysium and Kick-Ass 2. I liked them both, but they needed more Hit Girl. Yes, Elysium too. If Hit Girl was there Matt Damon wouldn’t have half the problems he had in that movie. Slightly OT: I wonder who swears more: Hit Girl or Kaine. That’s a tough call to make. I’m leaning more towards Kaine though. I’m completely passive to swearing, but when I heard her chewing Grimoire Weiss out in that intro my jaw dropped. 

☆彡 Nothing ever breaks on me when I’m in the middle of doing nothing important. It’s always when I’m in the middle of something extremely serious.

★彡 Played the Lightning Returns demo today. For some reason, the FFXIII series always gets better in terms of gameplay, but seems to fall short everywhere else. The new battle system is NICE. I want to say it’s like a more customizable version of the paradigm shifts. In the middle of battle Lightning can change into different roles that you can customize almost endlessly. You can choose attacks, accessories, weapons, outfits, etc. for each role, so it’s really awesome in that aspect. Story-wise… I’ll just say it’s what you expect from FFXIII-anything. There is a lot going on. Some familiar faces (or voices in Hope’s case) were there. Lightning is still cool. Honestly, I won’t be going to any midnight releases or anything for this one. I’ll probably pick up a used copy once it falls into the $20 or less range just to enjoy the battles. I don’t see myself enjoying much else. It’s almost heartbreaking to speak so harshly about anything FF-related because I am a massive FF fan. Games, soundtracks, figurines, clothing, trading cards, posters, wall scrolls, keychains–you name it…but I’m just not feeling the FFXIII universe outside of the battle system, music, and some of the characters. I hope I fall completely head-over-heels for FFV. I really want to.

☆彡 Mark is such a fucking dweeb. It was snowing the other day, and he started pretending that he was casting random ice-related spells from various video games. All I could do was stand there smiling and thinking: “Yep. This is the guy I vowed to stick with until I die.” After that I jumped him for his lunch money and we bought coffee with it. Marry a nerd. 10/10. Would recommend.

★彡 Nothing makes me nervous like empty notebooks. I always try to come up with some type of interesting theme for my notebooks, but it usually ends up as a journal/diary, a collection of scribbles, or random notes I take concerning my ideas. That’s about it. I could make a book based on random writing prompts but it doesn’t feel “organic”. Looking back, I’ll read it and realize that I was just following random orders to pass the time. Well, at least I came to a decision with my hardcover dragon notebook. That is definitely going to be an enchiridion of Mythos. I can’t write a story that massive and rely on my memory alone, you know? Blah blah blah blah blah. You get the point.

☆彡 I spent most of my weekend watching unsettling documentaries. It’s really disheartening to watch people suffer needlessly for someone or something they adore. The worst one was “Talhotblond” where this mom used her teenaged daughter’s pictures (Most of them she took without her permission and were exploitive.) to mess around with guys on the internet. She ended up stirring up shit to make these two guys fight over her, and one teenaged boy ended up getting killed because of it. It was beyond fucked up. The other ones were pretty fucked up too. I sometimes forget that these are real people and I’m not watching a movie. It can get that unbelieveable sometimes. Well, one thing that is definite about the human race is that we never cease to amaze…sometimes not in a good way.

Wow, I have a lot of things to catch up on before I get tired.


083: Christmas in the Silent Forest

tumblr_ms9m6t0hl51qlf1u5o1_500 tumblr_ms9m6t0hl51qlf1u5o2_500 tumblr_ms9m6t0hl51qlf1u5o3_500

( Dinnertime at my house. )

☆彡 I cannot stop writing. Mythos has completely screwed up my sleeping schedule…whenever I actually get sleep…but I honestly don’t mind. It feels fantastic to be obsessed with a project again, especially a project that I’ve been working on since middle school. You would think I would just stop by now but nope. I love my characters too much. I love Telluria too much. The plot can change all it wants, but I’m not letting those two things go. Blah blah blah, I’m making good progress.

★彡Finally, I am playing Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and it is a gem. It’s funny. I was picking the game up at Gamestop (It’s $7-8! Buy it! Play it! Listen to the soundtrack, mainly for “Cloud Surfing”!) and the guy at the counter immediately shouted: “THIS GAME IS AWESOME. IT IS SO UNDERRATED. I LOVE THIS GAME.” I feel you, Gamestop guy.

☆彡 Link found some new hobbies that include knocking the trash bin over in the middle of the night, chewing on my books, and gnawing his way into every food packet we hide from him. It’s like living with a 10-lb rat. Joy…

★彡 My favorite part of L.A. Noire is interrogating the fuck out of people. Don’t lie to me, nerd. I’m a video game protagonist. I always win. And if I lose I can restart and make myself win.

☆彡 Don’t talk to me about the season finale of Sons of Anarchy.

★彡 This has been a month of nonstop eargasm. Beyonce, the Drag-on Dragoon 3 soundtrack, and the Lightning Returns soundtrack. *somersaults into the sun*

☆彡 Mark got an early Christmas present: an all-black Nintendo 3DS XL and Fire Emblem: Awakening. He’s pretty much attached to it…which is the only reasonable reaction to have to a new game console tbh. LOL. I’m waiting for him to get Animal Crossing though. We are going to pretty much wage war on each other’s towns.  First, I spam his town bulletin with Spice Girls lyrics. >:D

★彡 Dude, I was watching Nutcracker (1986) and Drosselmeyer reminded me of Papa!Nier. A very creepy version of Nier, yes, but still.


Edit: found a better picture of Nutcracker Nier.

Edit: Found a better picture of Nutcracker Nier.

☆彡 You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat those who serve them. Actually, put someone in a room with a person or animal who cannot defend himself/herself (whatever the cause of the limitation), and you will learn all you need to know about that person’s character.

★彡 I really, really, really want to replay Final Fantasy VIII, but I don’t feel like going through totes for my Playstation 2 and setting up the PS2 wires by tugging away the 360 and Wii wires that are already connected. First world problems. I know. I recently remembered that Steam existed, so I’m probably going to go through Steam and just play it online. Why not? I’d pay $10 bucks to play FFVIII whilst avoiding the wiring bullshit.

☆彡 I love buying someone an awesome gift and getting excited over their excitement. Aside from the decorations, that’s the only reason I give a shit about the holidays.

★彡 Princess AJ Lee said that she hit Brie Bella so hard that Brie forgot math. I am crying.

☆彡 “You must unlearn what you have been ‘programmed’ to believe from birth. That software no longer serves you if you want to live in a world where all things are possible.” — Jacqueline E. Purcell (IMPORTANT!!!)

★彡 South Park‘s parody of A Game of Thrones is hilarious. I lost my ability to breathe when the CEO of Sony gave Kenny Sailor Moon’s locket and he became an anime princess, J-pop theme song and all. Excuse me, I’m going to die of laughter again.

I’m gonna kick this winter vacation off right with some 80’s action flicks and writing marathons. Happy holidays, ya’ll. *_*






Some gems from the OST:


( Yessss. *dances poorly* )

Brynhildr Appreciation Post

Flawless fiery goddess ( ; u ; )







FFXIII-2 Character Quiz: I Am Hope Estheim


I am okay with this because Hope is adorable. I’m just glad it’s not Snow. *shudders*

054: Calling

☆彡 The funniest thing about ‘Majestic Thorin’ is the fact that Kili tries so hard to be majestic too and fails every time.

★彡 Speaking of Thorin, the actor who plays him (Richard Armitage) is EXACTLY what I was looking for as a reference for Odin. I already have Kerry Washington for Elda, Tom Welling for Sebastian, Logan Lerman for Silvain, AnnaSophia Robb for Giga, and Naomie Harris for Vivienne. Yet, lo and behold, my main character is without a reference. Anyway, I didn’t see Richard Armitage as a candidate while watching him in The Hobbit, but someone later posted him on tumblr without all the makeup and I instantly knew. So…I’m going to hit that sketchbook after this. Oh, yes. A picture. Here it is:


☆彡 After all these years, I still leave games on just to listen to music. Sure…I could just listen to an mp3 off some random website, but it’s not the same. For example, I’m listening to “Dust to Dust” in Final Fantasy XIII, and the scenery of Oerba is fantastic. I also have Fang, Lightning, and Hope chilling on my screen and they’re my three favorite people in this game (Don’t even get me started on my love for those three. Don’t. Even. Do. It.). All of that combined with the music is better than just putting in some headphones and minimizing a window. I only choose the latter because I have no choice, or I can’t bother to rotate game after game just to listen to the songs I am in the mood for. Then some songs are only played during special events, and not every game is FFX enough to have a location in the game to play every single song–even the unreleased ones. So, I enjoy these moments when I can.

★彡 I finally made it to Eden in Final Fantasy XIII by the way. SO close to the end. The thing that held me back was Barthandelus. I don’t know why that battle so hard before, but after switching up some paradigms (Protection-Mystic Tower-Tireless Charge-Combat Clinic) and progressing a few nodes in the Crystarium, he became SUPER easy. I didn’t even touch my eidolon during that battle. 😮

☆彡 Hmm…this is a very, very, very rocky start for the year. Still, I am remaining hopeful. I am living from one good moment to the next, and bad times are just a shaky bridge connecting them. That’s all. No matter how tough things get, I will cross over it soon. Just gotta keep my eyes on the prize.

★彡 I always get this urge to run. I don’t know why. I just want to put on some sweatpants, a t-shirt, some sneakers, and run. But then I start to think about all the scary things that could happen from my home to wherever I end up, and I start to think of safer alternatives…and those tend to take place at home…and nothing ever gets done at home because of technology reasons. I should just go for it, right? I should just run.

☆彡 After the back to back panic attacks I’ve been having, I decided to cancel that Las Vegas trip. Not going. Ever. I’m not sad about it at all. My dream vacation/trip has always been somewhere very quiet and calm. Somewhere…Shire-y. LOL. I cannot stand to be in a place where I am surrounded by strangers–in the capital of gambling and sleazy behavior of all things. I’ll pass. It’s for my own good.

★彡 I just want to post this. XD


☆彡 Are interracial couples so fascinating that people need to stop everything they’re doing and stare at them? Seriously. Stop.

★彡 Nobody wants to be around someone who they never feel good enough for, and I am no different. What is the point in spending time with someone who always finds something wrong with me when there are people out there who accept me for who I am?

☆彡 I am obsessed with Celestial Seasonings to the point of becoming overwhelmed with excitement when new flavors are released.

★彡 A story is like a downhill slope. Once you start going down it, it’s just a speedy one-way trip down to uninvited bursts of inspiration and ideas.


Man…I have this overwhelming urge to take a long shower, wash my hair, and drink hot cocoa. I’m just going to do that. Hopefully, I will make a better entry later…at some point.

Just in case anyone forgot how perfect Fang is…and because I’ve been fangirling over Lightning more than Fang lately, and I feel like she deserves some love. >_<;

As always, Fang haters are gonna squirm; Fang haters should shut up and come quiet if they want to keep breathing; etc.

BTW, I am still fangirling over Agni’s philosophy. If you haven’t seen the tech demo yet, please watch it. Even if you’re not a big Final Fantasy fan but a massive video game fan, you should see the power of Square-Enix’s new engine. It’s marvelous :o!

Either way, here is Agni (I am assuming). Of course, she’s as beautiful as Final Fantasy women tend to be. And just as strong too!

Final Fantasy + Prada

Let’s take a moment to check this the fuck out.

This is so motivational! I want to start drawing my favorite characters in different outfits. Really cool! I hope to see more stuff like this in the future. >_<

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