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Skyrim: Civvies + New Armor

Sorry for the crappy quality. My only camera is my 3DS camera, so…it will have to do.

Well, this is my Skyrim character (Zelda) in her civilian gear. I like to change her into clothes whenever I enter a city. It’s just a random ritual, I guess. I also found a really badass suit of armor for her, so I’m posting that too.

I only have 50-60 hours of gameplay, so I am nowhere near done. Not complaining at all. I love games with millions of things that I can do.


I prefer to keep her weapons on her…since the most random things happen in this game. And I’m not even talking about dragons. I walked into a marketplace in Markarth and saw this lady getting shanked. I’m not about to walk about unarmed after that.


She reminds me so much of Fang. If only I could make her half as awesome as Fang. ;_;


Getting that tree to blossom was such a pain, but it was worth it. Plus the people of Whiterun are still happy about it. So, it’s definitely worth it.


I wish I had one of those nifty devices that take screenshots of games. This would look so much better as a screenshot. Bah.


And the mandatory full-body shot.


I am getting so attached to this armor. I really shouldn’t since I am likely to come across stronger armor in the future, but…dammit it is so beautiful.

I’m planning to move from Whiterun to Solitude once I knock out some of these quests, so I’ll probably post some photos of my home in Solitude if and when I get it. Mark told me it is more of a manor than a house though. Awesome! Now Lucia (adopted daughter) and Lydia (follower) will have more room. Oh, and Lucia’s fox. She…somehow brought a fox into our house and asked me if she could keep it. I probably should have said no, but the fox was pretty cute. LOL

BTW, after reading the perks of being married in Skyrim, I might end up marrying soon. More than likely, it will be to Vilkas…or Farkas. I haven’t decided yet. Since Vilkas is supposed to be the more intelligent twin, I am leaning more towards him. Then again, Farkas is pretty adorable. He’s also kind. Okay, I’ll just have to put that off until the time comes. What matters is that I get married at some point. It would be foolish to pass up on having a follower and chef and second income and the lover’s comfort boost whenever I sleep at home.

I’ll get around to that (and take photos) whenever I can.

That’s about it. >_<

078: Guardian of Wood


This is what living with my cat is like.

★彡 Skyrim is such a time-consuming game that I actually find myself afraid to play it. For example, I told myself I would play the game for one hour just to complete a quest, and it somehow turned into four hours…and I ended up adopting a daughter…and I caught a serial killer…and I think I held a conversation with a dragon. Everything happened so quickly. All of that aside, this game is amazing. I don’t care how bad my day is, the moment that menu screen loads and “Dragonborn” plays, I am not even on this planet anymore.

☆彡 I am more of a listener than a talker. I don’t mind listening to a person talk for hours if they are saying insightful things. Pretty much anything I can draw useful information from is insightful to me.

★彡No, I am not playing GTA V because I’m poor and I probably won’t be able to play it for months. Parenthesis, crying face.

☆彡 Korean pastries are life-changing. And I’m not just talking about the first time. Pretty much every time is life-changing.

★彡 Me: *watching Sleepy Hollow* “Got us a cool-looking headless horseman, alright alright. WOC as the leading lady? Awesome, awesome. Something about the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I don’t mind that trope at all, looking good, looking good. Wow, this show is–” *headless horseman takes out a shotgun and automatic rifle*


That’s not going to stop me or anything, but still….

☆彡 If you find yourself saying “____ thinks (s)he is ______”, just kick yourself in the fucking mouth. You will look stupid for doing it, but not as stupid as you look pretending that you can read minds and jumping to conclusions with no evidence whatsoever to back it up.

★彡 I haven’t made an Animal Crossing post in a while, huh? Really, nothing is happening in Arni Village. I added a garden to hold my triforce and master sword, but that’s about it. My 3DS is mostly used to play Oracle of Seasons and Pokemon Black 2 these days. I’ll likely make a post if I get the entire varia suit. Right now, I only have the pants though…like three of them. I also have four of Link’s tunics, three boots, two Majora’s masks, and two Midna masks. You really can have too much of a good thing, I guess.

☆彡 Pet Peeve #509: Being told that I should use my drawings to gain money or recognition. I understand that those suggestions are coming from a good place, but why can’t I just enjoy things without it being a job or a contest? The same goes for my writing. A manager once suggested I submit writings to magazines…and then proceeded to lecture me on the “importance” of not “wasting talent” when I said no. Stahp.

★彡 Heyman kissing Ryback on the cheek was so bizarre that it became hilarious. I am still laughing at Ryback’s face when it happened. He looked like the happiest person in the world. LOL. Of course, I knew HHH would come up with some way to screw Daniel Bryan out of his championship. The moment he won I said: “Let’s see how long this lasts”. It wasn’t even 24 hours before it got taken away. Damn shame. Anyway, I know the locker room is going to pay for helping Daniel Bryan on Raw. Smackdown is going to be very interesting this week. The whole company versus employees arc itself  is interesting. I wonder how it will end. I have a feeling either HHH, Stephanie, or Vince is going to start backing Daniel Bryan, and it will create this McMahon-Hemsley civil war. Then different wrestlers will take side and it’ll be a WWE civil war. Maybe that is more of a hope than a prediction.

☆彡 Link’s favorite place to lay down is on top of my Hyrule Historia. I think he is trying to tell me something.

★彡 Speaking of The Legend of Zelda, the more popular a favorite series of mine gets, the happier I get. One, more fans to discuss it with. Two, a bigger fanbase means more products in the future. Three, knowing how happy a series makes me, I am happier to know that others are experiencing that too. For example, I hear so many stories about The Legend of Zelda getting people through hard times the way it always did for me, and it is tear-jerking. You don’t even have to explain yourself to people like that. You both hear about the series and it’s just…a surge of positive feelings. That is amazing to me. Sure, it is probably sad to get emotional over video games while having little to no emotions about “relevant” things, but that’s the way it is for me and many. I think that’s cool.


Bah, next week is jury duty week. Let’s see how that goes…

Bless The Elder Scrolls Series

HNI_0035 HNI_0036 HNI_0037 HNI_0038 HNI_0039

HNI_0041 HNI_0042 HNI_0043 HNI_0044

Practical female armor makes me want to shed tears of happiness.

Thank you, Bethesda.

057: C.R.E.A.M.


☆彡 I am so obsessed with strawberries. Even when I’m not in the mood for anything sweet, I will ogle at strawberries for hours at a time. Then there is strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice-cream, strawberries with whip cream, chocolate-coated ice cream, and even strawberry cheesecake. sigh Well, what’s the point in being an adult if I can’t do whatever I want, right? Tomorrow, I am buying strawberries! It being in pastry form is not really important. Cream and sugar are just supplements to the main attraction–glorious strawberries. Okay, I’ll stop talking about strawberries…for now.

★彡 Wu-Tang Clan is making a new album. I don’t know even know how to handle besides playing their songs on regular rotations until it gets here. Yes. Good.

☆彡 When I start cleaning everything meticulously, it’s both a good and bad thing. The bad thing is that I am either very distressed or very furious. The good thing is that I am working myself out of it in a productive fashion. Of course, the best thing is when it’s all over, all is clean and I feel 100% better. I guess I understand now how Link feels when he’s frustrated, and he just starts taking a bath. It’s like…cleansing the bad things away.

★彡 I finally got past Caius, and I am on my way to meet Snow…and his awesome hair. I must admit, I am growing rather fond of Final Fantasy XIII-2. I daresay I enjoy it more than Final Fantasy XIII itself. It is not as predictable, and even the things that are predictable are so heartbreaking that I don’t want it to happen. I have a strong feeling that Serah may meet the same fate as Yeul (or Yeuls), but I really hope that I am wrong. I adore Serah. The thought of anything happening to her or her sister destroys me. Ugh. Let’s hope not.

☆彡  I love Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and Prada a lot. Also, there is one Gucci purse I’ve loved for years, but I’m not a big fan of Gucci handbags…or Gucci itself. Just this one handbag. Those are the things I would splurge on if I ever hit the jackpot or something. Otherwise, no. Most name brands are too ridiculous for me. By the way, Prada designed clothes for Appleseed: Deus Ex Machina and had FFXIII characters style for some of their clothing. I feel like I need to constantly remind the world of this because it’s really cool to me. (LOL)

★彡 Mark is getting into Skyrim. I should definitely be worried.

☆彡 I was called a “blerd” today. Blerd. That’s…charming.

★彡 By the way, “ice-breakers” are the worst. Outside of blogs like this where I aim to track my mental state and activities, or social networks where I am expected to share my insights, I don’t like to talk about myself. I don’t want to stand in front of a room of people and act like my life is so unique. It’s not. Even the things that people tend to react strongly to like my drawing abilities, introversion, and hobbies are not unique at all. There are plenty of introverted black women who like to draw and play video games and watch Star Trek if you look in the right places. I just don’t like to listen to redundant stories about people’s lives, and I believe that whatever I say is redundant enough that people shouldn’t be expected to listen to it…unless, of course, they choose to listen to it by bringing themselves to places like my blog or social network sites. Otherwise, no. I guess when it comes to speaking to others, I feel like Gackt. He believes that when people ask him about his life, he is obligated to say something funny or interesting to make them laugh. I really understand that feeling. When someone asks me about my personal life, I don’t believe they really care about my well being. They just want to be entertained. So, I entertain them…even if they don’t really get my humor.

☆彡 People get really offended when I say I don’t like to be touched, but what is there to get angry about? Am I suppose to say: “Man, when people touch me it just makes my day.” That’s just creepy and disgusting. Like…who just sits around waiting for strangers to feel on them? I’m not saying touching in general is gross. If you’re close to someone then touching can be very rewarding, but I’m not going to act like it’s okay for people I’m not even cool with to touch me. Just no. Don’t. I don’t know where your hands have been, and I’m not on good enough terms with you to shrug off gross habits you may have.

★彡 I really love dragons, and I’ll find any excuse to put a dragon in a story. It could be a story about a group of friends walking around a park and then DRAGONS. FUCKING DRAGONS EVERYWHERE. Yes. That is a good story.

☆彡 Guys…Pyramid Head is a murdering, necrophiliac rapist. Can we please stop romanticizing him? Next we’re going to start saying that Abstract Daddy is just misunderstood, and then I’m going to have to kick someone.

★彡 I have this annoying habit of stopping others mid-conversation to question them about a word they used that I haven’t heard before. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be rude. I’m just very eager to understand new vocabulary words. >_<


…I should conclude my entries with something interesting like a quote or something. I’ll see.

055: Pure Heart


★彡  Yuna is such an eye-opening character. There is not a single playthrough of Final Fantasy X where Yuna does not remind me that it takes a lot to make sacrifices and even more to smile through them. When it comes to everything in life, from love to loss, I hope to approach it with the same elegance and purity that she possesses.

☆彡 I’m listening to “Dayvd” from Pogo, and the entire song is incredible, but everything after 2:20 is just…*brain explodes*

★彡 New Berserk! I’m trying not to be sad about the ‘Until Next Time’ thing though. I know that more than likely means that I won’t see another update until the summertime or something.

☆彡 It’s tough writing stories in chronological order these days. As long as I’ve been working on Mythos, I’ve just gotten around to writing the first part of the story. It’s only been a few days, and I already want to return to some other section of the story that doesn’t feel like it’s dragging to some type of purpose.

★彡 The one cosplay I’ve been wanting to do for ages is Link in his Zora armor.

☆彡 I really want to play Tales of Symphonia again, but I can’t find the second disc. *sigh* This sucks. I miss Zelos…and Regal…and thinking about what a great couple the two would be even though very few do. Okay, after this I am going on a hunt for it. I really want to play. And, no, I’m not driven by my shipping Zelos and Regal. I just can’t stop thinking about how much I love the plot, and how great the music is. It’s been too long.

★彡 Mori fashion is right up my alley. I don’t know why, but I love clothing that is really loose and has pastel colors. I’m not saying I never like tight clothing or bold colors. Actually, I’m more drawn to black clothing than anything. But fashion styles like mori and boho always fascinate me. At the risk of sounding cliche, it reflects who I am. Most of the time. Anyway, discussing fashion is pointless…at the moment. One, cannot afford all the clothes I want. Two, unless I lose a few pounds I will never feel “okay” in the clothes I want. So, it’s back to jeans and superhero shirts for me. No complaints there…but I’d like to venture outside of that at some point in my life. Even for a few days.

☆彡 I have days when I don’t want to eat anything, but I’m perfectly fine with drinking the drink of my choice all day. Actually, I remember when I was younger I had this sprite obsession and I told myself that when I was an adult, I would fill my entire refrigerator with nothing but sprite cans and put some hot pockets in the freezer just in case I do get hungry. It’s funny when I think about it at first, but it gradually becomes sad. Not having a fridge of sprite. That’s not sad at all. It’s just sad how many outrageous things I said I would do as an adult that I haven’t done at all. Maybe I’ll do some of those things, you know? I’ll build my fort and spend the entire day drawing inside of it, or I’ll make a throne of books where I will sit to read more books.

★彡 Tumblr always makes me realize that when no one gets me, there are 80,000 people around the world who do. That’s comforting in a strange way. Yet, at the same time, it’s sad to know that the last person who understood me lived in England and the other lives in some random city in North Dakota. It’s a double-edged sword I guess.

☆彡 At the risk of sounding like a complete pervert, I always feel like I am being rewarded for sitting patiently through a movie when I see a guy’s butt on screen. But it has to be a certain kind of butt. Some butts do nothing for me, and it feels like getting socks for Christmas. It’s a thanks-but-that’s-not-what-I-wanted type of thing.

★彡 While I was eating yesterday, I left my character standing somewhere in Whiterun and just enjoyed the music. Then, out of nowhere, this guy showed up and kept saying: “Spare a coin for a beggar? Spare a coin for a beggar?” It then dawned on me that even in a fictional world where there is tons of space and tons of adventures, there are still people who will stand six inches from you and annoy the crap out of you while you’re trying to enjoy yourself. There is no escape.

☆彡 I’d love to have a marathon of a series, but I have no idea which one I’d love to have a marathon of. *sigh* Decisions

…Nothing more to add. For now anyway.

050: Some Nights


☆彡 I love Frodo’s “I don’t?” reaction. In other news, Elijah Wood never ages. I call sorcery.

★彡 50th entry! *tosses confetti all around* Actually, it’s not really my 50th entry. Thanks to all the unnumbered and private entries, I have around 70-80 entries altogether. Still, it’s a random blog-related landmark. I’ll probably post something special…which, on the internet, usually means I’ll finally post a drawing.

☆彡 As happy as I am to finally learn SQL, I was hoping to learn it at my own pace, and with less pressure. I guess we can’t always get what we want, can we?

★彡 I’ve been trying to download Skyrim since Monday. It is now Wednesday night, and Skyrim is at exactly 50%. I will be lucky if I can get it to 60% by midnight. *sigh* I’m not liking this at all. One, the 360 won’t allow me to play games or watch movies while the download is happening…which sucks. I haven’t played or watched much because of it. Two, I was hoping to spend the entire weekend under a blanket, playing Skyrim, and not sitting around for the game to download. WHY?!

☆彡 My biggest gripe with winter: dryness. My skin is always ashy, and my scalp is as dry as sand regardless of what I do. So, that means I am constantly putting on lotion, and constantly washing my hair. Pain in the ass. I know six months from now I’ll be begging for winter again, but I’m not pleased with it right now.

★彡 It doesn’t matter how bad my day is, “Temple of the Drifting Sands” will change that.

☆彡 Throwing a tantrum is not a sign of strength. If a newborn baby can exit the womb, and immediately scream out of anger/fear then what makes you think an adult who screams whenever (s)he is angry or afraid is strong? It takes nothing to act that way. To consider that type of behavior “courageous” is an insult to the term. True strength will always come from mastering yourself. When you learn to master your own weaknesses, and use that ability to help yourself and others through difficult challenges, then you have the right to call yourself strong or courageous. Otherwise, you can continue yelling at people every ten seconds because you have the emotional intelligence of a toddler. I need no lessons on emotions from you.

★彡 I want Versus XIII just as badly as the next FF fan, but it is annoying having to listen to the “Oh, you can make an update for (random Square Enix game) but not Versus” rant with each SE-related news. I haven’t given up or anything, but all three Mass Effect games came out during the time I was waiting for Versus. That says a lot. It’s time to just…leave it alone, and let SE handle it.

Also, can we take a moment to acknowledge that Lightning is fantabulous in this picture? Wow, she is pretty much replacing every FF heroine I like at this point. I don’t even know why. I just adore her. *____*


☆彡 Dennou Coil has been in the top ten range of my “animes to watch” list for a very long time. Why haven’t I watched it yet? I’ve listened to the soundtrack…tirelessly…yet I haven’t watched the anime. Typical. -_-

★彡 When I don’t draw for a long time, drawing again becomes really unfamiliar to me. Eventually, I do pick up on old patterns again, but it is still a strange feeling. More disheartening than strange. I sometimes think if I go without drawing long enough, it is possible for me to forget completely.

☆彡 I have a neighbor who just has the WORST timing. When I’m on time, she is nowhere to be seen. When I’m running late, she will pop out of nowhere to start talking about random things. She’s nice, and I feel bad for always being in a rush when we speak, but come on. *sigh* I guess I should stop being antisocial, and maybe offer an opportunity where she can talk to me as much as she wants to. Wait…what am I saying? What’s happening to me? D:

★彡 With each passing day, I ponder the purpose in pursuing beauty. It looks less and less like something that is relative to me, and more and more like a obsolete step in the human mating ritual. Well, not universally obsolete. Of course not. But for someone who has no desire to mate and has already found a mate, beauty looks more like a hobby and less like a necessity. It’s…something I’ll do when I’m bored enough, or when money is so abundant that I can’t think of anything else to put it towards. Otherwise, no. Not really. Maybe in the future I’ll be more drawn to it.

☆彡 Eva Amurri looks like a clone of her mother (Susan Sarandon). It scares me sometimes when I see her in movies.

★彡 I miss having an entire week and a half off around this time of year. Now I only have one day off next week, and another one day off the week after. The upside is money. Money is nice. The downside is being at work…mostly doing nothing because all of our clients have like a week and a half off. Balderdash!

…I don’t know what else to add. I need to go wash my hair. -.-



Skyrim finished downloading~!


Of course, it finished right at my bed time, but yeah…it’s done…and I’ll have to enjoy it tomorrow. :’)

049: *hyperventilates*



☆彡 THE HOBBIT WAS AMAZING!!! No, it wasn’t an exact replica of the book or The Lord of the Rings trilogy (which seems to be the biggest complaint amongst the haters next to ‘OMG THE 48FPS RUINED MAH LIFE’ foolishness), but overall it was great. I do plan to see it again. Probably on Christmas. Also, can we take a second to acknowledge that Thranduil is the fiercest bitch in all of Tolkien’s legendarium? I could not even when he flipped his hair and walked away on that luxurious moose. Ugh. Fabulous.

★彡 WE FINALLY GOT A NEW XBOX 360!!! (I’m killing these caps and exclamation marks tonight) 250 GB of ebony perfection. *embraces* It also came with a copy of Skyrim…which is currently downloading and has been at 2% for the past 30 minutes…so, it’s going to be a while. But, once it’s done, it will be known with more caps and exclamation marks, of course. *sigh* I can’t wait. The bundle also came with a racing game, but I’m not interested in that.

☆彡 Mark and I got the Alien quadrilogy boxset and the ultimate edition of Legend for $20.00. Brand new. Not even kidding. This week is going to be…I don’t even know. I am not even going to leave the house. It’s not like I ever do, but now it’s going to be twice as bad.

★彡 I found this beautiful copy of The Hobbit novel for $5.00. I really love the cover art. I’ve been staring at it ever since I got it. I’m telling you, Book Nooks is the place to go.

☆彡 Mark and I enjoyed the hibachi dinner at our job. It was fucking delicious. And the hibachi chef “served” me as he put it. LOL. Basically, he told me to lift my plate for vegetables, and then put the vegetables in Mark’s plate instead. I won’t lie. I was dying! Oh yeah. We also won a raffle, and got this bluetooth phone set. It’s really neat. Too bad I don’t talk much. D:



…Lamest entry ever, but it might explain any prolonged absences that occur.

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