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    Hello! My name is Kerrian. I am a 30-year-old New York native who currently lives in Georgia with my 32-year old Illinois native husband Mark. And our 8-year-old blue tabby furbaby Link. And, if all goes well, a baby girl in Summer 2018. That’s pretty much our little family. ^_^

    When I’m not doing family stuff, I’m usually absorbed in one hobby or another. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, drawing, writing stories, playing video games, playing tabletop RPGs, reading regular novels and graphic novels, watching anime, cooking, decorating and organizing everything, learning new facts,  and finding new music, sci-fi, or fantasy creations to obsess over.

    Overall, I’m just trying to live life to the fullest like everyone else. I’m sending good vibrations to everyone! I want us all to win, so keep fighting! Take care!


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Rest In Peace, Mr. Nimoy.


From original Star Trek to new Star Trek to Fringe, Leonard Nimoy was always a joy to watch on screen. His loss is a terrible one. I wish the best to his family, friends, and fans during this difficult time, and I want to thank Mr. Nimoy for bringing life to such an iconic character. You will be missed immensely.

This Is A La Forge Post.





On a side note, Geordi stays making my eyewear game look weak as fuck.

Joelanta 2013




This photo and the ones following are photos of custom dolls/diorama people made. So much talent! ^___^






That’s Abraham Lincoln with the straw hat and axe.


Horse soldier. I see what you did there. >_>


I am a sucker for Dieselpunk and Hellboy, so I definitely “fangirled” over this. It’s so pretty. I want one. ;___;


Yes! Bob Ross gives me life! XD


This diorama was a joy to look at. It was so detailed, and some of it was even animated. I wish I took a better picture instead of ogling. -__-




Daredevil killing Hitler. Let me repeat that: DAREDEVIL KILLING HITLER.


And, last but not least, our stuff. Mark’s Joe had to photobomb our picture because Mark threatened to shoot them all with the new shotgun he bought if I didn’t. LMAO. This is why he isn’t allowed to play with my stuff.


I would love to find some more toy conventions because waiting until 2014 for Joelanta is depressing. *sad face*

Next year, though, we’re going to shoot for the Commander’s package and actually take part in the film festival, trivia, toy trading, and first dibs at the vendor items.

Til next time. >_<

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065: The Starlight’s Flower


★彡 GEEEENNOOOO !  Geno gives me life (and Vivi too…BUT GENO THO)! I adore him so much, and I am so heated with Nintendo right now because they did not put him in Super Smash Brothers Brawl and I do not appreciate that shit one bit. Speaking of Super Mario RPG, I was working on another replay last week when I ran into that boss battle with Valentina. In all my years playing this game, last week was the first time I noticed that attacking her makes her chest jiggle. Trust Square to slip inappropriate things in a children’s game and hope that no one notices. XD

☆彡 Added some new pages whilst possibly abusing my privilege to add new pages. Fufufu~ Anyway, if a page suddenly becomes password protected it is because I am working on it. The draft section definitely needs a lot of work, but hopefully it will be done soon.

★彡 One does not simply listen to “L.E.S” by Childish Gambino once.

☆彡 I finally bought a new scanner! *dansu* I am going to do mostly lineart from now on. I’ll color it later when I (a)have a working tablet and (b)study up on digital coloring. This is an opportunity in disguise, really. I do need the practice, and lots of it!

★彡 Link’s favorite thing to do now: follow Mark and me into the bathroom, and attack us when we try to remove him. One we decide to leave him alone, he just sits there and watches us while we use the toilet…thus living up to his new title of hentai cat.

☆彡 Jamieson Price is the voice of Duke in Tales of Vesperia, and I almost forgot how amazing his voice was until he spoke. He could read me the dictionary. That would not bother me at all.

★彡 If all goes correctly, Mark and I will return to Joelanta this weekend. I really can’t wait to go! Last year, I passed up on some really great toys and action figures because I was strapped for cash. This year…still strapped for cash (LOL), but it’s nowhere near as bad last year. Then again, this will probably be the time when my tires go flat or something. I really should stop jinxing myself. Okay, let’s start again. We are going to Joelanta again, we are going to get some cool things again, we are going to smile until our face hurts again, Mark is going to fanboy over Larry Hama again, and I’m just going to continue laughing at him about it again…as if I wouldn’t fangirl if I met someone who I admired. Yes, that sounds better.

☆彡 All of this reading seems counterproductive at first, but then I always remember what constant reading did for me in the past. I had a terrible speech impediment (still kind of do) and I struggled with basic writing as a kid until I started reading a lot. I’m talking like one book every two days. My librarians knew me on a first name basis. Let’s just put it that way! Anyway, I quickly realized that reading helped me more than tutoring sessions or intense scolding because it made learning fun. It was through books that I realized that learning can be fun, and not another method of torture for adults to inflict on children. So…there is no such thing as too much reading. With each book I complete, I see improvement in my writing, speech, and comprehension. I also pick up valuable lessons that make me wish I read half of these books ten years ago. *sigh* C’est la vie.

★彡 I am slowly but surely getting over the idea that realistic art = “good art”. What is “good art” anyway? Some of my favorite art pieces had no people, no buildings, and no landscapes. Yet, it was enough to fill me with happiness. Even character and fashion designs fill me with happiness. In the end, it is not about meeting a certain standard. Art is not a math test. There is not a wrong or right answer. That is something I have to accept. I also have to accept that art is not a movie. It is not there to entertain others. It does not matter who likes it or who dislikes it. What matters most is that I like it. Who in this entire world has the right to take my happiness away from me?  Perhaps I am still that girl stuck in art class, getting told by my art teacher that my style is “too commercial” and “difficult to relate to”. Meanwhile, my classmate does an artwork about 9/11, and receives a round of applause. Isn’t this just like every other field of art? Playing on popular emotions like love and hate get the round of applause, but eclectic things are often regarded as too “out there” for “normal” people. Why should my entire life revolve around what other people think and what other people feel and what other people want? I am ranting, I know. It is just one of those things that I bottled up for years. Looking back, I passed up on so many opportunities because I didn’t believe my art would wow a crowd, yet I never questioned why wowing a crowd is important in the first place. This isn’t about money for me. It isn’t about popularity either. I am just a woman who likes to draw, and that should be good enough. So, to hell with the “it’s not realistic enough” and “it’s not touching enough” bullshit. It’s a damn picture of a damn elf with some damn pretty clothes on, and you can just fucking deal with it. *AGGRESSIVELY OPENS SKETCHBOOK*

☆彡 I promise that I am not faded or drunk when I ask this, but am I the only one who looks at the things around me and feels overwhelmed by how amazing it is? For example, look at a shower. I am turning rain and off while adjusting its temperature. I cannot believe how awesome that is! Don’t even get me started on the internet. I don’t even know where to start. I bet if we brought someone from the 1800s to our century they would just fall on the floor and cry or something. Like…I don’t even know how I sit here sometimes, and tell myself that I am bored. How the fuck is this life even remotely boring? The fact that I can get in a big metal wagon and go to a place where thousands of inventors from all around the world display their things is…damn. My mind is being blown by shit I see on a daily basis. I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now.


★彡 The saddest part about you believing that Star Trek is “for white people” is the fact that Star Trek opened more doors in the entertainment industry for black people than all of your favorite shows combined. Gene Roddenberry created Lt. Uhura — an African woman — during a time when the idea of both blacks and women in a leadership position was unheard of. Even more, when Nichelle Nichols (the actress who played Uhura) wanted to leave Star Trek it was Martin Luther King Jr. himself who begged her to stay because her role was important to blacks. I could continue to go down the list of doors Star Trek opened and point out the fact that its fanbase is very diverse, but I forgot that people like you are stuck in this white versus black mentality as opposed to the more sensible tolerant people versus intolerant people mentality. Exit my life, please.

☆彡 I want to give a shoutout to Otaku Cam for not only being really addictive, but also for being so awesome that Mark allowed me to take his picture just to use it…and now his face is on the background of my phone and I have been begging for this ever since I got my phone even though he called me treacherous for using it (LMAO). So, thanks Otaku Cam. Also, the Hentai Kamen frames are great.

★彡 I do have a long list of problems and imperfections, but they are my responsibility. I do not blame anyone for them. Even if someone came up to me right now and pushed me into the dirt, cleaning myself off is my responsibility. Dealing with the anger of being attacked is my responsibility. And while I would call the police to protect others from being pushed too, it is my responsibility to accept that sometimes my efforts to see justice done and to protect others is not enough. On this very day, at this very moment, I have two simple choices: progress or regress. And every solution I have to every problem I own falls into two categories: progression or regression. It is like this every second of my life until I am out of time. Planning is comforting, yes, but even I can admit that planning is no guarantee of my future. I just have to live in the moment, constantly choosing to go forward or stay behind. That is the type of black-and-white mentality I have towards my own life.

☆彡 If you like someone in Drakengard there is a 90% chance that (s)he is a sick fuck. If you like someone in Nier there is a 90% chance that (s)he will die. Yay! (Please remind me why I keep playing your games, Cavia?)

★彡 Note to self: Do not listen to “Gravelord Nito” when I am alone or in the dark. That shit is scary as fuck under those circumstances. Additional note, Nito is metal as fuck.

☆彡 *plans to watch a few episodes of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl* *watches the entire show in one sitting* Whoops. Also, I really need to stop responding to everything I do with “bitches be _____” because it’s getting on Mark’s nerves and children might hear me if I say it in public. Bitches be forgetting.

★彡 Wow, if I ever win the lottery I am just going to disappear. The response I often get is: “Me too! I’m going to travel around the world!” Yes, but you plan to eventually come home and return to your identity. I am not doing that. I am paying off everything I owe, changing my name, and becoming an IRL Waldo. It is not a motherfucking game. Of course, I’ll let like five people know my new name and location, but after that I am pretty much a ghost. Bitches be vanishing. (Okay, I’m stopping!)

Alright. I’m going to get some stuff done, and attempt to put this scanner to use. I know that printer works! …Since I’ve been printing shit nonstop. 😐



Still prefer the Origa version though.

064: A Return, Indeed


☆彡 Note to self: Regardless of how unsure I am about the direction of a story or artwork I am working on, keep going! I improve and find ideas so long as I am working on something.

★彡 I am watching Sailor Moon Super with the dubs rather than subs, and I noticed something kind of disturbing for the first time. In the subs when the sailors are scolding villains, they usually say something along the lines of “How dare you disturb someone trying to accomplish a beautiful dream!” or “I won’t let you get in the way of this couple’s pure love!”. But in the English version, it’s primarily name calling and insulting someone’s appearance. Did the translator just sit there one night and go: “There is no way American girls will relate to Sailor Moon unless we make her really superficial. Let’s have her call villains ugly, poorly dressed, and witches. Yeah, that will do it!” That is just kind of sad to me. Almost as sad as hiding the fact that some sailors are homosexuals and transsexuals/cross-dressers. Basically, it’s as if they’re saying that little girls elsewhere are mature enough to handle these concepts yet American girls cannot. That’s not even kind of sad. That’s really sad.

☆彡 While I am on the topic of Sailor Moon, one of my favorite scenes in the anime is the scene when Sailor Moon fights Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. It perfectly embodies why I adore Usagi so much. By the way, it starts at 13m and 47s.

★彡 I did something I haven’t done in 13-14 years. I bought some compositions notebooks, and started drawing and writing in them. One book is dedicated to drawing without the stress of ruining a good sketchbook, another book is dedicated to making manga, and the last one is a database of useful information that will help me with my creations–things like mythological names, drawing/writing tips, weapons, maps, etc. I am very close to buying a new scanner too. I just need to double check some things to make sure that I’m not ruining my budget. The last object I need in my “studio” is a working tablet, but that’s not terribly important. I can still make art with good ol’ pencils and colored pencils and markers…though I definitely need some new ones. Overall, I am pretty excited! I doubt I can ever scan anything in these books, so I will have to rely on some type of photo app or something to share it. I’ll see.

☆彡 Wow, I haven’t played Final Fantasy XIII-2 in a long time. Right now I am all out of wild artefacts, and I basically have to do busy work to find another one. Mark keeps telling me to just google their locations but…I don’t like to do that. It reminds me of using notes during a test. Even if it gets the job done, I feel like I don’t deserve to celebrate any victories that come afterwards. Weird. I know. So, I’ll just have to find patience and continue combing various locations and timelines for wild artefacts. Blah. Just thinking about it makes me want to play something else.

★彡 My favorite thing about Ming (of Lost Odyssey) is that she is a scantily clad woman who is wise. It is so hard to find this type of combination. More than often, a woman who shows a lot of skin in a television show or game behaves like an airhead. It’s only a few works like Final Fantasy and Ghost in the Shell that do not use the “amount of skin a woman shows is inversely related to the amount of things a woman knows” formula. Don’t get me wrong. I know that some people do fall into stereotypes, but it’s pretty bad when all of the women in a show or game who wears revealing clothing is automatically written off as uneducated. How does that type of universe work? “Oh, wow, let me put on this tube top–” PROMPT: YOU JUST LOST 80 IQ POINTS. “Okay, I’ll just get this turtleneck then.”

☆彡 I’m debating with myself about cutting my hair because it is past my shoulders again. A part of me is slightly curious to see how far it can go, but I know that the longer it gets the more frustrated I will become with it. Maybe I should put this decision off until it does become frustrating. Yeah, that makes more sense.

★彡 Damn, The Witcher 3 is going to be awesome. You know what else is going to be awesome? Man of Steel. If I am wrong about it in a few months then I will accept my wrongness, but I am really confident about this movie. It will be to the Superman movie series what Batman Begins became to the Batman movie series. And how did this go from The Witcher 3 to Superman and Batman? D:

☆彡 What I wouldn’t give to own the entire collection of the Berserk mangas. Well…I wouldn’t give my limbs or anything like that, but I’d trade in a good amount of my possessions.

★彡 March is going to be ridiculous in terms of gaming. Just a little preview of upcoming games: Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Gears of War: Judgment, and God of War: Ascension. Yeah…I’m going to listen to the little voice in my head telling me to avoid temptation. Adding another game to my list is not going to bode well for me. -_-

☆彡 When I think about all the things I don’t know or fully understand, it makes me feel…small. Worse than accumulating careless mistakes over the years, I hate looking back and realizing that I haven’t learned a satisfactory amount of things. As funny as it is, the thing that always makes me come to this conclusion is watching Jeopardy. Yeah…I know…LOL

★彡 Pet Peeve #81: Being called “honey”, “sweetie”, etc. I feel bad about this pet peeve because Mark likes to call people “dear”, and I know a lot of decent people who use terms like that to address others, but it just gets under my skin. And, no, Mark has no pet name for me. I told him from day one that if he called me “baby” or anything like that I would vomit. He still trolls me by calling me “boobie” but that’s as far as it goes. XD

☆彡 Dolsot Bibimbap:

yes good

★彡 I really love operas. It is literally a group of people singing a story. Think about how amazing that is for a second.

☆彡I like Tyrion’s philosophy to his flaws: wear it like armor. I like it a lot.

★彡 Adult Swim is supposed to release a shitload of awesome shows on Netflix this month. Cannot handle. D:

☆彡 Mass Effect borrowed a lot from the Star Trek universe. For example, there is a race of blue people called the ‘nasari‘ and they are fighting a race of primarily females called the taresian. The taresians are known for mating with other races in order to supplement their gene pool with new traits. Interesting, huh? That’s just a small percentage of the many things Mark and I found. I’m not even remotely mad at Mass Effect for that. I think it’s awesome that the Mass Effect team are (a)fans of the Star Trek series, and (b)capable of turning that inspiration into something amazing. Even if the asari is based on some Star Trek races, they are still neat. Hell, they’re better than the nasari and taresian combined! Besides, I can’t think of any great piece of work that didn’t borrow from another piece of work. TL;DR one cool project borrows from another cool project and everything becomes infinitely cooler!

I am on a drawing, gaming, and reading spree at the moment! As much as I would like to update on a daily basis and keep a better log of my life, I kind of buried myself in too many hobbies…and they are too fun to stop. LOL. I’m not complaining. I just have to find a way to squeeze other hobbies like writing and finishing random series in there. I’ll find a way.

The Borgs are finally showing up in Voyager, so I am getting into that immediately. o_o

Energize. *dematerializes* (….still gotta work on a good outro, I see…)

048: She Had Angry Pixels


☆彡 I’ve been stuck in that stage between just waking up and reconsidering sleeping for another hour all day long. Nothing is working. I could just say to hell with it and go to bed four hours earlier than usual…but I won’t.

★彡 If all goes according to plan, Mark and I will get a new 250GB XBox 360 on Monday. In exchange, we agreed to not buy one another gifts this year. We’re both completely okay with that. The first thing I want to do is purchase and download Nights HD. I was literally hours away from doing that before my 360 broke again. Balderdash!

Anyway, since I’m on the topic of Nights, I’m going to post Nights-related music. Someone introduced me to this a while ago, and I am still incredibly thankful about it. My ears are weeping happy tears:

☆彡 NotTildaSwinton is the funniest twitter I’ve ever encountered in my entire life.

★彡 I really want to read Saint Young Men. It’s basically a manga about Buddha and Jesus as roommates. I read over some reviews and summaries, and it sounds extremely interesting.

☆彡 That Superman trailer was fantastic. So was the Star Trek trailer. Fuck, man. Fuck.

★彡 My favorite thing about Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang’s friendship is that neither of them feel obligated to be sweet, gentle, or kind. In fact, all the traits typically associated with friendship and even women in general mean absolutely nothing to them. They are perfectly content with having this borderline emotionless relationship that revolves around having fun, ridiculing pointless social rituals, and being extremely sarcastic about everything. The interesting thing is that despite sharing the reputation of being somewhat ice queens, they both know they have a lot of buried emotions underneath, and they only feel okay with openly exposing them to each other. It’s definitely one of my favorite fictional friendships. I hate having to wait until Jan. 10th to see them again. ;_;

☆彡 While I’m on the topic of season finales:

Season Finale Commercial Dialogue: “I’m dying.”
Actual Season Finale Dialogue: “I’m dying…for some ice cream!”

Lesson: Don’t believe the hype.

★彡 I should really slow down with the language lessons. So far, I am delving in Esperanto, Japanese, Elvish, Sign, and Latin. Well, I’m technically just touching up on Latin. Either way…it’s a lot. I’m just going to focus on Japanese and Sign for right now. Both will serve more use to me than the others in the long run.

☆彡 There is something terribly wrong with men telling women how to behave like women, and women telling men how to behave like men. It’s bad enough putting restrictions and laws on members of your own sex, but telling someone of the opposite sex how to behave like their own sex when you have zero experience being that sex is…stupid. It’s downright stupid. You don’t know what it’s like to be a woman if you’re a man, and you don’t know what it’s like to be a man if you’re a woman. So, stahp.

★彡 Stealing is bad enough, but when you steal from people who don’t have anything to begin with it’s more than deserving of getting choked out.

Well, off I go. Dinner, shower, and bed. *sigh* So boring. I can’t wait to spend all of my days and nights in front of a game again. >_<

047: Dawn Breaks Like A Bull Through The Hall



☆彡 Tomorrow, I see Silent Hill: Revelations and The Man With The Iron Fists. Yet another thing to be excited about. 😀

★彡 Somehow, one sick day turned into a four-day weekend. I’m not happy about that at all. Thursday was understandable. I had a 100 degree fever, back-to-back migraines, and nausea so bad that I don’t know how in the world I didn’t throw up that day. Friday though…Okay, I’ll admit, I wasn’t 100%. I still had a fever, but it was only 99. I was fine enough to do work. I resent being sent home to just sit in bed, and wallow over the money I’m not making. I’m not angry at my boss at all. She was only looking out for me and everyone else (which is what I like about her) but I’m just…frustrated. Christmas is right around the corner. I can’t afford to have  two days off like that. I don’t know what I’m rambling about. I should be grateful. I did have a great day with Mark since he was off on Friday. Hell, he’s even going to be off on Sunday too. So, I can smile about that, right? 🙂

☆彡 Thanks to the two days off mentioned, I finally finished Deep Space Nine. The last moment of the show where Jake is watching the wormhole with Kira beside him–UGH RIGHT IN THE FEELS. I’ve already moved on to Voyager, and I must say that I really like Captain Kathryn Janeway. Actually, there isn’t a ST captain that I don’t adore. They’re all so wonderful. ❤

★彡 Getting this Dark Knight trilogy was a flawless choice. I’ve been watching the movies on loop since I got them. It’s so much better watching the entire thing from start to finish in one sitting. It leaves the details nice and crisp.

☆彡 I thought my obsession with Morning Glory stationery ended in my adolescence. It didn’t.

★彡 Netflix has all these Disney movies now thanks to a deal they made. I’m starting with The Fox and The Hound (which I’ve never seen) before I move on to The Aristocats (never finished it, but saw most of it), Alice in Wonderland, and then Pocahontas. The Nightmare Before Christmas is another possibility too. It’s all going to be very nostalgic indeed.

☆彡 If everyone has a purpose in life, I believe mine is storytelling. Whether it’s drawing or writing stories, I enjoy telling them. There is a feeling I can’t quite explain when I create a story, and someone tells me: “What happens next? Please work on it! I need to know the rest!” It’s not really pride. It’s…I don’t know. The closest feeling to it is when someone gives you an important task to complete, and you not only complete it, you go beyond their expectations. It’s that happiness with yourself and your abilities. There really is nothing like it.

★彡 I don’t have a New Year’s resolution list to share this year. Instead, I have a “Shit You Should Have Done Like Five Years Ago and It’s Really Pathetic That It’s Taking This Long” list. I don’t feel like posting it.

☆彡 Random Conversation:

Mark: “Doesn’t my character look like Geralt?”

Me: “Yes. Now I want to touch his butt.”

Mark: “What?”

Me: “What?”

(On a serious note, Geralt has a nice butt and everything else. Permission to post Geralt? For me? Why, you shouldn’t have! )


★彡 Tina Turner singing “Goldeneye”. Perfection.

*sigh* Six hours away from Mark getting home, enjoying dinner, and watching Sword Art Online. I’m so impatient right now. -__-

ST: DSN – Common Faulty Observations

I saw this post on the IMDB Deep Space Nine message board, and I thought it was very well said. (S)he addressed a lot of poorly-constructed criticisms I hear about DSN and Bajorans especially. I must say, I am always relieved to come across people out there who are capable of actually understanding what they watch. It seems like a rarity these days.

Anyway, I’ll paste the post and bold my favorite parts. I’m also going to color my personal comments so it will be separated from the OP’s own comments. The italicized comments were made by someone who claimed DSN was a terrible show based on arguments that are extremely flawed.

Please note that it does not bother me that someone considers DSN a terrible show. Actually, I used to dislike the show when I was a kid (although my brother was really into it back then). It just bothers me when someone says something is bad based on “facts” that are far from the truth, or are completely illogical/nonsensical.

Word of advice: Always research or at least try something before dismissing it.


I must say I’m baffled by your reaction to DS9’s first season:

  • …constant boring religious fanatics” That’s a weird thing to say considering there were only two fanatics in the whole season (Tahna Los & Vedek Winn) and only one of them was religious. (Thank you! I am so annoyed with Bajorans especially being labelled as fanatics. Are you saying that anyone who enjoys their beliefs and doesn’t attempt to hide it is a fanatic? Save for a few bad apples, I did not see anyone being religiously intolerant on the show, or behaving in an overzealous manner.)
  • …no exploration, no new and interesting species” The show takes place on a space station, and the main characters are all assigned (or making a living in Quark’s case) to that space station which doesn’t even have any ships besides runabouts made available by Starfleet (not yet anyway). Exploration and meeting species of the week isn’t exactly a priority for these people (though they do meet plenty of them, only instead of searching for aliens of the week it’s the aliens that come to them). That’s Picard & co’s job. (This was explained in the first episode. Why watch an entire series to complain about something that the first episode already told you would happen? -_-) There’s plenty of “exploration” on DS9, but the show explored those things that other Star Trek series ignored or pretended didn’t exist – things like politics, <gasp!> religion, war and learning to deal with each other’s differences. It’s also about what happens when you don’t have the luxury of flying off on the federation flagship at the end of every episode and instead have to stay put and deal with the consequences of your actions. Picard and co. rarely had to do that. Also, if you stick around till the end of the series you’ll come to the conclusion that while DS9 didn’t feature tons of alien species or new locations every episode, it did the best job of exploring and fleshing out species like the Cardassians, Klingons, Ferengi and Bajorans; the other series (TNG and VOY in particular) didn’t have species, they had two-dimensional stereotypes.
  • just boring religious quabbling” How so? What other episodes besides “Emissary” and “In the hands of the prophets” had “religious quabbling”? (Even post season one, you don’t come across many religious episodes. So, I don’t get this observation.) There were more episodes of the usual trek cliches of characters being possessed/having their personality altered (“The Passenger , “Babel”, “Dramatis Personae” than episodes dealing with anything remotely religious. So I’m baffled by your reaction and I suspect the season finale (the one episode featuring the religious fanatics and quibbling you complained about) may have made more of an impression on you that it should have. (It’s sad how many religiously intolerant people watch DSN, and immediately write it off as having an overbearing hidden religious agenda. You cannot expect Earth and humans alone to have spirituality. While religion is not a major theme in ST, it has been there since TOS. Why is it a big deal now?)
  • I really don’t think the Bajorians are ready to enter the Federation yet, not for a few more decades at least!Neither do Picard & Sisko nor most fans of the show for that matter. And there is no indication that the writers were trying to suggest such a thing (in fact you’ll be happy to find that -SPOILER- Bajor still hasn’t joined the federation by the time the series ends).
  • This is not what I was expecting after TNG.So in other words you were expecting more of the same, no innovation or new ways to expand the franchise, (Wow. This reminds me so much of the FF7 fans who just can’t let the damn game go, and has to complain how every game after FF7 wasn’t FF7) just put a new cast on a ship and have them out there “exploring” and meeting more one-dimensional, stereotypical aliens. Well, you should check out Voyager then for a more satisfying experience. Like TNG, it features tons of aliens of the week, new locations every episode, solid performances from a few of the leads and the rest of the cast is average, almost no character development and “play it safe” writing. It should be right up your alley if that’s the sort of thing you look for in a sci-fi show.

Finally, I think you are rushing to conclusions here and should not judge a show based on it’s first season (if I did that with TNG let’s just say I wouldn’t have watched past season 1 – Patrick Stewart or not). DS9 also starts to mingle serialized storytelling with stand alone episodes in its later seasons (even as early as season 2 you have a 3 episode story arc – which was a first for Star Trek at the time as none of the previous series had ever done more than a 2 episode arc). And everyone who has ever watched a show which featured serialized story telling knows the payoff comes at the end of the series not after each individual episode.

In the end I can only hope that – while you will continue to raise issues and criticize things you don’t agree with like you did with during your TNG viewing – you will hold off until watching all of DS9 before comparing it to other Trek shows. It would be unfortunate if you gave up on it now and come off as an ignorant fool each time you criticized it without having watched it.



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☆彡 I’m not watching Deep Space Nine right now because the awesome TV is in the bedroom with the Wii, and I can’t hear shit thanks to my neighbors who are either a den of lions or human hurricanes. You pick. So, I’ve migrated to the living room, playlists a-playing, and generously offering anyone out there a hefty reward to handle my neighbors. Don’t hurt them. Just handle them…so I won’t violate my lease, or worse, end up in prison.

★彡 I’m beginning to realize that my job is an INTJ’s wet dream: very organized, very quiet, very systematic, and very logic-oriented. Though socialization is not frowned down upon there, putting socialization before work or stirring up drama is. In fact, a veteran employee was recently let go because, from what my boss told me, she did a lot of smile-to-your-face-gossip-behind-your-back type things. I don’t know what to contribute when it comes to that. I barely knew her, and I honestly thought she was a nice lady, but hew-mons in general are deceptive. Nonetheless, it is nice to work in a place where both introversion and studiousness is rewarded. It’s only been three weeks, and I am receiving so many pleasant reviews from my bosses. I could cry…but my feelings are off right now. *shrug* Next month, Mark and I are invited to an all-expense paid hibachi dinner along with my other co-workers (and their peoples). I’m pretty excited. So is Mark. He’s still baffled that my bosses are willing to pay ridiculous money to feed him, and they don’t even know him. I’m still baffled by some of the gifts, trips, and other things they gave to us. I was hesitant about that Las Vegas trip next year, but I was told that I would get taken to live shows, top notch restaurants, and even given allowance. I could only say “Whoa,” in a very Joey Lawrence fashion. It’s crazy. I don’t know what I did to deserve this position, but thanks.

☆彡 My new theme song is “Interval of Time and Space”. At last, I am an RPG character. *victory pose in slow motion*

★彡 Five words I hate to hear: “Teach me how to draw” (Close runner up: “Can you draw my (family member)?”). The answer is a very enthusiastic NO. It’s not that I dislike partaking knowledge (or drawing people). It’s just that 9 out of 10 people who ask me to teach them to draw have zero passion for it. They just want something to use as bait when they fish for compliments or attention. Besides, why ask me? I’m as mediocre as they come. Go ask someone else.

☆彡 I’m sometimes disappointed by the insults I get. It’s like no one even tries anymore. Don’t you think that I know my surface flaws? It’s only been 25 years. I only live with them everyday. Yes, I know what I did in the past, but since you obviously lived those experiences and I didn’t, please feel free to refresh my memory. As for my personality…it’s not as tangible as my body or my past. Your opinion of “good” or “bad” is entirely subjective, and moreover irrelevant to me. Don’t tell me what I think or don’t think of myself, anyone and anything. You’re not my brain. Why would your level of interest in building a relationship with me matter? I have never even attempted to build an acquaintanceship with you. Does that not show you the extent of your importance to me, or should I write it out for you in crayons?*sigh* I’m out of ‘You Tried’ stickers, so you’ll have to do with an imaginary pat on the back for now.

★彡 Why am I not a Bajoran? Where are my nose ridges and signature chained earring dangling from one ear? Why is no one calling me by my last name first, and first name last? Why do the prophets not speak to me? *blows away in the wind*

☆彡 Takeshi Kobayashi’s “Proton” is my programming theme. I’m making a lot of IRL OST updates today.

★彡 I think I’m being groomed by a creepy old guy. I mean, he’s old enough to be in the “maybe too friendly” category, yet young enough to be in the “yep definitely a pedophile or something” category, so I don’t know. It kind of miffs me because the one benefit in being overweight besides a nifty armrest on my gut is a sharp drop in the percentage of random men who come after me. I failed to remember that when it comes to creepy men or old men or men with fat fetishes, or that one guy who is all of the above, I am not safe. Going to bathe in scorching hot water in a few.

☆彡 My hair is growing again, as someone unfortunately pointed out to me today. I don’t feel like cutting it or even asking someone else to cut it. I’ll just let it do what it wants. I won’t lie though. Lately, I’ve been wishing I had hair like Mokuba Kaiba. I wouldn’t mind having a lion’s mane. Aww yiss. BTW, If you don’t think having a lion’s mane would be cool then you’re probably a peasant tbh, and you’re not welcomed in my jungle. You can go be basic with the gazelles and shit on the barren lands. Oh yeah. Here is Mokuba:

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know where he’s from. Yu-Gi-Oh was a train wreck.

★彡 It’s always funny when someone groans aloud: “Ugh, someone please kill me!”, and someone else with no sense of sarcasm or off-color humor thinks he’s legit suicidal.

☆彡 “I shoot him then I shoot all you motherfuckers and then we take it! Your choice, bitches!
— My favorite line in The Hangover hands down. The way he said it and what he did while he said it oh my goodness I died.

★彡 Whenever someone acts dramatic or makes a big deal about something stupid, Mark and I have a habit of making the wanking motion–very similar to our playing the miniture violin. But we sometimes forget that it probably shouldn’t be done in certain places. Actually, outside of our apartment and our car, it ‘s probably a bad idea to make wanking motions. LOL

☆彡 If you hate Pogo’s remixes, don’t talk to me.

★彡 Randomly muttering “Don’t touch me, I’m famous,” when someone brushes against you.

☆彡 Randomly muttering “For party rocking'” after saying “Sorry” to someone”.

★彡 Am I the only one who refuses to watch “A.I.” again because it’s too depressing? Never again. Fuck that.

Suddenly, I feel less crabby. Thanks again, WP.

I’m going to go eat my breaded fish and enjoy my Netflix, even if I have to turn it up so loud that it blows the roof off my room.


That’s all I have to contribute today.

*le vanishes*

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☆彡 I say with a heavy heart that I am getting close to the end of Deep Space Nine; however, I still have that Voyager and Enterprise marathon waiting for me. After that, I have to begin again. I can’t just watch Enterprise and not continue on The Original Series. After Archer must come Kirk. After Kirk must come Picard. After Picard must come Sisko. After Sisko must come Janeway. Of course, I could just stop at Janeway…but Voyager is not the last series. Enterprise is. So, I have to continue on to Enterprise/Archer again. I didn’t make the rules. I just live them…and therefore must watch Star Trek in an infinite loop.

…I’m not complaining.

★彡 Something ghastly occurred recently that actually made me scream like a little bitch. As I’ve been nagging about incessantly, my XBox 360 is broken. So, one day I felt like watching Thunderball, and I decided to use my PS2 to watch it. No, I don’t have a DVD player…but after his incident I plan to get one immediately. I digress. In the PS2 was my Final Fantasy VI, and its case was packed up in a box, so I decide to put the game in the Thunderball case, and put Thunderball in the PS2. All seemed well until, as always, my PS2 decided to be an asshole and not play it. It likes to randomly select DVDs it feels like playing. For example, this week it feels like playing The Hangover, Inglorious Basterds, and Terminator: Salvation. Last week, it refused to play Terminatior: Salvation. Next week, it’ll probably refuse to play The Hangover or Inglorious Basterds. Fuckery like that. I digress again. After dealing with my PS2’s fuckery for a good ten minutes, I got annoyed and decide: “Fuck it. I’ll just play Final Fantasy VI.” Remove Thunderball from PS2. No problem. Remove Final Fantasy VI from Thunderball case…and it fucking cracks across the center. Out of fucking nowhere. Thus, the little bitch scream. Then again, it was more like a pterodactyl than a little bitch. Even Mark was both surprised and tickled by the nonhuman noise that came out of me. Naturally, I was not happy about it. I will have to order a new copy of the Final Fantasy Anthology just to replace it. *sigh* Oh well. I will just use this as an excuse to buy another copy of VIII, Chronicles, and Origins too…because I need to have like five copies of every damn Final Fantasy I have. It’s not for fangirl reasons. It’s because I am cursed when it comes to Final Fantasy. Each Final Fantasy game I bought has been replaced at least once…save for Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII, and Final Fantasy XIII. Even Tactics needs to be replaced. Then again, I sold my first copy of Final Fantasy XII to a friend because he really wanted the special edition version…so, the copy I have now isn’t the original one I had. Yep…fucking cursed.

☆彡 I’ve been assigned with the task of writing our company’s newsletters. I’m nervous as hell, but I’ll do my best. After all, this is the first time I can recall standing at the helm of a company’s tasks. I should be honored instead of afraid, right? It’s the least I can do. They gave me ham as a Thanksgiving gift. No, not a couple slices. AN ENTIRE HAM. I don’t even want to know what  they’re going to give away for Christmas, but my guess is it’s going to be awesome.

★彡 Most animals are defensive eaters–meaning that they would eat food just to prevent another animal or person from eating it. So, if you have an animal who won’t eat, that is the first thing to try. If that doesn’t work and (s)he won’t eat for more than six hours, (s)he is probably sick. Luckily, Link is not sick. He just refuses to eat whenever he sees human food, and he will immediately change his mind when he thinks we’re trying to eat his food.

☆彡 Yoga is fucking awesome. My lower back has been tormenting me all week, but a couple minutes of the cobra and downward dog pose helped a lot. The rest will have to be slept off, but I’ll be good as new in no time!

★彡 Get this: I am working endlessly on this story I wrote for Nanowrimo, but I have zero intention of submitting it to Nanowrimo. It’s just not the type of story I feel like putting on display. What if, out of the fucking blue, I get recognition for it. Then I’ll have a bunch of people reading something that I’m not even close to being proud of. It’s not even worthy of being considered a rough draft. I…do want to continue it. Definitely. I’m having a blast with it to be honest. I just don’t want to share it. Why do I do this to myself?

☆彡  I’ve had “Blood” by In This Moment on loop for a long ass time. It’s not until recently that I realized this song reminds me so much of Jack from Mass Effect. Posting that shit.

★彡 What is this about Worf getting his own TV series? Holy. Shit. THIS CALLS FOR A WORF PARTY. Here is Worf feeling things. I’m going to start watching some of these movies I got from Redbox. One was free. One was 75 cents. Good deal.








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