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    When I’m not doing family stuff, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just trying to live life to the fullest like everyone else. I’m sending good vibrations to everyone! I want us all to win, so keep fighting! Take care!


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075: Standing Still Is Hard


75th blog entry ! *victory fanfare* In honor of this, I want to try this
(Not the gif, the idea below. LOL).

☆彡 = Personal life and rants

★彡 = Hobbies and interests

Let’s see how long it lasts. Okay. Let’s go!

★彡 Complicated shit first.

In regards to the Lightning Returns controversy, my opinion is this: the fact that Toriyama decided to increase Lightning’s breast size to, and I quote, “defeat Skyrim” is pathetic. It’s even more pathetic when you put into consideration that Skyrim and western RPGs in general don’t rely on breasts to sell their products. They are successful because they market innovative gameplay and interesting stories. In short, my qualm is not the fact they’re pitching Lightning as a sexy character (because she was a sexy and flawless heroine from the jump amirite). My qualm is that Square, a company once renowned for their memorable stories and characters, has to stoop to the selling tactics of hentai games and dating sims to be successful. So, I’m not mad. I’m just really disappointed. Then again, this is Toriyama…the same guy behind Final Fantasy X-2. Let me act surprised. Really, all of this only makes me want to play Skyrim even more. So, I’ll likely invest in Skyrim DLCs and add-ons before I even touch Lightning Returns. Sorry, Lightning. I still love you.


☆彡  I recently rolled my eyes so hard that they pained me for a few minutes afterwards. Time for me to stay away from aggravating things. 

★彡 I am back to spending 80% of my free time writing Mythos chapters, and I officially passed 100 pages as a result. *confetti* I also did some major updating on charahub. It’s a neat little site. There is even a survey to take that asks things like the character’s favorite color, favorite place, etc. Progress with Mythos is actually what I wanted for a very long time, so I’m incredibly pleased.


☆彡 I have a theory that everything in this apartment conspires to break on us at the same time. Rude.

★彡 Boys Over Flowers was such a rollercoaster. I was so sure I would despise Gu Jun Pyo for the entire series. Then I was sure that I adored him. Then I despised him again. Then I adored him again. He is just such a pain but he’s also so adorable. Poor Geum Jan Di. I understand her frustration. I even found myself saying: “Ugh, stupid Gu Jun Pyo and his stupid curls” too. Well, I still believe that Geum Jan Di deserves the absolute best. She is such a sweetheart. I don’t know why, but the leading girl in Korean dramas are always so likeable. My favorite is still Eun-chan from The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince though. The cutest of cuties! Anywho, time to find a new Korean drama to get into. I’m going to miss the characters of Boys Over Flowers though. 

☆彡 Seriously, there is no tragic backstory for why I am not on facebook, twitter, instagram, or whatever newfangled websites people are on. I am just bored of them or not interested enough to sign up. That is all there is to it. The same goes for my phone. I got it to try out a smartphone, but once I wore out my apps I just got bored and gave it to Mark. Why bother holding on to it and spending $50 a month if I’m not even interested in it, you know? I just don’t see why some people need to have an aneurysm when I respond with “I don’t use that” or “I don’t own one”. It’s not a big deal. 

★彡 Nintendo is close to giving news on the new Zelda Wii U game. I have to make sure my schedule is cleared on that day so I can slip in and out on consciousness freely. If they announce that Zelda will be the protagonist in the new game, I will likely die though. 

☆彡 The pervert life is hard. Only the strong can endure. It is known.

★彡 Some of my villagers are already asking to leave. NOT ALLOWED. Well…there are 2-3 of them that I won’t miss, but everyone else is not allowed to leave. It’s in the contract. Whomp-whomp.

☆彡 Clutter puts me in such a bad mood. I really should just buy like five bookshelves and call it a day. No more piles. No more packing things in totes only to end up with a pile of totes. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

★彡 I miss Space Ghost: Coast to Coast so much. I would love Netflix for the rest of my life if they would just add it on instant. Speaking of Netflix, I don’t know who added Digimon, new Breaking Bad episodes, and re-added all of the 007 movies but they just tossed all of my plans for this weekend. I hope they’re happy. 

☆彡  When I compare my present-day drawings to the ones I did back in elementary school, I actually prefer my elementary school ones. Back then, I didn’t worry about perfect anatomy or perfect folds or perfect shading. So all of my drawings were fun. I actually did a goofy Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy VII crossover in the 6 or 7th grade, and until this day I still die of laughter because of it. My drawings now…they can’t even get a smile out of me. I forgot how to enjoy myself, you know? That is the worst part. I want to get to that point again. More than becoming like the artists I admire, I want to be that girl who used to draw in her composition notebooks and not care if it was imperfect. It’s all really cheesy. I know. I really do want to improve, but at the same time I don’t want to get so focused on perfection that I forget that art is supposed to be imperfect. Take abstract art. It is often a bunch of random lines and shapes, yet it is still so perfect. I want that feeling when I look at my own art. I am not going to say someday. Very soon. *in Geum Jan Di’s voice* FIGHTING!

★彡 I have come to terms with the possibility that Dany, Drogon, Rhaeghal, and/or Viserion will die. I can deal with Rhaegal or Viserion if given an hour or two to collect myself. Drogon…a day. Dany…several months. Actually, I will definitely cry if Dany dies. For a long time. At this point, I am REALLY sure that Dany is going to die. I have a feeling that GRRM monitors who the most liked characters are, and starts picking them off based on that. Dany is fairly popular with ASOIAF fans, so…yeah…she’s dead. *mourns in advance*

☆彡 Link is really letting me down right now. I had to kill three centipedes in the past two days. Not acceptable. Killing bugs is his job. The only reason he can’t do it is because he picked up a new hobby: sitting on top of the living room TV and yelling at us whenever we leave to go to the bathroom. Thanks a lot, cat. >:|

★彡 I miss WWE, but I don’t have cable so it’s no use crying about it. I’ll just have to jump back into it ever other year like I always do. -.-


With that said, I’m really into my games, writings, and drawings right now, so updates may become scarce…save for those “This Is A ______ Post” entries. Which is a good thing, right? When I look back, I am more interested in those types of entries then these topic-hopping entries. Anyway, I may not do one of these for a while. Just a little insignificant heads up.

That’s about it. Off to finish up Breaking Bad and eat curry. After that, some quality time with Geralt, Commander Shepard, and Kaim.



073: Vespertine


☆彡 I forgot how creepy the forest temple was in Ocarina of Time.

★彡 To all of my non-black friends, relatives, acquaintances, and so on: If you ever say something racist about black people and you’re on the verge of getting your ass chewed out for it, do not use your relationship with me to get out of that. Because I am not going to defend you. Furthermore, the thought of our relationship–however close or distant–being used as some type of I-can-say-all-the-racist-shit-I-want access card is nauseating to me and I’ll definitely disown you for that. Yep…that’s it. That’s all I had to say about that.

☆彡 Kainé introduced me to the term “shithog”, and for that I will always treasure her.

★彡 For me, being fat is 50% okay and 50% not okay. It’s awesome to not be hit on and groped and dragged into one-sided fights anymore, but it’s not awesome having zero stamina and staring diabetes in the face. As for being fit, that’s 50% okay and 50% not okay too. I will be stronger and healthier and more confident when I’m fit, but I’ll also return to being harassed by perverted men and mean-spirited women. So…I don’t know. On some days weight loss is going from good to better, and other days it’s going from the frying pan to the freezer.

☆彡I’d just like to congratulate Guts on his face, and the fact that losing an eye and an arm and pigmentation in his hair and getting covered in scars and aging added about 500 points to his general attractiveness. *tosses confetti*




tumblr_moxwzqUN5I1sukuboo1_500 tumblr_moxwzqUN5I1sukuboo2_500 tumblr_moxwzqUN5I1sukuboo3_500



★彡 My Perfect Day: Wake up whenever I want to, eat breakfast while watching movie or TV, shower, play video games, have lunch while watching movie or TV, go back to video games, prep dinner, cook dinner, eat dinner while watching movie or TV, work on story, work on drawings, drink tea, read book until I fall asleep. Aw yes~

☆彡 The Atlas Shrugged movies are terrible, but I keep watching them. Come to think of it, watching terrible things whilst wondering why the entire time perfectly sums up my experience with Netflix.

★彡 Welcome To The NHK…I don’t think I’ve ever watched an anime that was so hilarious and so depressing at the same time. Still, I wish that I watched it years ago when it first came out. There are so many lessons to take from it. It actually gets a little uncomfortable seeing how much Welcome To The NHK echoes with my life sometimes. Oh, well. On to the next anime.

☆彡 When I think of the millions of things I can do, I realize that I am not even living 1% of my life. In a metaphor (Yes, I love my metaphors), life is a giant mansion and I’ve been living in the same room my entire life. How can I realistically judge the entire mansion from that tiny little room alone? Or, what I mean to say, how can I determine that life is absolutely pointless when I’ve barely even lived it.

★彡 I can’t imagine getting to a point in my life where an expired coupon makes me start screaming and throwing things at cashiers. Thankfully. I never want to see something like that and think: “Yeah, that’s reasonable. I could see myself doing that.”

☆彡 Even when Haley Joel Osment is 90 years old, he is the only voice actor I will accept as Sora.

★彡 Please explain to me the purpose of giving the silent treatment to someone who enjoys silence? I’m still trying to grasp that.

☆彡 Mark’s reaction to playing NiGHTS into Dreams for the first time: “Were you on drugs as a child?”

Yes, Mark. Yes.

★彡 Liking two characters that hate each other can get really overwhelming at times.

☆彡 What is this bullshit about Drag-on Dragoon 3 not coming to the US? Stop playing, Square-Enix.

★彡 Looking back on your past self and feeling shame isn’t pleasant, but it is definitely something to be grateful for. I mean…look at yourself 10 years ago and imagine being that person 10 years from now. Even more cringeworthy, isn’t it? Improvement is difficult, and it may bring embarrassment, but living a life where you never improve is a very, very, very, very unfortunate life.

☆彡 If I open up to you about something and you act like a judgmental prick, I will never open up to you again. I won’t even tell you what I had for lunch. That’s how much faith I lack in your ability to treat the information I give you with tolerance and understanding.

★彡 I hope when I learn a second language that its native speakers will be honest with me and tell me when I am saying something wrong. Or if it is just an outdated way of saying something. Anything constructive is good.

☆彡 The time I put aside to play video games consists of going through my pile of shame, recalling why I temporarily abandoned a game, and abandoning the game again. And this goes on and on until I just grab a random game. It’s also likely that after abandoning a game for a long time I will overcome a hump that frustrated me. It always happens.

★彡 The true challenge with sketchbooks is remembering to take my time, leave mistakes alone, and stop trying to tell a story. I still treat every drawing I make like some type of art project for school. I’m still not used to the idea of just….drawing a cup because I feel like it, you know? That is something I am teaching myself slowly but surely. Or re-teaching myself. There was a time when I could just draw a pokemon and be content. Nowadays, though, I am likely to spend the entire day trying to portray some type of story behind the pokemon I’m drawing and just become frustrated. In the end, it is always me against myself.

☆彡 Life without Toonami Aftermath is not a good life. I know this because life after Toonami was not a good life.


tumblr_mpb0a4hYsh1sq2xoeo3_500 tumblr_mnq6ca8dMI1qdtotno2_500 tumblr_mnq6ca8dMI1qdtotno1_500

…I can’t handle.

I have to go.

I’m going to tackle some video games. I’m also considering a Bulma layout but Daenerys. Yeah, let’s Daenerys.

Tonight is also curry night! Yessss~

And thunderstorms! Yessss~

067: The Stone That The Builder Refused



☆彡 *casually leaves Minecraft on for the music*

★彡 Awesome Shows Netflix Added To Instant: The Boondocks, Adventure Time, Fringe, Robot Chicken, Metalocalypse, The Regular Show, Aqua Teen Hunger, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Johnny Brave, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter’s Laboratory, Cow and Chicken, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, The Venture Brothers, and…I believe that is it.  *slam dunks productivity in the trash can*

☆彡 Every time I watch Tron: Legacy, I remember this couple who sat behind us in the theater that kept complaining about Jeff Bridges “using too much botox” during the scenes with Young!Flynn and Clu. It wasn’t until Flynn, played by the actual Jeff Bridges, showed up that they realized it was CG. To this day, Mark and I still say things like: “What’s with all of the botox. Wow, Jeff Bridges. How dare you. You don’t even look human anymore.” LOL. I will give them some credit for saying Jeff Bridges is cool…because he is cool.

★彡 Unfortunately, Square-Enix adding Final Fantasy X-2 to the Final Fantasy X remake does nothing for me. I love Final Fantasy X like no one’s business, and the Final Fantasy X-2 battle system was magnificent, but neither game is enough to make me want to buy a Vita. Of course, if a Vita happens to fall into my lap then I will pick up the games just for old time’s sake…but it’s not enough on it’s own like FFX was in my decision to get a PS2. Really, I am still waiting for SE to give Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX some love–IF they ever get any. I mean, we already know FFVII gets an infinite amount of love from SE. The Final Fantasy N Generation games were re-released on the Nintendo DS, Final Fantasy X received a sequel, Final Fantasy XII received a sequel as well, FFIX is ongoing, and the same can be said for FFXIII. VIII and IX though have pretty much vanished outside of Dissidia. I already know that FFIX is often overlooked because it doesn’t “look like a FF game”…whatever the fuck that means…but it is a fantastic game. The same for FFVIII. So, I don’t know…I wish there was an explanation for why those games aren’t receiving anything like sequels, spin-offs, or remakes besides the “it’s not popular enough” reply I tend to hear.

☆彡 Perhaps this confirms my theory that I am aging too fast, but I am growing wearier of the internet by the day. Surprisingly, it is not the social aspect of the internet that bothers me. It is the information overload. I don’t have anything against information I intentionally learn through research or speaking to others. That, to me, is “good” information. “Bad” information is wasting precious memory on things I didn’t mean to memorize. It actually saddens me when I don’t remember the capital of a country, but I remember what so-and-so ate last year. My brain is like a sponge, and information is like liquid. I really can’t filter what type of information my brain wants to absorb, the same way you can’t filter what types of liquid a sponge chooses to absorb. That is the best metaphor that I can offer. Honestly, I do believe my digital activity will get to a point where I only update this blog and check social networks once or twice a month. As much as I enjoy trying out different websites and catching up on things, I am exhausting myself for no reason. It’s better to work towards retaining useful information in the end…even if it isn’t “fun”. Yes, yes, I am just a big ol’ wet blanket. What can I say? Time changes things. Naturally, I am not excluded from that.

★彡 If someone can make millions off of a Twilight fan fiction, I really have no excuse at all.

☆彡 I thought buying 120 crayons would be fun…but I accidentally overwhelmed myself. I spend the last three hours organizing them into sections based on their shade and labeling each color in my sketch book (draw and color a circle with a crayon, write the name of the crayon I used with a pencil, repeat). Now I am attempting to memorize what color coordinates with what name so I won’t accidentally confuse vivid tangerine with outrageous orange or neon carrot or atomic orange. * disintegrates* If only I had this level of organization towards shit that actually matters.

★彡 If I ever doubted that my attention span was pathetic, Neave TV curb stomped that doubt.

☆彡 The Sailor Moon anime has been delayed. I AM CRYING TWIN WATERFALLS (Excel Saga moar). I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Genius cannot be rushed, right? So, if Queen Naoka says it is not ready then it is not ready. Also, I am side-eyeing people who are posting faulty-ass Sailor Moon artwork and saying that it’s “leaked” from the anime. Fans, please check around before getting your hopes up about anything. A good place to start is here: https://twitter.com/OsabuP_English. (S)he is the editor of Sailor Moon, and works directly with Naoka Takeuchi. If anyone is going to post official stuff for the anime it is her…or him…I’m not sure. But follow that for updates. News is slow, yes, but it is better than false news.

★彡 500 years later, I am finally playing Scott Pilgrim VS The World. It is incredibly nostalgic. It makes me want to bust out my Super Nintendo and relive the frustration of cartridges.


★彡 Lavender incense. *u*

☆彡 There is such a thing as “acquaintance zone” now? Wow. How does that even work? “I talked to my co-worker for ten seconds, yet she rejected my slumber party invitation. I can’t believe she acquaintance zoned me. What gives?

★彡 “Some random person with no proof to back up their statements and no certifications to support their credibility said it. Therefore, it must be true.” — the type of shit I put up with


Well, on scale of one to grumpy cat, I am Oscar the Grouch. So, it’s time for me to depart and get some fucking tea. 😀


P.S. Posting sassy Tuvok in that last entry made me realize that Tom Paris’ expressions are great too. So, I will close this with a Tom Paris expression appreciation thing.



Paris’ “Okay?” face.


Paris’ watching-someone-getting-their-butt-touched face. (Long story)


Paris’ seriously-who-the-fuck-falls-asleep-on-the-bridge-lol-nvm face

Ball So Hard Motherfuckers Wanna Fine Me



I know how to party, amirite?

( Yes, this is “partying” by my standards. Welcome to Boringville. XD )

051: Wounds That Heal


(Whoever owns this CD collection knows how to party.)

☆彡 Every time I see the attic scene in Kill Bill, I remember all those frantic days spent searching for the origin of that song (By the way, it is called “Kaifuku Suru Kizu/Wounds That Heal”. It was performed by Salyu for the film All About Lily Chou-Chou–a soul-crushing movie). It is beautiful. Listen.

★彡 I am sick again. Yay! My annual sinus infection torture fest started in full swing on Christmas Eve, and hasn’t stopped tormenting me since. As Mark said, 2012 isn’t done shitting on us yet. Not until we both meet the new year worse than how we started. Fuck you, 2012.

☆彡 Oh, yeah. Christmas. It was great. We received a lot of wonderful gifts. Of course, there is the 360 that we both saved up money for, and agreed to share ownership of as a Christmas gift. No regrets at all there. We also received a buttload of giftcards, shirts (for Mark), Bath and Body Works stuff (for me), a wok, a blanket that we keep wrasslin’ eachother for, candy, DVDs, art supplies (for me), writing supplies (for me), action figures (for Mark), and…I believe that was it. My brain is scrambled right now. I’m sorry if I forgot anything. Overall, I’m incredibly grateful. Thanks! >_<

★彡 Speaking of gifts, Mark bought Minecraft with one of his gift cards, and he has been inseparable from that game ever since. On the first day, he played for literally 12 hours. I haven’t really had the energy to play until last night. I won’t lie. It is incredibly enjoyable. Since I was pretty much out of it when I started, Mark told me to just join him in co-op, and mess with things until I get a feel of the game. A few hours later, I’m making chests full of weapons, and reconstructing our entire house and exploring underground caverns. It’s so awesome.

☆彡 This entire time, Mark and I thought that the XBox was already set to HD. So, when we first started playing it we kept gasping at how amazing HD game play is. As it turns out, our XBox wasn’t even set up for HD yet. Yesterday, we got the proper cord, set up HD, and both yelled: “WHOOOOAAA!” for what was probably an entire minute. I mean, the standard definition already looked very beautiful. I didn’t think it could get anymore beautiful than that! This means that we now have to replay all types of games that we thought looked lovely, and see how lovely they really look. Thank you, technology. ~_~

★彡Aziz Ansari is funny as hell. I probably mentioned that already.

☆彡 I bade farewell to Hulu…because it never works. It doesn’t work on either of the consoles or the computer. Whenever we contact Hulu about it, they tell Mark and me that it is our fault somehow. First, it was our internet connection. So, we tested Hulu at someone else’s house with their internet. Then they basically tell us that our laptop and Wii sucks (oh hell no). So, we try it on the XBox 360. They tell us our XBox is old (hell…no….). We put it on hold for a few weeks. During those few weeks, we get a different internet company and this new XBox. Not for Hulu, but for ghastly customer service on the internet side, and broken XBox on the XBox side. Now they tell us that our new XBox and internet sucks. So, Hulu can suck my balls. I’m going to test crunchyroll as a source of anime, and see how that goes. Everything else I can watch on Netflix pretty much. *shrug*

★彡 We finally finished Sword Art Online. I really love it! I’m thinking of watching it again whenever I get the time. ^_^

☆彡 Link always finds a random box to dwell in. This time, an approximately 7″ x 6″ box that came from…I don’t even remember. This is pretty much all the gift he needs. If we buy him a toy, he’ll ignore it. If we buy him a cat playground, he’ll ignore it. If we put a random box aside, he’ll become obsessed with it.

★彡 The concept of cool and uncool is idiotic. What is strange now will be considered the norm in a few years, and what is the norm now will be strange in a couple of years. It keeps repeating like this over and over. Only a few people ever notice this cycle and say to themselves: “Well, that’s pointless. I’m just going to do what I feel like doing.” Actually, it’s that small group of individualistic people who actually set the so-called “trends” in society because only they are capable of new ideas and new approaches to life. This is why some people are genuinely passive to terms like “weird”, “strange”, “unpopular”, “uncool”, and etc. To be like everyone else and never think for one’s self is the ultimate insult in their minds.

☆彡 I really want to see After Earth. Maybe it will restore M. Night Shymalan’s credibility as a director after the monstrosity that was The Last Airbender.

★彡 The english translation of Hyrule Historia is almost here! *tosses confetti everywhere* I miss purchasing artbooks. It’s one of those things I never get tired of looking at. To this day, I still spend hours skimming through my Clamp, Escaflowne, and Nier artbooks. I would love to add an artbook from Shigeki Maeshima to my collection.

Ugh, I don’t feel like writing anymore. Going to take a power nap or something. Before I go, I’ll post some Shigeki Maeshima stuff. >_>


nattoli.net_photo_standard_art_books_artists_shigeki_maeshima_serendipity_shigeki_maeshima_illustrations_19_3748_nat_preview-9e5224ef nattoli.net_photo_standard_art_books_artists_shigeki_maeshima_serendipity_shigeki_maeshima_illustrations_18_3747_nat_preview-05f76880 tumblr_lg0q7tzh5c1qcnxn1o1_500 tumblr_ls27rl75H51qgrhcbo2_500 tumblr_m0nb92IZlM1qbxg01o1_500

047: Dawn Breaks Like A Bull Through The Hall



☆彡 Tomorrow, I see Silent Hill: Revelations and The Man With The Iron Fists. Yet another thing to be excited about. 😀

★彡 Somehow, one sick day turned into a four-day weekend. I’m not happy about that at all. Thursday was understandable. I had a 100 degree fever, back-to-back migraines, and nausea so bad that I don’t know how in the world I didn’t throw up that day. Friday though…Okay, I’ll admit, I wasn’t 100%. I still had a fever, but it was only 99. I was fine enough to do work. I resent being sent home to just sit in bed, and wallow over the money I’m not making. I’m not angry at my boss at all. She was only looking out for me and everyone else (which is what I like about her) but I’m just…frustrated. Christmas is right around the corner. I can’t afford to have  two days off like that. I don’t know what I’m rambling about. I should be grateful. I did have a great day with Mark since he was off on Friday. Hell, he’s even going to be off on Sunday too. So, I can smile about that, right? 🙂

☆彡 Thanks to the two days off mentioned, I finally finished Deep Space Nine. The last moment of the show where Jake is watching the wormhole with Kira beside him–UGH RIGHT IN THE FEELS. I’ve already moved on to Voyager, and I must say that I really like Captain Kathryn Janeway. Actually, there isn’t a ST captain that I don’t adore. They’re all so wonderful. ❤

★彡 Getting this Dark Knight trilogy was a flawless choice. I’ve been watching the movies on loop since I got them. It’s so much better watching the entire thing from start to finish in one sitting. It leaves the details nice and crisp.

☆彡 I thought my obsession with Morning Glory stationery ended in my adolescence. It didn’t.

★彡 Netflix has all these Disney movies now thanks to a deal they made. I’m starting with The Fox and The Hound (which I’ve never seen) before I move on to The Aristocats (never finished it, but saw most of it), Alice in Wonderland, and then Pocahontas. The Nightmare Before Christmas is another possibility too. It’s all going to be very nostalgic indeed.

☆彡 If everyone has a purpose in life, I believe mine is storytelling. Whether it’s drawing or writing stories, I enjoy telling them. There is a feeling I can’t quite explain when I create a story, and someone tells me: “What happens next? Please work on it! I need to know the rest!” It’s not really pride. It’s…I don’t know. The closest feeling to it is when someone gives you an important task to complete, and you not only complete it, you go beyond their expectations. It’s that happiness with yourself and your abilities. There really is nothing like it.

★彡 I don’t have a New Year’s resolution list to share this year. Instead, I have a “Shit You Should Have Done Like Five Years Ago and It’s Really Pathetic That It’s Taking This Long” list. I don’t feel like posting it.

☆彡 Random Conversation:

Mark: “Doesn’t my character look like Geralt?”

Me: “Yes. Now I want to touch his butt.”

Mark: “What?”

Me: “What?”

(On a serious note, Geralt has a nice butt and everything else. Permission to post Geralt? For me? Why, you shouldn’t have! )


★彡 Tina Turner singing “Goldeneye”. Perfection.

*sigh* Six hours away from Mark getting home, enjoying dinner, and watching Sword Art Online. I’m so impatient right now. -__-

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☆彡 I’m not watching Deep Space Nine right now because the awesome TV is in the bedroom with the Wii, and I can’t hear shit thanks to my neighbors who are either a den of lions or human hurricanes. You pick. So, I’ve migrated to the living room, playlists a-playing, and generously offering anyone out there a hefty reward to handle my neighbors. Don’t hurt them. Just handle them…so I won’t violate my lease, or worse, end up in prison.

★彡 I’m beginning to realize that my job is an INTJ’s wet dream: very organized, very quiet, very systematic, and very logic-oriented. Though socialization is not frowned down upon there, putting socialization before work or stirring up drama is. In fact, a veteran employee was recently let go because, from what my boss told me, she did a lot of smile-to-your-face-gossip-behind-your-back type things. I don’t know what to contribute when it comes to that. I barely knew her, and I honestly thought she was a nice lady, but hew-mons in general are deceptive. Nonetheless, it is nice to work in a place where both introversion and studiousness is rewarded. It’s only been three weeks, and I am receiving so many pleasant reviews from my bosses. I could cry…but my feelings are off right now. *shrug* Next month, Mark and I are invited to an all-expense paid hibachi dinner along with my other co-workers (and their peoples). I’m pretty excited. So is Mark. He’s still baffled that my bosses are willing to pay ridiculous money to feed him, and they don’t even know him. I’m still baffled by some of the gifts, trips, and other things they gave to us. I was hesitant about that Las Vegas trip next year, but I was told that I would get taken to live shows, top notch restaurants, and even given allowance. I could only say “Whoa,” in a very Joey Lawrence fashion. It’s crazy. I don’t know what I did to deserve this position, but thanks.

☆彡 My new theme song is “Interval of Time and Space”. At last, I am an RPG character. *victory pose in slow motion*

★彡 Five words I hate to hear: “Teach me how to draw” (Close runner up: “Can you draw my (family member)?”). The answer is a very enthusiastic NO. It’s not that I dislike partaking knowledge (or drawing people). It’s just that 9 out of 10 people who ask me to teach them to draw have zero passion for it. They just want something to use as bait when they fish for compliments or attention. Besides, why ask me? I’m as mediocre as they come. Go ask someone else.

☆彡 I’m sometimes disappointed by the insults I get. It’s like no one even tries anymore. Don’t you think that I know my surface flaws? It’s only been 25 years. I only live with them everyday. Yes, I know what I did in the past, but since you obviously lived those experiences and I didn’t, please feel free to refresh my memory. As for my personality…it’s not as tangible as my body or my past. Your opinion of “good” or “bad” is entirely subjective, and moreover irrelevant to me. Don’t tell me what I think or don’t think of myself, anyone and anything. You’re not my brain. Why would your level of interest in building a relationship with me matter? I have never even attempted to build an acquaintanceship with you. Does that not show you the extent of your importance to me, or should I write it out for you in crayons?*sigh* I’m out of ‘You Tried’ stickers, so you’ll have to do with an imaginary pat on the back for now.

★彡 Why am I not a Bajoran? Where are my nose ridges and signature chained earring dangling from one ear? Why is no one calling me by my last name first, and first name last? Why do the prophets not speak to me? *blows away in the wind*

☆彡 Takeshi Kobayashi’s “Proton” is my programming theme. I’m making a lot of IRL OST updates today.

★彡 I think I’m being groomed by a creepy old guy. I mean, he’s old enough to be in the “maybe too friendly” category, yet young enough to be in the “yep definitely a pedophile or something” category, so I don’t know. It kind of miffs me because the one benefit in being overweight besides a nifty armrest on my gut is a sharp drop in the percentage of random men who come after me. I failed to remember that when it comes to creepy men or old men or men with fat fetishes, or that one guy who is all of the above, I am not safe. Going to bathe in scorching hot water in a few.

☆彡 My hair is growing again, as someone unfortunately pointed out to me today. I don’t feel like cutting it or even asking someone else to cut it. I’ll just let it do what it wants. I won’t lie though. Lately, I’ve been wishing I had hair like Mokuba Kaiba. I wouldn’t mind having a lion’s mane. Aww yiss. BTW, If you don’t think having a lion’s mane would be cool then you’re probably a peasant tbh, and you’re not welcomed in my jungle. You can go be basic with the gazelles and shit on the barren lands. Oh yeah. Here is Mokuba:

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know where he’s from. Yu-Gi-Oh was a train wreck.

★彡 It’s always funny when someone groans aloud: “Ugh, someone please kill me!”, and someone else with no sense of sarcasm or off-color humor thinks he’s legit suicidal.

☆彡 “I shoot him then I shoot all you motherfuckers and then we take it! Your choice, bitches!
— My favorite line in The Hangover hands down. The way he said it and what he did while he said it oh my goodness I died.

★彡 Whenever someone acts dramatic or makes a big deal about something stupid, Mark and I have a habit of making the wanking motion–very similar to our playing the miniture violin. But we sometimes forget that it probably shouldn’t be done in certain places. Actually, outside of our apartment and our car, it ‘s probably a bad idea to make wanking motions. LOL

☆彡 If you hate Pogo’s remixes, don’t talk to me.

★彡 Randomly muttering “Don’t touch me, I’m famous,” when someone brushes against you.

☆彡 Randomly muttering “For party rocking'” after saying “Sorry” to someone”.

★彡 Am I the only one who refuses to watch “A.I.” again because it’s too depressing? Never again. Fuck that.

Suddenly, I feel less crabby. Thanks again, WP.

I’m going to go eat my breaded fish and enjoy my Netflix, even if I have to turn it up so loud that it blows the roof off my room.


That’s all I have to contribute today.

*le vanishes*

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