• This is Obi. It is mostly a nickname for “Obsidian”, but it is also a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi because we can do some Jedi-like things with it. Like tell it to do stuff and it does it.
  • I love the voice command ability. I didn’t think I would care about it until I tried it and realized how cool it was.
  • In truth, all of the features are really neat. The ability to suspend a game to open an app, to close the app with a voice command to open the game back up, to tell the system to take a screenshot while your hands are busy playing–it’s all really nifty! I’m still learning all of the features, but the ones I’ve encountered so far were pretty cool.
  • Gaming wise, it has just been The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt since I got Obi on Friday. I did download DC Universe and took on the free trial of Playstation Now. Both are fun… just not TW3 fun. LOL. It has completely consumed my weekend. I believe what makes this game so addictive is the fact that it has hundreds of interesting plots within this one uber-interesting plot. Each quest, regardless of how insignificant it seems, has this back story that blows your mind until the next quest. The gameplay is fun. I love seeing features from the previous Witcher titles along with being introduced to some newer things. I love how the books are being integrated into the games. Of course, I love Geralt as much as I did when I first picked up “The Last Wish”… because he is a jerkass but he’s also really sweet when he wants to be. Overall, I am more than happy to dedicate hours of my life to this game. Already it is inspiring me to draw more and write more because it is so creative. I just really love this game. If there was any PS4 game worth getting the console for it is this one.
  • Really, I cannot express enough how happy I am that I finally got Obi. It was worth all the saving and waiting and ogling at every PS4 I saw on display with a breaking heart (LOL). Yes, the price tag was painful to even look at, but when I consider all of my other consoles and how much joy they brought me I can’t really put a price on that. I look forward to all the released and unreleased games I will get to experience with Obi. For now, though, let’s just focus on saving one fictional, war-torn world before I jump into any others. 😛

I’m so glad that I have a three-day weekend because (a)more time to play, and (b)shorter work week which means coming even closer to the next weekend. So, it all works out. Everything just lined up well this week for a change. I plan to take full advantage of that!

Anyway, I’m going to catch up on Game of Thrones (I really need to discuss the direction this series is taking soon because it is definitely as unpleasant as it is controversial), and then it is back into my TW3 marathon. I have screenshots and clips saved that I’d like to post. It’ll come around soon enough. I have been lifeless in terms of blogging and social networking because I’ve been gaming something fierce in recent months, so I can’t say when I’ll post anything else. We’ll see.

With that, I am off~

Enjoy (what’s left of) your Memorial Day Weekend! ^_^


*New* The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer

Geralt “killing monsters” and being perfect. Your favorite witchers could never.

E3: The Witcher 3 Trailer

My digital husband Geralt looks so cool~!

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