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082: Não Chora Menina


“Close my shark , human.”

★彡 I beat Dragon Age 2 a few days ago. I was a warrior the first time around, so I am going to replay as a mage. That should make the plot a lot more interesting. Not that replaying really matters. Anders is still going to ruin my life again…with his anger-induced possessions and love of cats and unshaven pony-tailed face. Ugh, fuck off, Anders.

☆彡 *slowly teaches Mark to stop asking my permission for everything* (LOL)

Seriously, nothing gives me joy like Mark buying things and going places without seeking my approval first. Yes, I understand that his heart is in the right place, but…he’s 28 years old. It’s kind of depressing for a 28 year old to have to get permission from a 26 year old to do shit, you know? I don’t even let 60 year olds tell me what to do better yet people younger than me. Then again, I am the type of person who hates being ordered around (unless I’m getting paid to or I have immense respect for the person giving orders), so I value independence and personal space a lot. I never want to be in a position where I am forced to strip someone of independence and space every human being deserves. Oh well. He will learn. He is learning. That’s good enough for now.

★彡 Glad to see that Rey Mysterio is back. Sadly, that’s pretty much all I care about in WWE right now.

☆彡 I don’t know why I wait until December to hang up lights. I’m just going to string them around my bedroom and leave them there all year. Also, I have yet to own a tree that wasn’t green, so I’m going to get a blue or white tree this year.

★彡 Man, the ASOIAF fans who haven’t read the books yet are in for several headfucks next season. The purple wedding alone is going to be *in Zack Ryder’s voice* siiiiiiiick (…wait….what am I doing? I hate Zack Ryder). Anyway, just a few more months, ASOIAF fandom. Almost there.

☆彡 My blowdryer decided to explode on me and then make a Silent Hill-esque siren noise afterwards. That wasn’t terrifying at all. Luckily, there was no fire. It was just loud and smoky. 

★彡 I plan to get A Link Between Worlds very soon. I haven’t gotten around to it because I have a pile of books on my desk, and I’ve been going through them at breakneck speed. Finally. I should be all caught up within the next week or so…book-wise anyway. My gaming pile is still pretty pathetic.

☆彡 The worst feeling in the world is when you catch yourself doing something despicable and suddenly you question everything about yourself. I am by no means a goody-two shoes. My need to constantly explore new things is to blame for most of that. But there are definitely some lines I never cross, particularly lines that involve hurting others. I can live with hurting myself but not others. The truth is that I am a completely different person when I am in the middle of a panic attack. While I am in that mode, self-preservation is my only priority. Everything and everyone else stops mattering. That doesn’t change the fact that selfish is selfish. I don’t believe for a second that this part of me is impossible change. I just…need to put myself in panic-inducing situations until I learn to have complete control of myself during them. Until then, I am a dumb loser during 50% of my life. Whomp-whomp.

★彡 The things I am hearing about the XBox One are…tragic. The XBox 360 has been so pleasant for me that I hoped that the XBox One would be a worthy upgrade of it. Meh. I guess it is high time I got back to Sony anyway. The last time I owned a Sony console was back in 2004 or so when my PS2 broke. I have nothing against Sony. XBox just had a better selection of games these past few years, and games that were once Sony exclusives became multiplatform. This time around there are important-ass exclusives like Drakengard 3, Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts 3 that I have to look out for. Also, there are some old Sony exclusive titles like Chrono Cross and a few Final Fantasy titles that I would love to download. So, a Playstation 4 is a definite for me. It’s just a matter of when I save up $400.

☆彡 The thing I hate most about my stories is that my characters have so much potential, yet they always end up the same one-dimensional carbon copy of the last character. I don’t spend enough time really fleshing them out. It’s easy to say: “this one is laid-back” or “this one is energetic”, but actually putting details into a character like pet peeves, addictions, allergies, fruitless dreams, poignant memories–that takes real effort. Effort I seldom give. For now, I am going to stop working on plots and drawings, and start working on those little things. I also need to work on more characters outside the main characters. Supporting characters don’t get enough credit for the life they give to stories. They are just that: support. I need to remember this! Well, I’m not going to worry too much about NaNoWriMo at this point. It is damn near impossible to meet the word count goal so late in the game, and my head isn’t really into it this year. I just want to crack open my Mythos binder and contribute more to it than fancy costumes. LOL

★彡 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gives me life. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

☆彡 I am currently working on a way to modify my bo staff. I’m in the sketching and tossing crumpled paper across the room phase right now. Not fun…but turning my bo staff into a Final Fantasy like weapon is going to be sweeeet. I thought about turning it into a lance, but as often as that thing topples over I don’t think it’s a good idea to add a blade to the end of it. LOL. I’m just going to stick with a basic staff. Right now I am set on something between Yuna’s starting staff and her Nirvana staff. I want to name my staff “Phantasmagoria”…because it’s my favorite word. Yes, I know I’m a colossal loser. Leave me alone. 😐

yunas base rodFFX_Weapon_-_Nirvana

★彡 I’m glad that Nier is finally getting the respect it deserves. Thanks Game Informer for pointing out what a masterpiece it is.

Also, fuck what the Nier haters said.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and please be careful if you participate in Black Friday.

049: *hyperventilates*



☆彡 THE HOBBIT WAS AMAZING!!! No, it wasn’t an exact replica of the book or The Lord of the Rings trilogy (which seems to be the biggest complaint amongst the haters next to ‘OMG THE 48FPS RUINED MAH LIFE’ foolishness), but overall it was great. I do plan to see it again. Probably on Christmas. Also, can we take a second to acknowledge that Thranduil is the fiercest bitch in all of Tolkien’s legendarium? I could not even when he flipped his hair and walked away on that luxurious moose. Ugh. Fabulous.

★彡 WE FINALLY GOT A NEW XBOX 360!!! (I’m killing these caps and exclamation marks tonight) 250 GB of ebony perfection. *embraces* It also came with a copy of Skyrim…which is currently downloading and has been at 2% for the past 30 minutes…so, it’s going to be a while. But, once it’s done, it will be known with more caps and exclamation marks, of course. *sigh* I can’t wait. The bundle also came with a racing game, but I’m not interested in that.

☆彡 Mark and I got the Alien quadrilogy boxset and the ultimate edition of Legend for $20.00. Brand new. Not even kidding. This week is going to be…I don’t even know. I am not even going to leave the house. It’s not like I ever do, but now it’s going to be twice as bad.

★彡 I found this beautiful copy of The Hobbit novel for $5.00. I really love the cover art. I’ve been staring at it ever since I got it. I’m telling you, Book Nooks is the place to go.

☆彡 Mark and I enjoyed the hibachi dinner at our job. It was fucking delicious. And the hibachi chef “served” me as he put it. LOL. Basically, he told me to lift my plate for vegetables, and then put the vegetables in Mark’s plate instead. I won’t lie. I was dying! Oh yeah. We also won a raffle, and got this bluetooth phone set. It’s really neat. Too bad I don’t talk much. D:



…Lamest entry ever, but it might explain any prolonged absences that occur.

048: She Had Angry Pixels


☆彡 I’ve been stuck in that stage between just waking up and reconsidering sleeping for another hour all day long. Nothing is working. I could just say to hell with it and go to bed four hours earlier than usual…but I won’t.

★彡 If all goes according to plan, Mark and I will get a new 250GB XBox 360 on Monday. In exchange, we agreed to not buy one another gifts this year. We’re both completely okay with that. The first thing I want to do is purchase and download Nights HD. I was literally hours away from doing that before my 360 broke again. Balderdash!

Anyway, since I’m on the topic of Nights, I’m going to post Nights-related music. Someone introduced me to this a while ago, and I am still incredibly thankful about it. My ears are weeping happy tears:

☆彡 NotTildaSwinton is the funniest twitter I’ve ever encountered in my entire life.

★彡 I really want to read Saint Young Men. It’s basically a manga about Buddha and Jesus as roommates. I read over some reviews and summaries, and it sounds extremely interesting.

☆彡 That Superman trailer was fantastic. So was the Star Trek trailer. Fuck, man. Fuck.

★彡 My favorite thing about Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang’s friendship is that neither of them feel obligated to be sweet, gentle, or kind. In fact, all the traits typically associated with friendship and even women in general mean absolutely nothing to them. They are perfectly content with having this borderline emotionless relationship that revolves around having fun, ridiculing pointless social rituals, and being extremely sarcastic about everything. The interesting thing is that despite sharing the reputation of being somewhat ice queens, they both know they have a lot of buried emotions underneath, and they only feel okay with openly exposing them to each other. It’s definitely one of my favorite fictional friendships. I hate having to wait until Jan. 10th to see them again. ;_;

☆彡 While I’m on the topic of season finales:

Season Finale Commercial Dialogue: “I’m dying.”
Actual Season Finale Dialogue: “I’m dying…for some ice cream!”

Lesson: Don’t believe the hype.

★彡 I should really slow down with the language lessons. So far, I am delving in Esperanto, Japanese, Elvish, Sign, and Latin. Well, I’m technically just touching up on Latin. Either way…it’s a lot. I’m just going to focus on Japanese and Sign for right now. Both will serve more use to me than the others in the long run.

☆彡 There is something terribly wrong with men telling women how to behave like women, and women telling men how to behave like men. It’s bad enough putting restrictions and laws on members of your own sex, but telling someone of the opposite sex how to behave like their own sex when you have zero experience being that sex is…stupid. It’s downright stupid. You don’t know what it’s like to be a woman if you’re a man, and you don’t know what it’s like to be a man if you’re a woman. So, stahp.

★彡 Stealing is bad enough, but when you steal from people who don’t have anything to begin with it’s more than deserving of getting choked out.

Well, off I go. Dinner, shower, and bed. *sigh* So boring. I can’t wait to spend all of my days and nights in front of a game again. >_<

046: Pagan Poetry


Oh shit! I’m actually naming my entries now! *explosion*

I’m sure it’ll be 90% song titles. Relative-to-my-life song titles…but song titles nonetheless. Yep. Time for updates:

☆彡 My first update entry with a title would be Bjork. I’m so obsessed with her. I was legit terrified of her during my younger years, and Pagan Poetry was the video that made me afraid to watch any more videos from her. I was a spineless child. LOL. Now, I find so many fragments of myself in her lyrics and videos. I’m still emotionally shattered because I haven’t tried her Biophilia app. It’s only on iTunes, and I don’t own anything Apple at the moment. This is so traumatic, guys. I can’t continue on that topic any longer.

★彡This is seriously how I see The Big Bang Theory:


☆彡 When I listen to “Heaven” by Annabel, I think of this final-episode-of-CowboyBebop type scenario where this person is running through this building, just taking out motherfuckers…but it’s a melancholy version of taking out motherfuckers. Basically, the protagonist knows that (s)he is either going to die, or the person (s)he is about to kill is someone (s)he truly cares for, but the person is a motherfucker and has to die. A~nd this is why people should stop asking me what I’m thinking when I gaze off into the distance.

★彡 I saw a TV commercial for “The Hobbit“, and it was too much.
Random fact: Watson and Sherlock will be in The Hobbit movies. Martin Freeman (Watson) is Bilbo Baggins while Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) will play both The Necromancer and Smaugh. Also, did you know that Benedict Cumberbatch fangirls call themselves ‘Cumberbitches’. I cannot even with that fandom name. I’m gone. *buys a plane ticket and takes a long flight somewhere else*

☆彡 When I find myself in a workplace where two or more people are trying to form a social bond with me, and I am not even remotely interested, I will try to set those two or more people up with one another. Usually, I start by telling person A that person B is great in some fashion. Then, once I pry a compliment from person A about person B, I will tell person B the compliment. When it comes to more people, I basically rinse and repeat until everyone is a part of the circle wank of flattery and friendship.

Of course, there are two downsides:

  1. If anyone in that circle begins to hate another person in that circle, I get dragged into it because I’m the neutral/side-not-yet-determined person who also brought them together in the first place.
  2. If anyone in that circle starts to dislike me and wishes to waste my time because of it, I have a group of people willing to waste my time since the circle wank of flattery and friendship leads to collective thinking when done for too long.

Being calculating is hard. When done without complications, though, it is pretty nice.

★彡 Mark and I are debating if we should just not buy each other gifts, and put all the money towards a new XBox 360. Considering the pile of shame we were successfully tackling before the system broke, it would seriously be a gift that continues to give. Also, if we have extra cash, we can pick up Portal 2 or something for $20, and enjoy it even more.

☆彡 Wal-Mart had these Halle Berry perfume samples, and I accidentally sprayed one right in my face. Then Mark sprayed me in the chest with the other one like ten seconds after. So, for an entire day, I smelled like Halle Berry. If the world ends, I can say that I have lived my life without regrets or unaccomplished dreams.

★彡 This song. Fuck…

☆彡I don’t know what to contribute to the endless chit-chit I hear about actors and actresses starving themselves for movies except that it puts me to shame. It really does. There are human beings out there with so much self-control that they will live on one meal a day for a movie role, and I can’t even eat three healthy meals a day for my own health. *sigh*

★彡 If I picked up a copy of DDR tomorrow and jumped around this place like a fucking trampoline, I would not even feel remotely bad because both of my neighbors obviously enjoy tap dancing with brick shoes on their free time. So, what’s a little skip and hop on my end? I doubt they’d hear it between the cacophony of jumping and screaming that goes in within their madhouses.

☆彡 I created my own “language” by basically putting three fictional languages together. It’s hardly a language. It’s just a lot of ciphering, and non-existent grammar rules that don’t exist in actual languages. It’s great for writing things you don’t want other people to read. When it comes to speaking the so-called language though…it sounds terrible. 😦

★彡 The Hawkeye initiative is the best thing that happened to the internet.

☆彡 My grammatical weakness, of all things, are homophones. How silly is that?

I feel so ‘bleh’ today. I think a flu is coming on. I wish I had some orange juice. I’m not talking about that $1.49 orange juice. I’m talking about the good shit. That $5.99 Simply Orange that will change your life.

That type of orange juice.

For now, I will settle for Lemon Ginger tea. -.-

0 3 2


Here is a picture of me being excited about this:

Yes, that is me. I’m camera shy because I’m really a bunny. Thanks for understanding, everyone.

Back on point. FUUUUUCCCCKKKK. It’s really fixed you guys. No towel or standing-on-the-console tricks that only work for one day until you’re just like: “Fuck it. I’m just going to put this shit in a box and curl into a ball to die.” It’s actually been repaired. The guy was even awesome enough to give a 90 day warranty on all of his repairs. So, if we run into the E74 error again before 11/17/12, we get our XBox repaired for free. Pretty nice, huh? If you live in Atlanta and you have a broken XBox 360, visit http://www.360unlimitedatlanta.com. The guy is legit! We only had to pay $40 for our repair, and he fixed it in about two hours. Mark and I had the chance to talk to him too. He’s really cool. We talked to him about Mass Effect, Dark Souls, Skyrim, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and other RPGs we were all obsessed with. It’s funny. When we told him that we didn’t have a working 360 for the past five months or so, his reply was: “WHAT?” LOL. Completely understandable. I don’t know how we went so long without one, but…never again. Especially knowing that such a skilled person with such great prices lives nearby. Overall, a very pleasant end to a very unpleasant five months. Now, if Mark and I can come to an agreement on how to divide 360 time…because the “whoever Link comes to first gets to play first” technique does not work….he just ignores us. -_-

★彡 We have a new employee at my job, and over the past week we’ve talked about Final Fantasy, drawing, writing stories, Gackt, The Lord of the Rings, and the relationship Tetsuya Nomura has with belts. I can’t even describe the feeling of relief I had when I was introduced to him by my manager, and he said: “Is that the Lionheart necklace?”. Guys. Guys. Listen. Guys. Listen. Guys. I finally work with someone who speaks my language. It’s been a good…five years since I worked with someone who even knew that there was such a thing as RPGs on this planet. Just think about that, and imagine all the feels.

★彡 My little sister officially owns a house. I’m so proud of her ;___;. I’m proud of all of my siblings to be honest. Despite where we started off, we all ended up becoming well-off adults. To rephrase my older sister, none of us are stuck in a “Wow, that’s fucked up” type of living situation. We come across misfortune, but we share that desire to overcome it no matter what. That is something we have in common despite our very different paths in life, and very different personalities. Back on point, congrats to my little sister! That’s an amazing accomplishment to have under your belt at 23! ^_^

★彡 If I could, I would subscribe to 20 magazines, and just revel in the excitement of constantly having something new to read in my mailbox. Then again, I heard of a website where you can have books mailed to you. Kind of like Netflix…except with books. I’d have to check it out later and see. It does sound like an awesome concept though.

★彡 You win, Nerd Fitness. I will give Paleo a try. First, I’ll have to find 35 Paleo recipes though: 10 for breakfast, 10 for lunch, 10 for dinner, 5 for snacks/appetizers. I’m not going to put too much focus in snack/appetizers since picking up an apple or something doesn’t require a recipe. I hope. LOL. In the end, Paleo is interesting…and since I am the type of person to try everything at least once, I wouldn’t mind. This comes after the whole 21 day cleanse though. I believe some Paleo recipes may conflict with the cleanse recipes, so I will have to just ease from the cleanse to Paleo.

★彡 How do I love thee, green tea? Let me count the ways. :u

★彡 If you plan on having a gaming marathon this weekend or in the future, please participate in G3 (Gaming and Giving for Good).You get to play video games, and help others in the process. XBox Live is even giving away free gold membership this weekend, so you can encourage your friends to join you in G3 too. You will never find a better reason to have a gaming marathon. I promise you. And if you don’t play video games then now is great time to learn. You will take part in a wonderful cause while also growing closer to the members of your household who play video games. So, really, what’s the harm? I understand if you have important plans this weekend, but if you’re just sitting around the house with nothing to do, and you happen to have a pile of games that need finishing, then this is a good time to start on them. DO IT. Ask your friends/family to sponsor you, or sponsor yourself. It doesn’t matter. All it takes is a few dollars, a love for helping others, and a love for challenges. ^^

Also, check out extra-life.org. They’re having a 24 hour gaming for charity marathon in October. So let’s plan for that and, of course, do not forget to donate as well! >_<

Alright, that’s all I have to post. Have a great weekend, everyone!

G3/Extra Life participants, play plenty! 🙂

0 1 8

☆彡The Avengers movie rekindled my love for Bruce Banner and The Hulk. I’m so grateful. I really want to see The Avengers again. ;-;

☆彡 Our XBox is working again. Mark stood on it, turned it on, and it stopped showing that error message. Fucking sorcery. LOL. The thing is that it’s not completely working. If we play games with strong graphics, it locks up again. So, we’re sticking to older games, and games that don’t involve much graphics. It’s better than nothing, right? Honestly, the only game I really want to play right now is that Scott Pilgrim side-scrolling game on Live. I heard that there’s an X-Men side-scroller as well, so I want to download that too. It brings back pleasant nostalgia. Makes me want to whip out my SNES or Mark’s Genesis. And, believe it or not, they both still work perfectly. They’ve outlived one PS2, one XBox, and one semi-broken 360. Shame.

☆彡 Speaking of gaming, I’m into two MMOs right now: Requiem and Ragnarok. Both are free. Try them out, MMO fans. All you have to lose is…time. LOL. I couldn’t really complete my Ragnarok character because of scheduled maintenance, but I’m on Requiem under the character name of ‘Ilmarra’. I’ll post my Ragnarok name later. My Ragnarok name is ‘Ilmarra’ too. XD

☆彡 Speaking of maintenance (everything links together! o_o), the maintenance guy here has been fixing our stove all week. Because of our inability to cook, we’ve been eating out left and right. It sucks. After two days of fast food, my body started to shake and I became really dizzy. Twice. Once today, and once yesterday. Mark is basically living in the bathroom, so it’s definitely detox time. I hate feeling like this. I feel like I’ve been poisoned. In a way, I guess we were. Fast food is basically a chemical shitstorm. I don’t even want to think about it. It makes my everything hurt. Thankfully, the stove is working again. I’m relieved! =.=

☆彡 Library Reading List: Brave New World, Invisible Monsters, Survivor, House of M: The Incredible Hulk, and DC Universe: The Works of Alan Moore. I’m in the middle of Invisible Monsters right now, and I am reminded once more why I adore Chuck Palahniuk. I really love his work. Anyway, I have to finish these books before June 4th, so I’ll be pretty busy. It’s really criminal that I haven’t read Brave New World yet. I’ll fix that soon enough.

☆彡 May is teaching me that life has two paths: the easy path and the hard path. Down the easy path, you will always find the pathetic version of yourself. The version of yourself that you get from denial, excuses, falsehood, and weakness. Down the hard path, you will find the best version of yourself. It is you, only stronger and braver and lovelier and smarter and superior. The easy path has plenty of opportunities to give up and go back to the start, but the hard path…you barely get time to catch your breath. You’re always dodging one thing or another. You have to earn your respite. Right now, I am on that hard path. I am barely into it, and I already want to go back to the easy path where everything was predictable and effortless. But I know that I can’t. More than anything, I want that better self and that better life…so giving up is not an option for me. I guess all of this sounds cheesy and cryptic. However, it’s the best way I can sum up my life right now.

☆彡 I want to start posting weekly goals starting Sunday. It’ll be kind of bad to start in the middle of the week. -_-

☆彡 For the past few weeks, Link has been sleeping right next to my head on the my pillowcase. He usually doesn’t sleep that close to us. He’ll sleep near our feet, sometimes on our backs or butt, but never like…RIGHT next to my face. Then again, for whatever reason, he’s been super attached to me lately. I’m grateful, but I’m worried. I just hope he isn’t trying to tell me something. I always worry about him…even though he’s a cat and he far more self-sufficient than I’ll ever be.

☆彡 I think it is too late for 2012 to be a “good year” for me. I’m just going to make the best of what is left, and cross my fingers for 2012. I consider 13 an unlucky number, but who knows. It may work out better than 12.

0 1 0

[ Warning: I am very energetic. Work with me here. >_> ]

☆彡 This broken 360 thing really screwed my plans for Mark’s birthday gifts. I was going to buy him Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, a year of XBox Live, and all the ME-related DLCs. Now I can’t. *flips desk* I am still struggling on what to get him, so I’m just going to bring him out and make him pick whatever he wants. For now, though, he wants to nap. So, I’ll let him nap. >_<

☆彡 Guys. Sonic X. Fuck. I am addicted. I swear I get hooked on the most random shows. Oh well. I don’t mind being hooked on Sonic. I was a colossal Sonic stan as a kid, and then I moved on to random anime shows and RPGs as I grew older. So, it’s almost nostalgic to be hooked on something Sonic-related again. Plus Knuckles. Knuckles. He is a bad ass motherfucker.

☆彡 I haven’t met an introvert yet who didn’t remind me of a cat. It’s amazing.

☆彡 I really need a Gokaiger boxset to come out promptly. That show is so amazing. I want to watch it everyday. I also need the movies. All of them. Every day. All. Of. Them. At the same time. Every. Single. Day.

☆彡 Well, I found out why I have been going through chronic stomach aches, fatigue, and other generally unpleasant biological shit. Parasites. Yep. A friend of mine actually posted an article about parasites online, but my first reaction was: “No, I don’t have parasites. No way.” But now it’s confirmed. Doctor said it. I even saw it. Not cool at all, by the way. So, yeah. I’m officially the unluckiest person this side of the hemisphere. LOL!

☆彡 The moment someone tells me to swear to do something, I want to yell: “SWEAR TO ME!” Batman has ruined my life. I’m still going to see The Dark Knight Rises though. And The Avengers. And Skyfall. And Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. And Snow White and the Huntsman. And the GI Joe sequel. And Prometheus. And…you know what? There are A LOT of movies I want to see this year. 2012 may not suck so much after all. Hmmmmmmm~ *rubs chin*

☆彡 Jump roping is extremely fun as long as you have a really tight bra on. Breasts were not made to bounce around for long periods of time. ;___;

☆彡 I love, love, love, love, love watching the parade from Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. I swear my heart races like crazy when I watch it. The chanting, the imagery, the colors. So beautiful o.o. You know, I used to work at the lawn and garden department of Sears and right across from that department is the electronics department. Well, they would randomly show these previews of different movies to demonstrate how powerful the TVs were, and I kept seeing the GITS2 parade but I didn’t know it was from GITS2. I just knew it was enthralling and I could not function when it was on. I remember a customer asking me a bunch of questions and then I heard the chanting and I said: “Hold on one second, sir. Let me check on that for you.” I ran all the way to the electronics department, hid behind the counter, and watched the TV. Then I ran back and was like: “Okay. Here is the information you need.” Cannot be tamed.

☆彡 I have a serious book problem. You guys don’t understand. I have a pile of 20-something books waiting to be read, and I have 20-something more on my Amazon wishlist. Mark and I were discussing things to donate and he said: “How about we donate some books.”

How about we donate some books.

How about we donate some books.

How about we donate some books.

…During times like these I have to sing “Reasons” by Earth, Wind, and Fire to remind myself why we’re married. Because he almost died. To this day he can’t understand why I’ll randomly sing: “REASOOOOOONS” when he says certain things. He’ll appreciate it someday. 🙂

☆彡 My plans for the rest of the weekend: Start on that art challenge, finish up some FSU documents, finish ‘Catching Fire’, watch more Korean dramas and Sonic X, organize dishes, organize living room, start on this Barre fitness thing I was introduced to, and start grocery shopping for the things I can actually eat. Yep. Productive weekend. By the way, I’m not going to believe anything anyone tells me tomorrow, so I’m sorry if you try to tell me real things tomorrow and I laugh at you. We’ll try to have that conversation again on Monday when it’s not April Fools’ Day. 😐

That’s it! Later! ♥

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☆彡 So…I took the I-Bet-I-Won’t-Cry-During-A-Korean-Drama challenge, and failed. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho caught me off guard. UGLY FACE CRYING LIKE A G.

☆彡 My 360 is broken! Seriously, look at this bullshit:

My life is over! *FALLS DOWN IN A SLOW CIRCLE AND DIES* Seriously, Mark and I got a good laugh about it because we thought Jensen was getting hacked in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Then the system gave us an error screen and we started joking that Jensen caught a digital STD from an augmented hooker. Don’t ask. Either way, packing up the ecks bawks for repairs. I probably won’t be able to play it for…eh…I’m going to say three months. So, it’s just going to be my Wii and my PS2 for now. Bah. Just as I was progressing in Dark Souls too!


…Okay, I’m done. LMAO. This has been a fangirly week for me. Sorry. Mark is joking that I’m becoming a human girl as if I was some type of alien lifeform before. LOL! Speaking of Mark, we’re both pretty much set on a Korra and Mako cosplay. As much as we love the Barriss and Plo Koon idea we realized that (a)Korra and Mako are much easier to cosplay, and (b)it is going to be hot as sin at every convention we plan to attend this year. So a sleeveless shirt for me and short sleeves for Mark will do us much good. I really want to go as Impa at some point as well. Mark can go as Ghirahim. Fufufu~ XDD

☆彡 It looks like I’ll be starting my game design course at the end of April. I’m pretty excited! I’m also too scared to get excited because I don’t want to get my hopes up or be disappointed. *sigh* …Why am I this way? LOL. I guess the only thing left to do is tie up some loose ends. There is no time to second guess. I am heading towards my dream. No point in looking back or fretting about risks. From here on out it’s just me keeping my chin up, being brave, and kicking ass, right?

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☆彡 If there is anything I’ve learned from both the Buddha and the Dalai Lama it’s that suffering is a part of life. The moment you attach yourself to someone or something, you have to accept the pros and cons of that attachment. The pro is that you have this thing that makes you happy, but the con is that once that thing goes away it will make you sad. And all things eventually go away. So, what is the point in going through life throwing a tantrum over things that were temporary from the beginning? I guess what I’m trying to say is this: getting my car stolen sucked, but I knew that it was something I’d have to say goodbye to eventually. Sure, I would prefer to say goodbye to it when it’s old…and not taken from me…but goodbyes aren’t always planned. They just happen. And the theft just happened. So, it’s not something that I was turbo-upset about. I felt pretty violated for the first day or so, but I eventually got over it. Nothing and nowhere is safe. The news confirms that. Life is a gamble, and we place bets the moment we step out of bed. So…I just move on, and hope that karma will handle the people who prey on others. That’s all I really can do–despite how badly I wish I had psychic powers and could play vigilante hero. LOL. Anyway, I am very fortunate. It’s strange for a victim of car theft to say, but this is how I see it:

  1. I eventually got my car back, and I got it back in one piece. Car thefts are not uncommon, but getting your car back after a car theft is very uncommon. So, my bad luck was countered with extremely good luck. I am grateful!
  2. The thieves did take a few sentimental things and clothes we wanted to donate to needy families, but for the most part everything else was trash. I’m not going to get upset even slightly about that. I still have plenty of things to donate to needy families, and I’d rather them take a few sentimental things than our lives. So, once more, I am grateful.

I am not going to say that we were passive during the entire incident. Mark and I both cried at some point because it is our first car, we had some great experiences with that car (No, nothing like that. -_-), and we have this…strange relationship with it where we know it is a humble car–and we often make fun of it–but it is uber-valuable to us. So, of course we missed it. But it only took an hour or two of “mourning” for us to realize that we have to move on, and we even took a walk to the farmer’s market just to remind ourselves that time doesn’t stop for anyone. We still had dinner to make and places to go. So we went. We still go. We’ll keep on going. And I guess that’s all I want to say about that…and, of course, thanks to everyone who supported us. We really appreciate it ! ♥

☆彡 I’ve been doing my best to tackle Dark Souls. As much as I enjoy the game, though, I am putting it on hold. One, Mark is playing it nonstop and he’s like…hours ahead of me. I don’t see the point in making him play a few levels ahead, stopping him so I can play a level that’s far behind, and then make him play again. It’s just kind of redundant to me. So, I’m going back to Skyward Sword, and Lost Odyssey. First thing payday I am going to reserve Mass Effect 3 as Mark’s birthday gift, so he’s actually going to surpass me in gaming load come March 6th…something we’re both shocked about. LOL. From the looks of it, he’s tackling Dark Souls, Deus Ex, (soon) Mass Effect 3, and then the co-op games we’ve been playing together (Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 and Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon).  Yep. He’s a very busy man.

☆彡 The two things I wanted to work on most (Japanese and drawing inanimate objects) are the two things I have little motivation to do. I don’t know. The moment I put a pencil in my hand, I immediately want to take a nap. LOL. Come to think of it, I always want to take a nap as of late. I slept roughly ten hours today, and I still want to sleep. So, I don’t know. I’m going to do my best to keep a steady sleep schedule, and keep track of the times I want to pass out.

☆彡 Mark and I are really into Tiger & Bunny right now. Great characters, great story, crisp animation — I really love it. I am still working on Turn-A-Gundam (which I am now calling PUT SOME CLOTHES ON NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT SHIT these days), Blade of the Immortal, Supernatural, Persona 4: The Animation, and several others. Hulu Plus is awesome. I cannot stand the repetitive-ass ads, but they have a much better TV show selection than Netflix. Their movie selection is…depressing…but everything else is okay. By the way, I can’t look at Sky High/Keith in Tiger & Bunny without thinking of this video. I actually saw it before I even watched the anime so…yeah…kind of ruined that for me. Honestly, I don’t even know what’s going on. But it’s kind of awesome.

You’re welcome.

☆彡 You know what? Let’s make it official. My goal for March is just to sleep as often as possible. I think that will straighten out many things in my life. More rest means more energy, right? Then sleep I shall! With that said, I am going to sleep now. Yay~~~! (●´∀`●)

Later. ♥

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