Radiohead + Hans Zimmer: Ocean Bloom

I’m so happy about Hans Zimmer and Radiohead working together for the Blue Planet II OST. My favorite band AND one of my favorite composers…*sigh* So, so, so, so happy. ghost_crying2

I already know whatever they make will be amazing because this version of “Bloom” sounds incredible when compared to the original version, and the original version is already incredible enough to me. I like that they found a way to take the chaotic sound of “Bloom” and organize it into this symphony. It’s so amazing! ghost_crying2ghost_crying2ghost_crying2

*sigh* I’m just going to post the original version of “Bloom” then bounce. I drained myself with all the fangirling I did at AWA yesterday (LOL), so I’m going to chill… until I have the energy to fangirl again. 😀

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